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Chaos on Deponia - Trophy Walkthrough


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Just want to get through the game as quickly as possible? Here's my step-by-step guide to make sure you get the (P) in a single playthrough.


Like many point and click games, you can't mess this up and put yourself in an unwinnable state. Feel free to experiment and speak with all the characters - I've just listed the bare minimum you need to get through, but you're missing a lot of the jokes if you don't play around with the game.


If you do decide to play through blind, my less-spoilery trophy guide will be more your speed.


A few notes:


1) Unlike the first game, there are several game-spanning trophies in this one - Supercool, Animal Lover, Pin-up Goal and Collecting Agent. Collecting Agent is particularly tricky, as it requires you to have a full inventory +1, which is tricky to do - as such, there's a lot of back and forth in this walkthrough instead of being more streamlined. Just follow step by step and you'll be fine.


2) I recommend making a separate save at the beginning of each act of the game, just in case. You have at least nine save slots; use them!


3) DO NOT SKIP THE OPENING STUFF. This includes the tutorial. If you do, then the first trophy of the game won't unlock.


4) DO NOT SKIP CUTSCENES WITH THE SINGER. If you do, the story-related trophies tied to him won't unlock.


5) Skipping through dialogue is fine.

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Talk to Bozo

...how to look at an object.

Look at yin

Pick up yin

Combine yin with yang – get spare part

Use spare part with inconspicuous bracket

Use button


Don't skip the following cutscenes! If you do, then Huzzah – once more from the top (B) will not unlock when you finally regain control of Rufus.


Utz House

Open toolbox (under mushrooms near the bird)

Pick up power inverter

Pick up hammer x3 – get tablecloth

Open bathroom door

Use box (where the canary is)

Use power inverter in box

Use flush handle

Use flush button (on sink – Rufus is probably blocking it – it's the button closest to the red tube)

Use tablecloth with sink

Use the sink's other button (just labelled "button" - Rufus is probably blocking it)

Pick up soaked tablecloth

Use soaked tablecloth on fire – get hammer


Outside Grandma Utz's House

Use bellows (Rufus' right foot)

Use pan handle (Rufus' left foot) – get knife

Use knife with fireworks

Use pan handle

Use bellows


Goal's Pod

Use dusty badge x5 – Blow job (B) unlocked

Use eject button


Don't skip the cutscene with the singer or Huzzah with booze and so forth (B) will not unlock when you regain control of Rufus


Save your game and MAKE A BACKUP of both it and the larger config file. You're about to unlock a trophy, after which you need to restore this clean save (and config file) or you'll mess up a game-spanning trophy. Read everything in the next walkthrough section before starting it.




Now it's time to talk about pin-up parts. You need 12 of them to unlock the game-spanning Pin-Up Goal. These are well camouflaged pieces of generic background artwork that don't show up as interactible objects when you click :r3: but they DO show up as interactible when you're near one (unlike the original PC version of the game). When you pick them up, you'll hear a short chord and a ding. They don't show up in your inventory once you've collected them but in the Bonus – Puzzle area of the main menu.


For this first pin-up part, look at the console to the right of the pan and fork. Count the blue lights from left to right. On the fourth one, slowly move your cursor up until you go over the gap of window and land on another brown square. That's where the first pin-up part is (1/12).


For Cheater (S), you will want to make a save before picking up this first part. Pick up the part, then reload the save and pick up the part again. You need to do this a total of 12 times. Once you've unlocked Cheater, close the game, delete the game's save and config data from the PS4, and reload the clean backup save and config data you made. If you want to make sure everything's okay, select Bonus – Puzzle from the main menu – there shouldn't be any pieces there.


On the clean save, repeat the above steps with the pin-up part but obviously, only pick it up once.

Use trash can (left of door) – get bait

Exit to harbor



You'll automatically be taken to the map screen

Choose Industrial Park


Outside Doc's Workshop

Enter Doc's workshop (the door on the right)


Doc's Workshop

Pick up crank (Rufus may be blocking it)

Pick up electrical tape (above where the crank was)

Pick up stick (near the carpet that Clever-Byte is on)

Combine electrical tape with stick – get insulated stick


Pick up pin-up part (2/12) – it's on the top shelf next to the robot head, above where you got the stick)


Use stick with Clever-Byte

Pick up stick

Repeat the above two steps x2 (so Rufus should have played fetch 3 times) – this is set up for a later trophy.

