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Getting the candy wich allows for an extra 'rock' (throw).


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For anyone who doesn't know, you will see on your grid a green helicopter with a red face. Go land on that and send out an alert for the game to someone on your friends list (be sure to use your dummy account cause you don't want to spam out your actual friends).


Each time you send an alert you will gain a candy which counts as an extra rock. So if I send out 20 alerts to my other account on my friends list I will have 20 extra candies to be used for any level. (one per level)


Back up your save, after you have sent out all your alerts in case you don't do well, so you wont have to send out 20 or however many alerts again. Sorry if it's been mentioned before but I feel it deserves it's own thread. ;)


PS if you make a dummy account be sure it starts with an 'A' or '_' and not 'Z'. So you don't have to keep scrolling all way down the list to send out that alert.


Alternatively, you can just add your existing dummy account to 'Custom List' and send your alerts there.


This would help greatly in 1 rock challenges or any other sticky part of the game. ;)


Hope this helps.


Below you will find 4 example videos where I have used this extra candy to get through some of the harder levels. Have a look and see how this method will increase your likely-hood of achieving a rare 100%.












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I play this on vita and I never see this helicopter


I think it's from completing the first stage and then the grenade stage, then it appears. Or by completing something like that. This doesn't appear right away. (PS4 Vers.)


Here is some screen shots of what I am referring to:

(Maybe this isnt in the Vita version.. can anyone confirm this?)





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