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From the creator of The Walking Dead Comics, Robert Kirkman. Was released March 7th, 2018. Takes place in the aftermath of Philadelphia were a land mass basically switched places with a land mass in a different dimension that eventually came to be known as Oblivion. Oblivion is like an apocalypse. The Song is interesting, in the Oblivion world the breeze, the insects in the distance. They all come together and form a sound like nothing you ever heard before. It is like music and some call it the Oblivion Song, hence the name of this comic series.


There are already 13 issues written so this series is already 1 whole year ahead of the schedule. I will be reading it monthly and sticking with it for the long run.


I also bet this will become a TV Series. :whistle:


If you wish to read what Robert Kirkman has to say about this series. Read this below.




Here's a trailer of the first issue:



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