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The Communicator Trophy not pop-up


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Hi there, I already got all trophies except the platinum and this communicator trophy, i started from new playthrough to make sure i scanned all Winnie items in every comms relay station, i followed the one bucket written one and the one in psnprofiles and found out both seems to be written by same person,i follow the guide twice and the winnie commiment trophy aint pop up, i wonder if the week 1 comms relay station has a bug on it, because there is no terminal two rooms, can somebody helps me?

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I don't know have you managed to get the trophy, but I had the same issue. And for a future reference who may have problem about it, I will explain what I have done to get it.


First of all it seems Comms Relay Station (Day 1) has been changed by Dev. I have EU version and both PS4 and Vita have the exact same room map. Now, we do not have "Terminal Room 2" as walkthrough suggested and as a result, walkthrough Comms Relay part creates confusion (Author should update this part).


1) "Old Terminal Room 2" has 2-collectibles (unlit portable lamp and torn pages). Now there is no "unlit portable lamp" and "torn pages" have been moved to "Tower Bridge"


2) There is no "Storage Room" and all of its contents have been moved to "System Admin".


So, be sure to collect/interact:

Conduit room (service panel, torn pages)

System Admin (discarded food wrappers, antiquated technology, used bedroll, portable lamp, large pile of books)

Locker Room (hanging tarp, small books, portable terminal)

Tower Bridge (collection of books, open relay conduit, torn pages)

Server Room (torn pages, server terminal)


Moreover, I have always clicked "top answer" if walkthrough says "choose any option"


One last thing; I have also inspected all items in Day 11 Comms Relay Station in case it may glitch something to miss them (walkthrough doesn't say to do this). So be sure to interact with inspect workstation, examine pulley system (upper floor), examine rubble, examine pulley system (lower floor). They all scattered around floors and rooms.

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