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Morphite Information/Help


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There is little discussion in PS4 forums, but some helpful information is available from other sources:


can help when stuck in the story missions.


Steam discussions and TouchArcade discussions contain interesting information, and Crescent Moon Games support seems to be quite involved in the discussions on TouchArcade.


There is also a Tips & Tricks thread (containing some spoilers).

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Some tips from my own experience... I have all trophies now apart from side swiper and trader elite (which will hopefully come with time and persistence) and finisher (platinum trophy; description is misleading, you don't have to complete the main story, you have to have earned all trophies):



The Boss: Description (all bosses) is probably misleading. I am quite sure that I missed at least one boss (underwater planet) because I got to the end of the level just by jumping up the last platform without solving the prior puzzles, but I received the trophy after beating the final boss of the game.


Locked and loaded: The weapons and tools on the in game item page are not in the order they are received, so don't worry if there are some missing between received weapons/tools. The autorifle, e.g., is received earlier than other weapons, but is listed near the end.


Full Suit: You have to upgrade everything available apart from hover boots to receive the rare item scan needed for hovering. There is a Q/A on the toucharcade forums on this...


Master of Trinkets: Trinket boxes have a chance to give you a trinket you already have. This is no problem for the trophy, the game counts opened boxes. I still have only 6 trinkets despite having the trophy and opening around 15 or more boxes.


Geologist: Description is misleading, as you can't scan minerals. There are stone objects (the scanner will show a rock object when pointing to them) you have to scan for the trophy. While following the storyline I only found one of them, but the random planets have lots...


Space Cowboy: There is a trinket that lowers the chance of dangerous encounters in space. Don't worry if you receive it. You can't disable the effects, but you will still encounter the space fights necessary for the trophy.

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After getting the last trophies, I want to follow up with some additional tips.


Side swiper: Probably the most complicated trophy on the list. Side missions are plenty and certainly there are more than 50. After getting the trophy, I still have 7 unfinished missions left.

The developers seem to have aimed on offering a broad variety of missions (this is certainly a good thing), but have generated much inconsistency. Nearly everything is possible. Quest givers appear on random planets and stations, but also on story planets. Some quests have to be completed immediately (e.g., bowling, frisbee and shooting ranges on the stations), for some you have to visit the correct planet type (pressure/temperature) for a chance to spawn mission objectives (you can also sometimes get them from "mission crates" on stations), some things can be bought from merchants (e.g., I thought you would have to collect the parasite and the fish fossils on planets, but had the chance to buy them from merchants). Some objectives can be completed during the random encounters while approaching a planet (e.g., the statue for "Statue in Space" and the fighter kills for "Pesky Raiders"). For some objectives, I had to re-visit story planets (e.g., you can collect antlers from the deers on Jorla, and parts from the mechs on the floating city planet). In most cases, you only have to find the required amount of items to trigger side mission completion, but there are also scenarios where you have to go back to the quest giver and talk to him/her (e.g., the Lella tree mission and the Zeppelin missions).


I would certainly recommend to re-visit story planets anyway, as you might find a trinket you previously missed, and new quest givers seem to appear (e.g., on the floating city planet, there was a quest revolving around the zeppelin that I don't remember from the first time). Some missions are a pain (e.g., the Lella pie/Lella tree missions from Jorla). But in the end, you'll make it :)


Two missions were broken for me (Telescope 2 and the "collect my four poisonous frogs" one, where only three would spawn for me each time).


You can abandon missions and will be able to re-accept them from another random quest giver. I recommend to accept all side missions and keep them in the log, so that you have the chance that the quest items spawn on a random planet/station.


The developer commented on how side missions work, which is quite useful to know:

I'm going to try to explain here how random planets work a bit so hopefully it will make more sense as to how the random side missions work.


Random planets are made of randomized terrain pieces. We stick side mission setups on these terrain pieces, so if you bump into a certain terrain piece, theres a certain chance that that side mission will spawn.


You may have seen the marshmallow mission in the caves, that one seems to come up first a lot because its in a lot of cave terrains.


Once you have accepted a side mission, that particular side mission's set up should spawn with a good chance on the next time you encounter that terrain piece that has the mission set up.

Source: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=311771&page=6


I played version 1.05 up to full suit, then finished on version 1.06. According to the developer, a new expanded version should also come to PS4 in the near future. We will see if this has an effect trophy-wise, but if there are more side missions, it might make side swiper easier.


That's it from me. I had fun with the game despite it's many flaws. I hope you also enjoy your playthrough. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to prepare a proper trophy guide, but everybody is welcome to use my information for a guide... Meanwhile, I hope my information is useful for you.

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The latest patch has changed how the "Full Suit" and "The Boss" trophies work because "Full Suit" now requires the Hover Boots upgrade and "The Boss" requires all of the bosses to be killed, not just most of them :(. I only need "Side swiper" and the 2 Space trade trophies then I'll have my (P) and can delete this borefest from my Hard Drive.

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