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Hidden Missions


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After completing the story mode I was missing some missions, one in each region. So far I've managed to find two of them.


John's Region / Holland Valley: "No Means No" mission


Take a quad bike and head towards big "Yes" billboard, north from "US Auto" outpost. Drive along brownish mountain ridge, about third of way up there is a "Wolverine" hunting ground and a watch tower. Climb up the tower, read the note that describes the mission. Also pickup "RBG-7", you'll need it to destroy the sign. Drive up to the sign and launch your rocket launcher towards the sign. This will initiate the mission, destroy the sign with "RBG-7". Be careful with your ammo, only rockets will destroy the sign. If you run out of ammo, you will have to make a trip to the nearest shop to buy more.


Faith's Region / Henbane River: "Blood Dragon 3"


Enter "Grimalkin Radon Mine" and talk with the guy inside to launch the mission. The aim is to lure "Angels" from nearby field to the mine and kill them in various ways. One of the requirements is to make a "Death From above", why not farm four of them right away to complete "Death from Above Kills" challenge at the same time. There is lot's of close combat with the angels, perfect opportunity to score also some "Chain Takedown Kills" and "Pistol Takedown Kills".


Still looking for missing mission in Jacob's Region / Whitetail Mountains...

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I was wondering if there was hidden missions or something. I started doing everything in every region before I realized there was no trophy for it but kept coming up short with no hints where the rest of them were and people stopped giving me advice so I couldn't tell what was going on.

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Huh...I was in an armed helicopter when I saw the Yes sign and started shooting it. It gave me the mission after the first bit destroyed (and the helicopter machine gun doesn't require buy more ammo). This was after I did similar with the statue in Henbane. It left me thinking there must be something in Jacob's region to destroy...not sure what though.


Also, the guy in the mine is Guy something or other...he had a previous mission for me to quiet the noise around the set...so when I was nearby again, he called me on the radio to come back and start the mission you quoted.

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