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If you're doing this on your first playthrough like I did, my strategy was to get the Photon lightsaber blade - it doesn't break so you can use it infinitely - and the DRAGON-SP gun, which has infinite bullets. Equip War God Amulet and the armor that automatically blocks bullets. When you start, use the DRAGON-SP to take out all the regular enemies, and then when the first boss shows up, enter extreme heat mode.

At this point, it becomes a very high risk strategy. Get in there and relentlessly attack with your Photon blade. Don't worry about taking damage - you're invincible in extreme heat mode. After you've nearly run out of heat, run away and hide behind the large wall. War God Amulet will recharge your heat, and then enter extreme heat again and repeat until everything is dead. You have to be very careful because a single hit outside extreme heat will kill you with this strategy, but it was the easiest way I found of doing it.

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I used a similar strategy to Madbuk with a few changes:


- If you complete all sub stories first, you can buy a book from the weapon dealer that resets weapon durability when re-equiped. That way you can equip two strong weapons then just switch between them before they hit zero.

- I found the photon blades a bit too slow as they’re a tonfa. Instead I used a reward blade called Demon Blade, you get it from one of the other Bouncer missions. Trick is it starts off weak until you break it then repair it at which point it becomes the strongest katana and swings faster than the photon blades. It only has 30 swings so keep an eye on it and switch to reset it.

- Gear I used War God to keep heat building and Sacred Wood to auto guard against bullets (though this doesn’t work for Machine Gun Amon unfortunately)

- Spam R2 to go into Extreme Heat. You’re not invulnerable but your attacks are stronger. With the sword you can just use light attack to smash through enemies. Don’t waste heat with triangle, it’s less economical.

- Use the long structure to run around and recharge heat. This is a must during the Amon fights.

- Clear out the henchmen first. They’ll just get in the way during the boss fights. Use the structure to separate them.

- First Amon with the axes is the least worry. Take out his henchman then get in his face and hit triangle in normal heat mode (not Extreme Heat). It should take off a bar or so of his health. If it doesn’t do any damage (I think they’re immune to two triangle prompt attacks in a row or per bar?), then it’s time to hit R2 and go nuts. Just go to town with light attack until Extreme Heat runs out, run around the structure to refill. Then repeat. Kill Axe Amon before worrying about Machine Gun Amon.

- Machine Gun Amon (Jiro) is the absolute worst. Again try to separate him from his goons and kill them all first. Chances are Rocket Launcher Amon will spawn before you kill Jiro.

- Rocket Launcher Amon isn’t too bad as long as you keep him around corners. By this point of the fight you’re pretty much glued to the structure. Don’t even think about going into the open area. Keep focused on Jiro first, attempting triangle prompt attacks where possible.

- I would bait them around corners, then jump out and triangle prompt them for a heat attack, then run around the corner so they couldn’t get a line of sight on me. Keep doing that, using R2 when the prompts don’t do any more damage.

- Don’t forget to use a vending machine drink before accepting the mission, as its effects will carry over into the fight (I used defence boost).

- Equip a sacrifice stone only if you health is critical. I didn’t think to do this when I beat them, but it’s probably the one point in the game to actually use it. You can switch gear in the battle, you just can’t use items.


Axe Amon is much easier than his one on one sub story fight, but it’s the last two that are your trouble point. Use the environment, and play a battle of attack and evade. You want fast high damage weapons and replenishing heat to make this easier.


Good luck.

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I finally finished these missions off to get the platinum today. For Pandemonium Legend I didn’t bother running around the wall or being defensive, I was just very aggressive and took the Amon’s on head to head with the lightsaber, not giving them opportunity to do anything. I had a sacrifice stone active just in case but didn’t need it in the end

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