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Gaming goals for 2018?

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My 2018 goals:

  • Pop at least another 40-60+ plats in a single day (doing that twice this year), currently have 2 saved :p
  • Unwrapping minimun 10 games from my old backlog and play them at least at 50%
  • Play PS3 more than PS4... (very unlikely tbh)
  • But first of all... keep playing as much as real life allows..


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Focus on completing my PS3 games that I started but never finished. ACIII, Borderlands 2 and Dark Souls are three big ones.


Also, I'm gonna try to earn a trophy a day and see how far I can keep that up.


Well, I only made it to the 13th. Haven't turned on my system in the last three days. :p

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I finished my initial goal, so here are a few others:


Get to at least 2,500 trophies

Get at least 25 platinums

Earn at least one platinum every month

Reduce backlog more than increasing it


If I meet my first two goals, I'll up them. But think it's a decent start.

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My only general "resolution" for 2018 is to not buy any games. I went on a bit of a buying spree with leftover Christmas money, so I should be good on that one.


While I'd like to cut back on cumulative video gaming time in general to focus on other life goals, I'm hoping to dedicate some focused time to my (purchased but not started) backlog this year. First, though, I'm planning to work what's already on my profile until my PSNP percentage reads something more like 60-70%. Minimum 50% per game (except for TESO, haha), and we'll see where it goes from there...

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Gaming goals for 2018 hmm..


To get more (P)'s than last year. Which was 40 something.


And to buy on release day and attempt to be on the first platinum achievers board for 'days gone' and 'the last of us 2'.




Oh and i'm going to add to this:


To get at least one zombie related or horror plat each month!

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Gaming goals for 2018 hmm..


To get more (P)'s than last year. Which was 40 something.


And to buy on release day and attempt to be on the first platinum achievers board for 'days gone' and 'the last of us 2'.




Oh and i'm going to add to this:


To get at least one zombie related or horror plat each month!


And i want to add a 2nd add on lol:


This year soonish i want the motivation to finally finish/plat Batman Arkham Knight and Deadpool.


Both these games have been left unfinished for about 2 years, theyre not the hardest of difficulties but for some reason ive been struggling with both. If anyone has these plats n wants to drop me a msg for some help advice n tips so i can get the job done then feel free it would be appreciated. :)

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Im a slow gamer when it come to single player games and such and my backlog has gotten very huge. I decided that this year i wanted to lower it down.


I am gotta play at least 1 and maybe 2 if possible, games a month. But its gonna be single player story and any achievements/trophies mop up are optional...


On my list to do this year on the Xbox Side i have


Shadow Warrior (Done in January)

The Darkness 2 X360 (Currently playing in Febuary)

Rise of the Tomb Raider (March or April for sure)

Skyrim Xbox One (this one could take 2 months for sure)

Witcher 3 (again, could take 2 months)

Vampyr (release end of March, will play in April or May depending on ROTR)

Kingdom Come Deliverance (very interested in that one, not sure when ill get it)

Splatterhouse if it become Backward Compatible, if not ill check if i play it on 360

GTA5. I own the 360 version and i stoped playing years ago cause of something, i kinda want to get it for X1 and do it on that one...


On the playstation side its a little more obscure, i know for sure im getting the PS4 this year. Hopefully before June. I already have bough Yakuza Kiwami and Uncharted Collection is in the mail. I loved so much Uncharted 1 but this week i came across Uncharted 2 on PS3 for 5$, i couldn't resist, i think im gonna play it before i get the PS4. But hey i can always replay 1 and 2 next year on the collection. Otherwise i have a very specific list im interested to play but i dunno when ill do them.


But right now i can say i want to do


Uncharted 2

Resistance 2 (But i will need that 360 shaped controller first cause FPS with a PS3 controllers are just terrible, i did Resistance 1 that way and urg lol)

Killzone 1 HD


I would be very happy if i do those before June plus the 360 games.


Also some achievements/trophies to mop when im done with a game during the month and there still days left.


Honestly tough, i know when i get the PS4 ill start playing Neverwinter again a lot more for the trophies, so well... lol it will be time consuming. It slowed me down a lot on Xbox One obviously as i played thousands of hours into this.

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7: Take a harder line with games that have microtransactions and try harder to avoid buying them.


8: Work harder to support the developers who use good gaming practices and shun the bad ones who don't.



Amen to that. I also decided to do the same. FUCK LOOTBOXES and greedy business practices. I will make an exeption for Gears of War 5 and Halo 6 only because i play those series since 2006 and 2002. But i never put a dime in Halo 5 or GOW4 lootboxes and ill do the same. Hell if GOW5 has a shady system like GOW4 has, i may even buy it "used" just to make sure to not encourage such dirty practices.

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One of my big goals this year is to informally retire my PS3. I have the following games left to finish on it:


Uncharted 2 multiplayer

Uncharted 3 multiplayer

The Last of Us multiplayer

Sniper Elite V2 two missions left to complete for plat


I'm debating whether or not to then play Sacred 3 that I downloaded when it was free, the Metal Gear Legacy Collection, and the random Tomb Raider game I have. But once I knock at least those four games above over, I will be playing the PS3 much, much less. I've had it for 8 years and purchased it with my very first paycheck. It's given me such great fun over the years :)


My other couple of goals:


- Reduce unearned trophy backlog from 231 (as of today) to less than 100.


- Reduce the number of games I don't have at 100% from 20 on my trophy list (as of today) to less than 10. I have a larger backlog that ISN'T on my trophy list yet (ie. Nioh, Resident Evil, mostly games I've downloaded but haven't played yet), but my intent is to finish some of the games currently on the list, then start new ones as I feel comfortable with progress.


- 100% 7 out of the 8 games I have on my trophy list that require multiplayer / online. U2 and U3, U4, TLoU, Resogun, Helldivers, No Man's Sky. The 8th is Elder Scrolls Online, which I have no hope in hell of ever 100%. So I'll have to live with that. Lol.


If I can accomplish these goals I'll feel quite proud.

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