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Infinite Money


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It costs 1000 to buy enough meat to mix a potion+ and potion+ sells for 1250 so do the math if you do nothing but mix potion+ from meat you can make infinite money which will really help with some of the trophies.


The grimmore says apple + meat = potion and potion + potion = potion+ but meat + meat also makes a potion, this doesn't really matter other than it's slightly easier to just mash the X button on meat than to go up and down between meat and apple.

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Alternatively you can buy an equal amount of arrows and cannons to make ballista, which is also 250g profit.


Half the mixing, but you have to manage two different resources, so there's a trade off. Arrows and cannons are right next to each other on the item list though, so its still pretty fast to select one of each for each mix.


Edit: Nvm, 2 cannons makes a ballista, and 2 arrows make a catapult, so either of those is acceptable, and only requires one item to be purchased.

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