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Build a Custom List v3.0 ~ Discussion

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Link to the actual list


It's about that time again, folks! To be the pickiest, choosiest, and down right badass builders of the PST Build a Custom List version 3.0! Since this will be running along side the PST birthday shenanigans, we'll be throwing a whole bunch of voting your way so you can decide what trophies make it into our biggest BaCL to date! Sure, we could've just done 24, but that's no fun! (Ok, it's a little fun). This time around we're going all out and asking YOU to choose 50 trophies - yes 50! 5-0! Fifty! - to be part of the grand spectacle that is BaCL 3.0.


This won't just be your run of the mill "only pick the popular games" voting, either. We've split all the games from the past decade into 50 separate categories. We've omitted any games with unachieveable trophies, tossed aside those online games with no servers to play on, and picked the best and brightest games available. Now we need your help deciding what trophies are the lucky winners!


Please use this thread to discuss all things BaCL 3.0!

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Just from the last decade of this year



Mein Leben When? smirking-face_1f60f.png
i mean nearly impossible possible trophies could be one of the 50 categories, so maybe...soon?


I'm game as long as it doesn't have FFXV or Metal Gear Solid V on it again :whistle:.


I have however yet to complete any build a custom list..so my opinion is pretty much invalid :p.

I’m still at 60 to 70 percent done on the first two BaCLs too, and I agree no more FFXV FFS! And they won’t, it was already in the last BaCL that we didn’t finish 🙂


I assume any game in a previous site custom list is out of the running, correct?

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:eek: :eek: :eek:

Awesome! Love new Custom Lists! :dance:


Can't wait to see what happens with the games chosen in the future! Hopefully there will be a Sonic trophy somewhere. :D



I vote for removing 'with no servers to play on.' from this statement.


I was about to say the same thing :p


Better to just have offline only games eligible. This way the (P)s can always be earned down the road, even 20+ years from now. :cool:


Also I would maybe suggest trying to lessen the amount of games chosen that have DLC, especially ones with potential copyright timeframes that could disappear down the road (Looking at you Marvel :chair: ). :think:

I dunno, just trying to think ahead for the future.


But the most important one is as MrBeens said, no games with any online trophies plz! ;)

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