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  • 2 years later...

It was a high eight for me, so I voted 9. Apparently, I'm only the 4th person to have earned platinum in the NA version, and also the fastest achiever.


-Boss Rush requires near-perfect play and good luck. It probably took me like 50 attempts. You have to learn the bosses inside and out to survive them all with just 5 hits of health, and bad RNG can really screw you. On the bright side, you'll definitely learn how to no-damage every boss here, which is necessary for platinum.


-Challenge Mode is an absolute cluster**** of unfair enemy placement, and whomever designed it should be ashamed. Cautiously inching forward while destroying as many enemies as possible eventually worked for me. It takes a lot of practice and luck, too.


-Master Collector/all kills is a pain. Things can easily go wrong when you permanently miss an enemy or gem, and have to start yet another playthrough. Some enemies in stage 4 are basically glitched up in the ceiling, making them difficult to kill, and a couple of gems have been placed in really bad locations by the asshole devs. Returning to the title screen to back up your save seems to glitch out the enemy count, so it appears this run must be done in one continuous sitting.


-No kills is pretty annoying, but doable. You're required to take damage/lose lives to progress, and certain enemies killing themselves counts against you, invalidating the trophy. You'll need the invulnerability NPC in stage 3 to bypass the flaming skulls, and it's necessary to freeze the flaming zombies in stage 4 with the Fire-Ice potion. Backing up your save at problematic checkpoints is extremely useful here.


The remaining trophies kind of take care of themselves. Fighting upside-down bosses in NG+ is a headache, but if you already know them well from Boss Rush, it shouldn't be too bad.


Since there was very little information on the game anywhere, I made a thread in this forum with some tips and videos, in the event anyone else wants to tackle this ultra rare.

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