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PS4 trophy glitch

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I just encountered a trophy glitch on the PS4 version of the game. I have collected all 112 Scout Flies(when I paused the game each area shows 7/7 collected) however the game shows my total flies collected as 105/112. An entire area of the game did not register. I got the silver "Buzzed" trophy exactly when I expected to but the gold "Totally buzzed out" did not unlock and appears to be unobtainable for me on this save file. I did make a backup save file in between the two trophies but kept playing on my original save file throughout. The game isn't fun enough for me to try and figure out why this happened or what the chances are of it happening to others. Just a fair warning to my fellow trophy hunters.

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Sorry to hear that. This really is the glitchiest game I've ever played and I'm shocked that it passed quality control (or maybe it didn't). I have a glitched save file at 76% and another at 98%. I'm not sure I can do this again a third time to TRY for the platinum again. Such a terrible game all around (story, gameplay, glitches, etc).

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This happened to me, I'm playing the PS3 HD version. I got 7/7 Scout Flies in each area yet my total only shows 105/112. I'm guessing I'm glitched out of the Platinum. If anybody knows a fix, please share it.


EDIT: Just discovered this is not a glitch, at least in my case. I realized I had somehow gone through the whole game without ever setting foot inside of Lost Precursor City. That's where the missing collectibles are.

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