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Missing two orbs in Spider Cave

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One of my mates had this glitch the other day, everyone tried all the familiar places and didn't find anything in the end.


He did end up having to replay the whole game to get it to register unfortunately, but if you do replay it, this time make sure to head straight to spider cave and get all 200 there

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You sure you didn't forget any where you killed a centipede? I was missing a couple and that's where I eventually found them.


I walked around those pillars multiple times. Just tried that level again and this time I was missing four. I noticed in the video I was watching that more orbs dropped when the power cell spawns. I'm going to try it again without activating that power cell.




Yep, that was it. I don't know how it was with your run, Pricey when you debugged this game, but I had to not use the power cell for killing the centipedes to get the bonus orbs to drop from killing them.


Now to re-collect all the others.

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