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Checklist for all missables


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So I take it armor items with a 'B' beside them need to be bought. And 'MF' stands for Mana Fortress?


Yes, all the B means you can buy it in a shop and red means its missable.


What i found very useful is the monster list, they are listed in order of apearance and the comments by it will tell you if you need to farm em for something, or if theres an orb you need to grab by going to talk to someone outside of the story line.


Also, theres two characters for the guide that are missable and they are the one listed appart from the generic list.


Been following this things so far and missed nothing!

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I don't understand what the part ; Sword & Spear Orb after clearing Pandora Ruins and talking to the king of Pandora , next to the evil sword and tomato man ennemies.


Is that a spawn condition or something I need for them? I played the original a long time ago and never actualy got really far, so I'm not sure what any of this means... <_<


Edit ; Nevermind, I figured out what it meant, but why was this message put next to ennemies when it has to do with orbs/weapon??? Also, officialy at the farthest point I've ever been in this game, yay!

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Level 8 is always the highest weapon for each one.


So yes, the Dragon Buster (or however the exact PS4 name since they might have changed that as well) is the best sword.


You can farm orbs if you have missed some chests, however not for every weapon (and also not for the sword).


The website you linked start with a lvl0, wich is why its lvl 8 max.

But in reality its lvl 9 and i believe the last level is meant to rare drops from the mana fortress and the 8 first level are aquired trough story/chest in dongeon and all

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So I assume you can continue earning exp on level 8 weapons?


Is it like with magic where you can get to Level 8.99 (99%) and it increases your critical rate?


EDIT: Oh, I just noticed in the book ingame, there’s actually a last form of each weapon. :o

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Unsure if it carries over. The original didn't have a new game+ tho and yeah, as you said, with how they handled the remake, I doubt it carries over.


So does the trophy for the weapons pop when they are all upgraded or when you use magic on the sword to make it the mana sword?

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Ugh. Looks like I missed Dark Funk and Specter. I'm already at the Mana Temple. How annoying. Anyone know if the monster guide carries over after completing the game? Considering the way they handled this re(de)make I highly doubt it.


I highly doubt it carries over since if you start a new game, the guide will be back empty. So it has to be in one playtrough.

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Ugh. Looks like I missed Dark Funk and Specter. I'm already at the Mana Temple. How annoying. Anyone know if the monster guide carries over after completing the game? Considering the way they handled this re(de)make I highly doubt it.


If youre planning on getting plat for this then I would recommend restarting now as you need to fill all 3 parts of the guide in 1 playthrough.

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So I missed the sword orb in the Pandora vault, when back to get it and all the chests only had 50g in them. Is there any way to get back this orb for platinum later in the game ? What should I look out for ? Thanks !


Supposedly orbs can be farmed in the Mana Factory from enemies. I am not sure who drops sword orbs, though.


However, I think in the case of the sword, isn't it automatically upgraded to level 8 at the end of the game?


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/6291/6ff.jpg All weapons at level 9 (G)

All weapons at level 9


(Missable) (Collectable)


You can confirm your weapons in the menu under Weapon Level in the menu.




This trophy is misleading in that you do not have to have the weapon level for each weapon at level 9 for all three characters. What you must do is have each weapon upgraded to their final level 9 form. Assuming all weapons are upgraded, this trophy will pop in the last battle when you gain access to the Mana Sword’s true form.


There are 8 different kinds of weapons families, Swords, Spears, Gloves, Poles, Boomerangs, Bows, Whips and Axes. Each family can be leveled up (be upgraded). To upgrade your weapons, you first must have an orb for that weapon, then you must have the weapon forged.


Once you reach the Dwarf Village, you can work with Watts to forge your weapons to stronger forms, if you have the upgrade orbs to do so. As the story progresses, Watts will pop up in new places; you don’t always have to return to the Dwarf Village, but he will always appear in his spot in whatever town you visit that he is resident of regardless of story progress.


Each weapon comes with the first of nine orbs. There are 8 additional orbs required to get almost all weapons to max. Only the sword is limited at 7. The first 8 fill in the orb icons in the weapon menu as you obtain them; the 9th turns the weapon name red.


NOTE: Apparently, orbs can be farmed from the monsters listed in the Mana Fortress, if you do not have them all. Credit: Squibbs


The location of each upgrade orb and details for each weapon are as follows.


Sword Orbs

  • Obtained by default
  • Defeating the Mantis Ant
  • Treasure chest in the Pandora Castle treasure vault, after clearing Pandora Ruins
  • Defeating the Great Viper
  • Treasure chest in Northtown Ruins *Credit RzKetchup
  • From the Chancellor of the Republic of Tasnica
  • Treasure Chest in the Mana Palace ruins area with the Crystal Orbs, between Lumina and Shade’s Crystal Orbs.
  • Defeating the Thunder Gigas
  • During the battle with the Mana Beast, have Primm and Popoi both cast Mana Magic on Randi with the Sword equipped.

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