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Parvati ended up being more expensive than I expected and yes I know she is permanent but I wanted her now and after 12 rolls and 41 tickets she was mine.




Sadly the third roll on "take 2" is sadly lost due to my phone running out of space to storing the recording on and closing FGO but I discovered the roll had a Arthuria for me :)




Decided to try another tactic from now on and only do 1 roll pr. day.


Lots of Cu



Finally Parvati



So final tally: NP3 Saber (Had NP2 already), Carmilla (RP), Parvati, MLB the 3 ce and MLB a Art of Death CE


Dang the desire sensor fully denied you for as long as it can for once before you got her, all just in time for Shimosa in a couple of days :p

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Shimosa 1 was very kind to me and hope Shimosa 2 will as kind when it releases in a weeks time




Very nice Artemis! As expected :p

Gotta say I'm pretty much in the same boat since I got them as well minus Musashi and +1 Vlad. Also got my first Black grail and another Kscope so I'm not complaining :D Can't wait for the next banner since its like round 3 for Mama and maybe Shuten lol

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Pretty much missed the Halloween rerun, which I don't really care that much because I already have 2 mlb copies from last year, but losing those 5* fous sting.


Been playing less lately and I haven't even touched Agartha. I wanna catch up though, but with so many catching up to do, I'm considering just skipping the dialogues and just do the battles.

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Managed to finish the event, after all.


I thought I stopped having time and motivation to play FGO, but when the NBA season kicked in, I suddenly was given the time and a reason to play fgo by multitasking when watching games.


I'm 2 singularities behind, so maybe I can now be up-to-date.


Edit: tried doing the last Halloween stage and thought It would be business as usual if just wing it with 2 Melins, Jalter, and Waver as backup. I then saw the total number of enemies and I immediately peaced out. I've finished all extra missions from events since day 1, even the ones similar to the current one, but I guess I haven't gotten all my motivation back yet.

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Been a while since I last talk about my rolls her but let's get through them.


Thanksgiving - MHX



Didn't get MHX after 1 Roll and 16 tickets only NP3 Caster Gil but then again saved my SQ for Salem.


Salem Circe and Nezha



Wasn't happy after the first roll since a Min roll on the final card hurt but hey got Circe but no Nezha :(


Salem - Nezha



Happy to finally have Inshum and happy to have NP2 of Parvati but I wish that Tama Cat had been Nezha since I already have Tama cat ad NP5 so it's just a rare prism.


December 10 should be Nezha next solo rate up so hopefully I can snag her their.


Salem - Abby and Sheba



Did 5 tickets rolls until I got a Gold CE (Kiara CE) and then rolled



Having Sheba being the first card made me really happy since I love her and I place her in my room before I did more rolls.


Sadly I ran out of space on Phone so 1 roll was lost which was: Imaginary Around and Volumen Hydragyrum.


Level up and ascend Sheba once and then did a roll



It's been a pretty good December so far and I hope Ereshkigal and the 5* Christmas CE will show up to make it a perfect December (Nezha would also help)


Salem - Nezha



Finally got Nezha :)


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Looks like when you want something you get it twice as nice artemis :p


I want to say my December was good but once again I failed at getting Okita after 10 rolls but when I used a ticket on her and gil rate up day I ended up getting slapped with Gil, dammit lol Though Choco Fox and abby I was surprisingly lucky as I got Abby on a ticket and Sheba on 4 rolls so here is hoping for the good civilization continuing xD

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Got Eresh, whom I was reluctant to pull, to NP5 with 39 tix ( 1 copy) and 750 SQ.

I actually spent more SQs trying to get 1 copy of Ishtar, whom I really, really wanted this past year


Desire sensor is real


Is it possible that my Gacha luck has been reset? Mine's been so bad since that first Raiko banner



Been pretty much playing FGO casually for the past year now, falling behind in 3 singularities and missing out on some 5* fous and lore (that really bothers me) but I'm gonna pick up the pace starting today.



Also this one just came a few days ago



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And Christmas just keeps on giving to us all! :francis:


I got her after a roll on another ticket :eek: and then got like 4 gils but no ana :( on 4 rolls which were primarily for the CEs for the event.


@alec613: Very nice Jalter, one day I will get her I tell you one day in both figure form and the game :p

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Still no CE drop after many hours of grinding.

Feels bad



edit: Gonna stop at 140 boxes.




Got Hokusai to np5. Not as lucky as I was with Eresh, but still pretty decent rate, but just like Eresh, I decided to only go for multiple copies if I got her from a ticket, and I did.



Even got 2 SSR in a multi, with Vlad spooking me ofc.


The RNG gods has blessed me by returning my lost luck


GSSR was, as expected, a disappointing roll.


Ok, can't go ham in back 2 back banners. Gonna lay low for a bit.


I've been trying to be efficient while playing catch up. I'd do free quests quartz while watching the pseudo singularity cutscenes (Shimousa being 10 hours ins pretty daunting ) and prologue at the same time. I should be able to finish Shimousa and Salem by next week and get all the free quartz.

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I ended up getting Shishou which was awesome since it was her, Musashi or JAlter i was hoping for and glad I got one of them as well as Hokusai which I pulled on a ticket again after failed pulls, my ticket luck been good lately :francis: Though it made all my grinding for those boxes disappear in a instant but worth it :p


@Alec: RNGeus gives it and takes it in a blink of an eye! There is always next time which is odd to say to someone who got Hokusai to NP5 :p

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Well, hopefully it won't leave me for a while. 750 SQ for NP5 Eresh and 1020 SQ for

NP5 Hokusai is still good.


Vlad has been spooking me, which has always left me disappointed, so I never really cared much about him, let alone use him. Didn't realize he was NP3 and is probably much stronger than my Cu Alter, whom I really just want to NP2. With Hokusai, I'm pretty much going to switch from Buster to Arts (though I'll most likely still go 2 Memelin + Jalter against tough bosses) and make use of my Tamamo, so it's probably time to unleash him from the doghouse


Thought about going multiple copies for Skadi in the future , but then I don't have a good quick team, just np2 Okita, Np1 Scathach and Jack, which was decent enough for the first year of the game. I'll try to get one, but I won't lose sleep if I don't get one. I won't let desire sensor get in my way again.


Maybe space Ishtar and Okita Alter, but I'm most likely better of throwing away my grailed Ishtar and go for Gil in Gilfest.


Also extra support slot for the extra class when? C'mon delightworks

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