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So I'm Screwed Out Of A Plat?

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Hope you didn't leave your game on suspend while upgrading firmware, because that does wonders to your save.


The 1.02 update released a month ago made the game extremely crash prone. 1.03 is supposed to have been published just today and fix the issues.

My game only has update version 1.01 & when I check for updates it says it already has the latest version.I think only Europe got the updates to 1.03

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Sony has separate companies running separate regions, as such there are no guarantees a title would be updated at the exact same time.


However I might have a workaround for you, this from Reddit:


KayDashO 2 points 1 month ago

There's a way around this. When you free one of the other sages, pause the game during the 'celebration' cutscene just before it would crash, and leave it paused for a minute or so. Then unpause, and the game will crash like before, but when you reload the game, it will have auto saved and you will have the power cell. You'll have to do this for each sage, which is a bit annoying, but it works! I had the same problem as you initially.

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