Use stick with lamp (it should be lit now)

Pick up stick – get insulated and highly charged stick

Use insulated and highly charged stick with Clever-Byte

Exit right x2


Doc's Office

Pick up screwdriver (on desk next to ramp)


Pick up pin-up part (3/12) – it's the small white square of paper just above where the screwdriver was


Exit x3 back to outside Doc's workshop


Outside Doc's Workshop

Look at map (next to furnace)

Choose Dock



Enter green door (Gilligan's Gadget Garden)


Lollipop or love? (B) unlocked when you regain control of Rufus

You will also receive cartridges and remote from Doc

Combine cartridges and remote – get remote including cartridges


Doc's Office

Exit x3 until you're outside Doc's workshop

Use map

Choose Dock



Exit to the harbor



Enter tavern (purple door)



Pick up sugar dispenser


Pick up pin-up part (4/12) – to Goal's right is a green speaker box. Underneath that speaker box is a bottle – the part is under that bottle.


Talk to Goal

(Whatever) x2


Exhaust all conversation (you don't have to use "Hey Baby", except for with Baby Goal) with all three versions of Goal (I'm not 100% sure about what triggers what with her so it's better safe than sorry). To change Goal versions, use the remote with her and choose another option. Speaking to Spunky Goal ("what do I have to do to get you to come with me?") is part of the setup for Supercool (Rufus will sing a stupid song), while talking to Baby Goal ("Hey Baby / What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?") is part of Animal Lover (Rufus kills a bug).


Talk to Guillver (the bartender)

I, um, need to use the bathroom.

See you later.

Talk to Bozo (guy on left in green)

What were you going to say earlier? Something about a special boarding maneuver?

I do believe Spunky Goal likes me.

Tell me more about your Bambina

I think you should pay a visit to your Bambina

Talk to Nod (guy in purple hat)

I think an apology would be in order.

Unorganized Crime...what is that, exactly?

May I join you?

(whatever; just not the last option)

How can I prove to you that I'm reckless enough?

I'll soon be part of your organization. You'll see.

I'll get back to you.

Talk to Garlef (top level)

You're part of a resistance movement, or so I've heard?

May I join you?

Please, let me join you! I'm trying to impress a woman!

I'll be off then – get bathroom key

Use bathroom key with bathroom door (it's on the far right – there's a heart on it) – get shred of toilet paper

Exit Tavern

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Use bumper (on gondolier boat)

Leave the screen and come back. The bumper will be replaced.

Repeat the above two steps x9 (so 10 times total) – Endurance test (S) unlocked

Exit through top door to marketplace




Pick up pin-up part (5/12) – on the right side of the screen is a sign with what looks like a P on it. There's a few people surrounding the stall under it and a man stirring something. On this orange table under the stall is the part (it's very close to the small child's head)


Click anywhere at the bottom of the screen to move to where the pharmacist (red-head with sunglasses) is.

Search dumpster – get expired pills

Use shred of toilet paper with pharmacist – get Cucumber of Revelation

Click back on the marketplace to leave the pharmacist's area

Exit through top door (between the map and where you found the pin-up part)



Use peanut bowl with fine nose to open the gate

Near the bottom of the screen is a rake. Use it x10 – Bloody nose (S) unlocked

Enter the house (via "right side" archway)


Seagull's House

Don't go away. I'll be back soon.

Look at goldfish bowl – get goldfish memo

Look at window – get coal memo

Look at books – get candle memo

Look at flowers – get water memo and thread memo

Use bookshelf

Use "pull here for secret door" (top right row of books)

Pick up vacuum cleaner

Exit back to Bellevue



Enter door underneath Seagull's house


Crane's House

Use all five memos with Crane

Pick up glass of water

Pick up candle

Pick up coal

Pick up urn

Pick up bread

Pick up thread (mounted above the door)

Exit to Bellevue

Exit far left to Old Town


Old Town


Pick up pin-up part (6/12) – On one of the bottle labels on the table.


