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Locker room leader Trophy Help ! Main story finished

Here Comes The Pain

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So the problem here is how do I get the remaining 9 side quests( I've counted) I need to accomplish the trophy.


After the main story is completed you get the stupid Matt Bloom side quests (only) nothing else I've come across apart from SCSA in vince's office since I shifted over to Smackdown!, The AI are retarded they keep on losing while you manage them on the outside. By chance I only win one match but the other the AI are idiots any help on this.


Characters are weak The Boss and Suvillian guy.


Any tips or tricks on being a manger ???

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eally easy make sure you are on smackdown ignore tom and go to the match card for week 1, and 2. Just cut a promo for these 2 weeks. On week 3 you will see one of the usos as you exit the parking area. There side quest is to win your match and then put your opponent through the announce table. Accept the side quest and go straight to match card and do another promo, as the side quest will not start until week 4. On week 4 go to tom and start the match, just remember not to break the announce table until the match has ended and you have activated the break out. Then just repeat the process over until achievement unlocks. Will be quicker as it is a 1 week side quest and no matches apart from the side quest itself and ppv.

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