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Easiest way to get the Full Set trophy


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Win game with a team like the browns on 1 minute quarters. Edit the Browns roster so they're like a 40 overall(You can search for my roster by my psn Irish_Warrior71, the file name is "BAD"). Play as every team and supersim. Put the speed on fast by hitting Square and sim to end of game. It doesn't seem like it matters what quarter length you do since even on 1 minute quarters there's about 20 plays a quarter. Repeat this as every team.


I will admit after I beat it with every team I had to go play as a random team on 1 minute quarters without super simming and after I won I got the trophy. Saves a lot of time of actually playing the games in my opinion. Hope it helps for you guys.


So if you use my rosters I posted above be sure to win a game with the Browns first before downloading those rosters.

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