Look at take-out menu


You cannot skip this puzzle or you will void a trophy. The gist of it, is that you need your order total to equal 0.0. There's a few ways to do it, but I think this is the quickest:

  • Menu 2
  • change 2 burgers to 1 burger (both must be selected for this option to appear)
  • change large burger to large drink
  • downsize both drinks to the smallest size (middle hotspot) – you should be at 1.5 now.
  • change both drinks to 2 burgers
  • change 2 burgers to 1 burger
  • change large burger to large drink
  • downsize large drink as much as you can so you're left with nothing

All mine! (B) unlocked

You now have a fortune cookie in your inventory

Exit back to Bellevue

Use map to get to Dock



Use fortune cookie with fisherman – get ID card

Pick up jar of hooks – get hook

Pick up bucket (to the right)

Use map to get back to Bellevue

Exit far left to Old Town


Old Town

Use ID card with Platypus Trapper – get field guide

Look at field guide in your inventory – look at every picture and listen to what Rufus has to say about them or he will refuse to do some things later in the game.

Next to the Platypus Trapper are eight greeting cards – look at them x5(ish) for Rufus to read them aloud and unlock With love from Porta Fisco (S).

Exit back to Bellevue

Use map to go get back to Dock



Enter Gilligan's Gadget Garden


Gilligan's Gadget Garden


Pick up pin-up part (7/12) – On the left side of the store is a robot head with a tongue sticking out. To the right of that is a box with a backwards "?" on it. Under that box is a box with a ! on it. It's the piece of paper stuck to the ! Box.


Pick up Anti-Gravity socks (on the shop counter)

Pick up Indestructible Sunglasses of Eternal Darkness

Click the ground to remove the socks

Use Sunglasses with shredder

Use Cucumber of Revelation on juicer hat (under the anti-gravity socks)

Use shredded Sunglasses with Shop-o-Mat

Pick up Golden Dragon of Invisibility – it's on a pedestal with arrows pointing to it on the left side of the store (it's invisible....)

Look at Golden Dragon of Invisibility in inventory – Rufus will turn invisible

Pick up shredded Sunglasses – get sunglass lens, left frame, and right frame

Combine left frame with sunglass lens

Combine left frame with lens with right frame – get repaired sunglasses [left lens]

Exit to Dock



Use map to go to Industrial Park

Exit middle left


Weapons Shop

Talk to Bozo

Of course. It's going to be great

Exit to outside Doc's Workshop

Use map to go to Dock

Exit to harbor



Use sugar dispenser on generator

Enter tavern



Pick up razorfish (on wall by entrance)

Use screwdriver with jukebox flap (bottom level, let of the bar)

Pick up sheet music (The Dead Pigeon Tango)

Exit to harbor



Use sheet music with music stand (on gondola)


Now it's time for a lengthy trophy. Go back to the Weapons Shop (exit left from gondola through Little Venice for the quickest path) and tell Bozo to try again. The gondolier will come back, but singing a different song this time. (You can skip the songs – unlike the Huzzah trophies, listening to them is not a requirement for Deponia Idol). Go back to the harbor, enter the tavern, and change the jukebox song to something else (do "The Mating Song of the Junk Crabs" last as it's the one you'll eventually need to move the story along. "Dead Pigeon Tango" was the bottom option so just go from the bottom to the top), then go outside and repeat the steps with the sugar, sheet music, Boz etc. until the gondolier has sung 3/4 jukebox songs. Once you put "The Mating Song of the Junk Crabs" on the music stand, continue with the walkthrough.


Exit to Marketplace



Exit top right (Dark Alley)


Dark Alley

Use the door – learn about a secret knock

Use repaired sunglasses [left lens] with Eyes in the Trash (just the junk heap on the right) – T-415411293 (S) unlocked

Use the glasses with the screwdriver to take the glasses apart again

Exit back to Marketplace

Exit left to outside Doc's Workshop

Exit left to Weapons shop

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Weapons Shop

Talk to Bozo

You're not going to give up just like that, are you?

