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Nothing is particularly hard about the game. I have died a lot, but that was because I was just trying to to punch away in fights at times and not care, which in the end did cost me. I did tend to die sometimes, where I would dodge something, but it didn't want to work for whatever reason.

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Once i realized i didn't need gold in all the drone challenges this was extremely easy - Was a fun game mostly. Content didnt feel like stupid side quests mostly and it was only tedious getting all the crimes. Spent the last few hours just swinging around waiting for them to proc up.

Gave it a 2

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Pretty standard difficulty for an open world game. Nothing is difficult, but you do need to develop your skills to get through it. The game would probably be bumped to a 5 or 6 if you had to Gold all the Taskmaster challenges as there's a serious disconnect in difficulty between getting Silver and Gold...it's a spike that's unlike anything else in the game.

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I rated Spider-Man a 2 out of 10. I played through the whole game on hard difficulty and felt it was a good challenge. I never felt like I wasn't going to be able to get the Platinum. The Taskmaster challenges had me worried so I saved those for last. After completing all of the Taskmaster challenges I felt they were the perfect difficulty for Silver on all of them. I even managed a couple Gold rewards as well. I really enjoyed the stealth in this game. The game was spectacular in regards to story, control, sound and game play. They really nailed everything about our favorite Wall Crawler!!! I kept thinking about The Superior Spider-Man comic during my whole play through. I hope we get to see that play out some how in the future. Such a great comic series. This is the very best Spider-Man game I have ever played. I am looking forward to the sequel and cannot wait to play it!

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I would give it a 2.5 if that's permitted... so 3/10 for me. No missable trophies... no highest difficulty trophy... no earn all challenges in GOLD requirements. Insomniac did a very good thing doing that with this game...


... as for grinding in the end, that to me would be the wrong approach... clear the side missions/crime missions as early as you can. You will need the the upgrades to make you a bit more powerful each time... doing the crimes spots also helps you be more comfortable with the combat... In the end battling the end mini-bosses and the final boss was easy and felt more like second nature. Just be wise in using your tokens for the costumes.


This is a very easy game... I spent more game time completing Minecraft and L.A. Noire than this one.




EDIT: 15.03.2019

Got the game back to 100%, played the DLCs on Friendly and the Ultimate play-through wasn't hard at all. I don't think there is a big difference compared to easier difficulties. This game even if played on Ultimate is still a 3/10.

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