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King disappearing after 3 rock hits


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Happened to me:


This method doesn't work, at least on the PS4 version. The king will glitch and disappear if you hit him 3 times in a row, sometimes even 2. :shrugs: After some researches, some people think it's because hitting him 2 or 3 times in a row in the very same spot will cause this, I just think it's a glitch. Instead, you need to hit him 2 times, then get a bonus rock by destroying 3 tanks, then hit him 2 more times.


Got it in this level, making sure not to hit the king 3 times in a row:



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Hmm unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for me. I got 2 hits, then the 3 combo, then hit again and still glitched


Try not to hit him 3 times in the same spot then, like in the video the third time they hit the king it's not the same shot as the first and second, that must be the problem.

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What I realised, after experiencing the same problem as above (before reading this post), I thought you could hit him twice with the grey rocks. Then a yellow rock would appear and I’d use that to get a 3 combo. Then my last grey rock would be up, hitting him again a third time (4 extra rocks now), then hitting him again with a yellow rock, which kills him but also gives me the Golden five trophy.

Hope this makes sense and helps

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