Deponia Idol (S) unlocked

You should see crabs in the pink pipe. If not, you screwed with the pipe next to the pharmacist – yellow and red should be connected for the crabs to gather in the pink pipe near the weapons shop

Use pipe valve

Exit to outside Doc's Workshop

Exit to Marketplace



Move up to pharmacist area

Use pipe diverter – red should connect to green

Retrace your steps back to the weapons shop


Weapons Shop

Use pipe valve – you will see the crabs come out of the green pipe by Doc's workshop

Exit to outside Doc's workshop

Exit to marketplace

Exit to harbor (right exit)



Use the bumper on the gondola

Exit left (Little Venice)


Little Venice

Pick up antenna (it's right next to Rufus)

Exit left to weapons shop


Weapons Shop

Talk to Bozo

You're not going to give up just like that, are you?

Enjoy the show

Exit to outside Doc's workshop

Use map to get to Bellevue



Use tree on right

Exit back to Bellevue

Pick up the spade (notice the rake is gone so you can access it)

Use bucket (in inventory) with tub full of dirt – get bucket with soil

Pick up egg (it's tiny – it's on the ground next to the tub of dirt)


Do not skip this minigame or you will void a trophy. Click on the egg until the meerkat is somewhere on the edge of the grid i.e. not in one of the four center holes. The meerkat moves like a knight on a chessboard – that is, he will move in an L shape from wherever he is. On the edges, this limits him to a maximum of three potential moves from any given position. In the corners, this limits him to two potential moves and one of the opposite corners (usually diagonal). Place the meerkat trap and two rocks on the potential exit holes to trap him and grab the egg. – Garden Work (S) unlocked


Use map to go to the Dock

Exit to Harbor



Pick up the egg (it's under the ramp leading to where the gondola was)

Open your inventory (:down: on D-Pad) – Collecting Agent (S) unlocked

Exit left to Little Venice


Little Venice

Make the Repaired Sunglasses again in your inventory (left frame + lens, then combine that with right lens. The order does matter. If you mess up, use the screwdriver to break them back down)

Use repaired sunglasses [left lens] with periscope

Enter hatch next to periscope



Use door to radio room (next to the pink door)

I'm sorry, but we have to refuse this assignment – get slides

Press red button on radio – the pink door opens

Use razorfish with kitty

What did she say?

That I'll be made into shark food?

Go aheadWhat women want (S) unlocked

Exit top right to bridge

Pick up tournament hand

Exit right, then left, to get out of the submarine

Exit right to harbor

Exit to dock



Use razorfish with fisherman

I use a special kind of bait

Use expired pills with bucket of bait (next to fisherman)

Use bait (inventory) with fisherman – get tigerfish

Exit to harbor

Enter tavern



Talk to Garlef

Why are you sitting here on your lonesome?

I want to play!

I'm ready!

Press Start – Rufus will lose two fingers

Press the razorfish button

Press Start – Rufus will lose his other two fingers

Press Start x4 – Garlef's "finger meter" should be empty

Press the "add fingers”"button x2 – Rufus' "finger meter" should be full

Press Start - Rufus will learn the secret knock. You don't need to remember it.

Use remote on Goal – switch to Baby Goal

Talk to Baby Goal

It is done. We are resistance fighters!

Exit to harbor

Exit to marketplace

Exit to dark alley


Dark Alley

Press start/options button on your controller

Go to settings

Turn the music all the way down

Save changes

Continue the game

Use door to perform the knock

When asked to perform the old knock, quickly click on the crate to hide in it – the guy should come out after the bars on the window disappear.

Exit the crate after learning another knock

Use the door again

Feel free to turn on the music again.


Rebel Hideout


Pick up pin-up piece (8/12). It is located in the bottom left of the screen – look for a red arrow on the ground. It's at the base of the arrow.


Use slides with slide projector

(yes, the dialogue matters here – you need to avoid dialogue options that would set off the guy's lisp)

A symbol

An Organon bombing fort.

