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Guide Supplement Walkthrough 2.0


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Credit to TwilightStar for the banner


There are tons of great Guide Supplements on-site but unfortunately, we can't give a Credit for each and every one of them so instead we are recognizing the best of the best. Coming up with a standardized measure was a challenge, as the value of Supplemental content can often be subjective but we feel there are some areas where we can all agree about the value of the content and those types of Supplement will be considered for credit. There are still standards we are looking for, in the same way we do with Road Maps and Trophy Guides so expect a PM from the Guide Team if any issues arise during the initial sweep of your Supplement.


General notes:

  • If more than 5 videos are used in your Supplement, then please leave them as links so they don't cause loading problems when accessing it.
  • Please ensure that any game breaking glitches are mentioned, that have gone unfixed by the developers.
  • We strongly recommend using the WayBackMachine website to backup your Supplements so in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with our site or you wake up one morning to find all your images have spontaneously vanished, the missing material can be quickly restored. To backup your Guide or Supplement via the above site, just copy and paste a link to it into the "Save Page Now" box then click on the "Save Page" button and the site will take care of the rest.
  • Once you have posted your Supplement, please PM one of the Guide Team so we know it's there but don't use the Submit Forum else it will be missed due to the GT no longer having any permissions there. Once the Guide Loader has been updated, all Supplements will be main site only but that is still a long way off.




Walkthroughs will be eligible for a Credit, if they cover: Episodic games, Point & Click games and Puzzle based titles. Trophy specific walkthroughs will also be considered if said trophy or trophy related task, requires more detail than can sensibly fit in the confines of a Trophy Guide e.g. Hitman: Blood Money HD's "Professional Mode Complete" trophy. All screenshots and images must be made by the author themselves and watermarked in some way to prevent them from being plagiarized but videos can come from other sources if necessary, though the creator of them must be credited.

  • Qualifying P&C walkthroughs must cover every step, every click and dialogue choice (if applicable).
  • For games that release with separate episodes e.g. anything by Telltale games, the Guide must include every episode. Partial guides will not be considered for any kind of Credit.
  • Puzzle Guides must have solutions for each stage of the game, with images and/or videos for complex puzzles if necessary.
  • Trophy/Task specific walkthroughs must cover everything which is required for that specific trophy or set of trophies. Images and videos are to be used as and when required.


Collectible Guides:


Supplements for Collectibles have 2 main criteria:


1: They must cover every trophy related collectable for that game.

2: To be awarded a credit, there must be 25 or more collectables listed, because anything less and the Supplement will still be stuck but it won't get a credit.


All screenshots and images must be made by the author(s) themselves and watermarked in some way to prevent them from being plagiarised but videos can come from other sources, though the creator must be credited.



Other eligible Supplement types:-


Boosting Guides:


Boosting Guides are allowed but are dependant entirely on the Game/DLC in question and if boosting the trophy/trophies is a pain due to server problems, low player population, vague/unclear trophy description(s), trophy glitches etc. The entire Supplement must consist of 100% original content created by the author(s) and not cobbled together from other sources (either on or off-site) for it to get a credit.


Misc Supplements:


A misc Supplement is anything that doesn't fit into the above categories so anything goes but it must still be substantial and serve a particular need that's not covered by the existing Trophy Guide(s).



Small Print:

  • Co-Op guides are allowed, provided both authors contribute to half of the content. For example: One person may do a video guide for collectibles while the other does a text guide to go with them. In these cases, the authors will split the Credit between them and receive half each.
  • Rejected/Replaced Supplements won't be closed, unless they fall far short of accepted standards.
  • Supplements that consist of nothing but videos and minimal or no text, will only ever be granted a combined Credit because there's simply not enough detail in them to warrant a full Credit.
  • Episodic games will receive a total of 1 credit, regardless of the number of episodes in the series.
  • Guide Supplements can be challenged for a credit but only if they are listed in the "Games That Need Supplements/Guide Challenges" thread.
  • If you have created a Supplement at any time in the past but not Submitted it, feel free to do so and you might get a Credit to go along with the sticky.
  • All trophies associated with any Supplement, must be obtained by the author(s) and synced to their profile(s).
  • The number of Supplements to receive the award at each tier is 1, 5, 10 and 15.
  • All credits are at the discretion of the Guide Team so please PM them if you didn't get one for a recently stuck Supplement and want to know why.
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