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Got my plat without using cheats and give it a 6/10.


Was worried about classic mode but I found an awesome video walkthrough showing the fastest routes in the open world sections that avoid nearly all enemy encounters (first enemy I fired at was chapter 5 against Obscura.. ha ! ) and with simple strats making all the bosses manageable. There were still a few sections that had me swearing though (the Valentini Fight, that stupid ghost lady during the Cabin fight who seemed to have 100000 HP, the painting crashes )


Too bad they released those cheats with the last update. It completely cheapens this previously respectable plat and I couldn't help but feel cheated after conquering classic mode the normal way.

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3/10 with cheats 8/10 without. I recommend playing through the game 1 time on casual or survivor without cheats just to enjoy it then use them if you want on a nightmare playthrough for collectibles and NG+ cleanup then classic.

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Difficulty 2 (5 without cheats)

Estimated time 25-30h


The cheats include invincibility and one hit kills, so using cheats this is 2 max. You have to have decent aiming for the mini game shooting gallery, so not a 1.

Not using cheats you are looking at 5, maybe 6 if you are new to 3rd person shooting games.

Classic Mode is technically just like hard mode, only with the permadeath idea (aka only 7 checkpoints for the whole game). That mode is not too bad, since stealthing actually works unlike the first game.

I wanted to finish classic regularly, but after 2 ps4-application-crashes on Stefano after over 1 hour of playtime I thought 'No' and used cheats.

--- To anyone who is still defending permadeath modes after Max Payne 3, Dead Space2 and this one: Please write me a message and tell me why you think people like this kind of stuff. Because I don't understand.---

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Voted 3 with all cheats enabled (infinite stamina, super strength and invincibility).

Why it isn't a 1 or 2 (for me) is because I still had to explore and gather the collectibles, weapons, high grade weapon parts, red gel and I died from that grab attack from the final boss.

Was attempting to do this legitimately but after a couple of game crashes on Classic mode, the hell with this game for being buggy, I used the cheats.


For reference, I platinumed also the first one.

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5 hours ago, Rapazin said:

Had a lot of trouble with classic mode, that shit was driving me nuts because of the constant crashes on the 2nd painting at chapter 7...lost countless hours due to that crash. Tried to change things to avoid it but nothing worked. Not fun...

Great game, too bad we have these really annoying issues.

Did you use the cheats? I’d say save right before that point at chapter 7 to save time from a potential crash. 

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