Our enemy will try to eradicate Deponia

Our team will dare to attack

I obtained topographical data locating one particular Organon fort

Detonate a bomb here and put an end to all life, marine and on land

Goal and her brain implant might mean an important trump in our hand


You will end up back at the tavern – Baby Goal has agreed to Rufus' plan.

Use remote on Goal – switch to Spunky Goal

Talk to Spunky Goal

Why, hello, doll. Come here often?


Look at the charts in the background to see some of the battle stances and how to defend against them. It's a bit difficult to describe each position, so I suggest watching

to learn each attack position and how to block it. Basically, pay attention to where Goal's hand is pointing – that's where she's going to attack and where you need to block. After you've successfully blocked, Goal will defend and you have a window to counter-attack – attack the area she's not blocking with her stick or arm.


After getting Goal down to her final hit, she will come at you with 4-5 attacks in a row (you will not be able to counter-attack after any of them). Survive those and you'll be good to go.


Whenever you lose against Spunky Goal, you will be in front of a training dummy. Theoretically, you will void a trophy if you use this dummy but I used it to level up twice and still unlocked the trophy so maybe it refers to fully maxing Rufus' combat level? To start the fight again, click the door in the background ("to the fight") to try again.


Shut up, Simon! (S) unlocked when you regain control of Rufus.


You will be back in the tavern – Spunky Goal has agreed to Rufus' plan

Use candle (inventory) with candle (in tavern) – get lit candle

Exit to harbor

Exit to marketplace

Exit to outside Doc's workshop

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Outside Doc's Workshop

Use furnace

Use coal (inventory) with furnace

Use lit candle with furnace

Pick up egg in the funnel (near the chimney) – you will have to go through the "up" door next to the furnace to reach it.


This puzzle looks complicated, but it's actually really easy. Click each numbered pipe once to change its position. The egg will roll out and the platypus will hatch in the furnace – Egg race (S) unlocked


Pick up fire platypus

Enter Doc's workshop


Doc's Workshop

Use tigerfish with bucket of paint – get zebrafish

Combine zebrafish with water platypus egg – get frankenfish with egg

Exit right x2 to Doc's office

Combine bucket of soil with earth platypus egg

Use bucket and egg with freezer

Use switch (Rufus is blocking it) x2

Use spade with platypus

Pick up frozen earth platypus

Exit left x1

Use frankenfish with egg with electrodes – get zebrafish with egg

Move to any 3-4 screens – doesn't matter where, you need the zebrafish to die again as part of Animal Lover and doing this will kill it ("the twitching has stopped").

Go back to the lock (the room before Doc's office)



Use Frankenfish with egg with electrodes

Combine zebrafish with egg with glass of water (inventory)

Exit left x2

Combine zebrafish with egg with glass of water

(You can't warp so will need to walk to Bellevue)

Exit to marketplace

Exit to Bellevue



Combine zebrafish with egg with glass of water

Enter Seagull's house

Use zebrafish with egg with goldfish bowl (by window)

Pick up water platypus

Exit Seagull's house

Exit left to Old Town


Old Town

Exit to "Up" (the doorway between the takeout place and the platypus guy)

Use crank with crank handle

Use crank

Pick up flying platypus egg

Exit to Bellevue



Exit to Seagull's house

Exit to crow's nest


Crow's Nest

Use urn (inventory) with pipe

Combine thread (inventory) with hook (inventory) – get hook on thread

Use hook on thread with windsock

Use windsock with grommet (on the pipe)

Use flying platypus egg with windsock

Exit to Seagull's House


Seagull's House

Use hatch (it's attached to the satellite thing next to the ladder)

Use lint trap

Use hand-held vacuum cleaner (inventory) with lint trap – get lint

Exit to crow's nest


Crow's Nest

Use razorfish with windsock

Pick up windsock

Combine windsock with antenna (inventory) – get landing net

Exit to Seagull's house

Exit to Bellevue



Use bread with birdhouse

Use landing net with flying platypus – Animal Husbandry (S) unlocked

Use earth platypus with nest (next to where you got the egg)

Exit left to Old Town


Old Town

Use flying platypus with nest (next to platypus guy)

Talk to Platypus Trapper

Tell me more about these greeting cards.

