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Co-Op Partners/Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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Looking for boosting partner for online MP.  I don't need the co-op, but I'm willing to help to get everything done.


PSN:  l3eigeAlert


Boosting Trophies:

  • Arcade Hunter
  • Arcade Enthusiast
  • Arcade Competitor


Time zone: GMT -8 - available weekends and evenings


EDIT:  Platinumed - happy hunting everyone.

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Hi all,


Anyone got a game save on infamous difficulty just before the final fight with The Father?


Looking to get Infamous trophy on the NG+ DLC. 


Also need someone to help get Gold Medalizt trophy, by getting all gold medals on the 7 movie pitches.


UK time, please add Jeeves19831.

Edited by Jeeves19831
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