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Bloodstained: Curse of The Moon trophy difficulty (with/without guides) 3


Good game right here y'all. The trophies are nice and simple too, excluding two as they sort of don't describe what you have to do. But that's okay. Better that than have you finish the game without getting hit or losing a life or some other ridiculous requirement. No thanks.


Boss rush mode! There are two ways you can go about this. You can play it normally or you can input the "cheat code" and play a harder version of the mode. I couldn't beat it with the "cheats" applied so I played it without and crushed it on my 1st try. Twas' funner too, that way.

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4/10 (with cheats). The game does provide some challenge, being an 8-bit Castlevania-like, but you will only face moderate challenge as you get used to the characters and bosses, and devise good strategies over your playthroughs. Boss Rush without cheats may bump up the difficulty to a 5/10 at most (since you should know the bosses quite well by then), but with cheats on I was able to beat it on my first try, so nothing too hard here.

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