So, when you've got the time...

Grab a bus, platypus

Exit to Bellevue

Use map to get to Industrial Park


Outside Doc's Workshop

Use fire platypus with nest (next to the map)

Exit to marketplace

Exit to harbor



Use water platypus with nest (on top of pole next to tavern sign)

Exit to dock

Use map to get to Bellevue

Enter Seagull's house


Seagull's House

Talk to Seagull

I did it.

Don't go away. I'll be back soon.

Exit Seagull's house

Exit to Crane's house


Crane's House

Talk to Crane

You know quite a bit about poetry, don't you?

(Whatever; not the last option or the platypus one)Supercool (G) unlocked

Talk to Crane

I still need your help with that poem.

Here am I. There are you. Platy-poo. – get earpiece (will not show up in inventory)

Exit to Bellevue

Enter Seagull's house

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Seagull's House

Talk to Seagull

I know which words I'll use to impress Goal

I may not be good at waxing eloquent, but I've got this – get invitation for Lady Goal

You'll end up at the harbor

Enter tavern



Use remote with Goal – switch to Lady Goal

Use invitation with Lady Goal

You'll end up in Seagull's house


Seagull's House

Take memo (on desk)

Exit to Bellevue

Exit to Crane's house

Give memo to Crane – get radio equipment

Exit to Bellevue

Exit to Old Town


Old Town

Family Drama (B) unlocks after cutscene

Use radio equipment with Platypus Trapper

You will end up in Doc's Workshop


Doc's Workshop

Use right door – get Liebold remote

Use Liebold remote with Liebold (the smoking guy on the left)

Exit through portal (“mysterious anomaly”)



I want proof.


Oh well. I'll go rescue Goal, then


Doc's Office

Talk to Doc

This element on Donna's temple – is that also an implant?

Let me try something.

Talk to Goal

Doc mentioned that Donna has an implant, too.

Wow! Doc keeps a bottle of champagne in his office? – get Goal's cartridge

Use drawer (at bottom of ramp)

Pick up remotes from drawer

Combine Goal's cartridge with Donna's remote

Use Donna's remote with Donna

Exit through portal – Pre-paradox (B) unlocked

Pick up crowbar and weapon (near Donna Goal)

Exit to the lock



Use crowbar with electrodes


Use clock (on top of birdhouse)

Your dialogue choices don't matter (you will likely have to exhaust it all anyway)


Don't skip the cutscene with the singer or Huzzah put balls to the wall (B) will not unlock when you reach the new map screen


Eventually you'll end up on Bozo's ship with a green screen – this is your new fast travel map

Choose the top-most ???? (Porta Fisco)



Pick up power inverter (in a box behind the man lying down)


Pick up pin-up part (9/12) – in the box behind the box where the power inverter was


Exit to lower right green area



Use hatch on old power turbine

Use power inverter with hatch

Use door


Time to start a knocking minigame. You will want to enter a number of knocks, then press the green check mark to confirm it and get a counter-knock. The solution is: 3 / 4 / 1 / 5


Enter rebel camp


Rebel Camp

Pick up canister (by baby dolphins)

Talk to Toni

The dolphin pool needs to be cleaned again, recruit.

By the way, I want my coffee black for the meeting, recruit.

Drop and give me twenty, recruit.Tease the Dragon (S) unlocked


Make sure to back out with :circle:. "New Game" does actually start a new game, which would be catastrophic if you haven't been making manual saves!


Exit left x2 to Quay



Talk to Goon next to sewer entrance

We could practice a little freestyling.

Smell ya later.Freestyler (B) unlocked

Enter pink tent


Fortune Teller's Tent

Are you some sort of psychic?

Can you predict the lottery numbers?

Oh, come on...tell me the lottery numbers.

You do couples counselling now?

I don't want to bother you any longer.

Pick up bananas x3 – get bananas


Pick up pin-up part (10/12) – bottom left corner of the screen, under the trash can


Exit to Quay



Use remote with Goal – you should now have Baby Goal active

Talk to Baby Goal

You coming with me to the fortune teller?

Enter fortune teller's tent


Fortune Teller's Tent

How do I prevent Goal from marrying Cletus?

What does our future together look like?

This is all humbug. You're holding the ball upside down.

Use remote with Goal

What are this week's lottery numbers?

Will we be rich? Lottery winner rich?

What was that about our wealth? x2 – you will see a cutscene of Spunky Goal attacking the fortune teller – A bond for life (B) unlocked



Exit to Cutter

Look at radar (behind Bozo)

Pick the ??? on the right edge


North Pole

Pick up hose

Pick up snow – get ice

Exit into Cutter

Use ice in mug of tea (by Goal)

Pick up mug of tea

Pick up torch

Look at Pole Star (in sky) – you will learn the lottery numbers (you don't have to memorize them)

Exit to Cutter

Look at radar

Go to Floating Black Market (the bottom-most ????)

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Pick up bait fish

Talk to fisherman

Oh get off it. You're afraid of the Organon too

If you're not afraid, then why did you stop fishing?

Could you please catch a boot for me?

I won't go away until you catch me a boot.

Put the controller down for 2-3 minutes. You will receive a shoe from the fisherman for just standing there and not moving (Goal will ask to leave a few times. Just ignore her).

Exit right to Cutter

Look at radar

Go to Porta Fisco



Use torch with barrel fire

Exit via top level


Street Canyon

Use torch with mountain of tires

Pick up burning tire

Exit to Quay



Exit to sewer entrance

Exit to rebel camp


Rebel Camp

Use tire with service hatch (far right)

Use bait fish with tire

Pick up cans of tuna. You monster. - Animal lover (G) unlocked

Pick up wading pool

Exit left x3

Look at radar

Go to Floating Black Market



Walk left until the screen moves

Use cans of tuna with bowl

Talk to Goal

Can you fit through the cat flap?

On we go.

Enter gadget shop


Gadget Shop

Use bananas with banana straightener – get straightened bananas

Use Lot-O-Mat – get prize

Use prize with Shop-o-Mat – get torpedo equipment

Exit to dock

Exit to Cutter

Look at radar

Go to the last ??? island (Isla Watchit)


Watchit Dock

Use bananas (straight bananas will also work but then you will need to get another straight banana for later) with diesel generator exhaust pipe

Use hose with generator

Use canister with diesel generator – get diesel – Captain Planet (B) unlocked


Pick up pin-up part (11/12) – This one's really hard to explain in terms of where to look. Just walk slowly up the ramp towards the radio tower and the hotspot on the right should activate.


Exit right to radio tower


Radio Tower

Pick up broken transmitter


Pick up pin-up part (12/12) – A white square next to the picture of the radio tower – Pin-up Goal (G) unlocked


Exit right to dock

Exit left to Cutter



Use broken transmitter with Doc – get transmitter

Use transmitter with radar – Woooghieee (S) unlocked

Look at radar

Go to Porta Fisco



Use shoe with Goon – get broken umbrella

Enter sewers

Use diesel with tank

Use button

Exit to rebel camp


Rebel Camp

Pick up any of the air fresheners – Rufus will collect all of them

Combine air fresheners with broken umbrella

Use straight bananas with drain (in the back of the area)

Use lock (the lever on the big pipe near the entrance to the camp)

Exit left

Use torpedo equipment with dolphins

Exit left x2

Look at radar

Go to Isla Watchit

Exit right to radio tower


Radio Tower

Use remote with Goal – she should now be Baby Goal

Use wading pool with plateau

Use pump – the wading pool is now full

Talk to Baby Goal

I've got a plan. Can you stand on that plateau for a minute?

Don't move. I'll be right back.

Give broken umbrella with air fresheners to Baby Goal

Give prize to Goal

Use transmitter on radio tower

Exit right

Exit left

Look at radar


You need to play this minigame or void a trophy. This puzzle is randomized (though the starting positions are always the same). The gist of it is that you need to get one of the dolphins on top of the submarine. The arrows at the bottom control your dolphins – each dolphin gets a move (you can't control the order), then the submarine will move. The general rule is to keep your dolphins facing the submarine as much as possible – the submarine won't approach a dolphin that is facing it. Try to get the submarine into the bottom left area as that has a straight wall you can work with to trap the sub against and use the dolphins in a pincer attack. Eventually you will be successful. If you mess up, you can hit the red button in the top left to reset the starting positions – Flipper out (S) unlocked when you regain control of Rufus


Outside Cutter

Use locker

Pick up diving suit

Use lamp

Pick up candle

Exit into the cutter


Inside Cutter

Use candle with pot (next to Goal)

Pick up pot with wax

Use remote with Goal – Spunky Goal should now be active

Exit to outside cutter


Outside Cutter

Use doorbell x3

Use pot of wax with dent of Rufus' face

Use diving suit with hook

Use diving suit – Rufus will go underwater



Pick up both hoses

Exit back to Cutter (top left)



Combine hose with other hose – get long hose

Use long hose with water faucet (Rufus might be blocking it)

Use hose with diving suit

Use water faucet

Use impression with diving helmet

Talk to Bozo

Can you please help me lower the dummy?

Use diving suit when it comes back

Use underwater hatch


Don't skip the cutscene with the singer or Huzzah we'll work overtime (B) will not unlock when you regain control of Rufus


To clear up any confusion on the next part: when I say "right" or "left" transporter, I mean right or left on whatever screen you're on. You will be jumping back and forth between two different screens for this puzzle.



Use right transporter x3

Use top transporter

Use right transporter

Use top transporter

Talk to the fly in the left transporter – Frog Rufus will eat it

Use middle transporter

Use left transporter x2

Use right transporter – Behind the mirror (S) unlocked

Use left transporter

Exit up ladder next to transporter

Exit right to bomb control room


Bomb Control Room

Pick up bag (next to Donna) – get Donna's remote and two cartridges

Use cartridge on Donna – she is now Baby Goal Donna

Use remote on Donna – she is now Spunky Goal Donna

Use controls x2

Walk out of the control area


Fight with Cletus

Punch Cletus x10 – Not in the face! (S) unlocked

Use remote

Talk to Spunky Goal Donna

Punch Cletus to regain the upper hand (this doesn't count towards Not in the face – Rufus needs to be on top for these punches to count, which is why I just had you do it earlier)

Repeat these steps until you've talked to Spunky Goal Donna a total of four times.

Pick up Goal's remote

Use Goal's remote (red button) with Goal

Yes. Cletus...

Cletus didn't lie to you.

I've still got the other remote.

Put down the controller. Watch the ending cutscenes and credits

Huzzah let's hope far away (B) unlocked

Thanks! (B) unlocked

Platinum Chalice (P) unlocked

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Nice! Thanks Mindi!


The moment I saw your Platinum on PSNP, and in under 2 hours, I stopped struggling with juggling my save games and waited for your walkthrough.


Thanks as always!


I'm glad it helped. :)


I enjoy the Deponia series, but this one has a surprising number of game-spanning trophies for a comedy game.

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I'm glitched at the Bomb Control Room. Rufus keeps turning invisible to the point I can't continue anymore. Even loading backup saves ain't doing anything.


Edit: Finally got it working correct. I do recommend making a backup save at the teleporting part. My game glitched a few times going to the bomb control room. Got lucky and Rufus didn't glitch out on me.

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I think there’s an error in here. At the Tease the Dragon trophy, you say to hit circle. But that took me back to load a saved game. The last save I had was before picking up a puzzle piece. Now later on, the Pin-Up Goal trophy isn’t unlocking. I THINK you would want to hit square there...Well, time for another skip dialogue playthrough! :(

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I think there’s an error in here. At the Tease the Dragon trophy, you say to hit circle. But that took me back to load a saved game. The last save I had was before picking up a puzzle piece. Now later on, the Pin-Up Goal trophy isn’t unlocking. I THINK you would want to hit square there...Well, time for another skip dialogue playthrough! :(


You need to press :circle: then "continue" on the main menu, not loading a save. I did it 2 times without issue.

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