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Momonga Pinball Adventures ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap


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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal estimate, vote here)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (3(B), 6(S), 1(G))
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 12 - 15 hours (depending on luck and skill, vote here)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 5+ (can only complete one challenge for every level at once, every level contains 5 challenges). However, you need to complete 500 levels in total.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, can play every level at any time
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, there is no option for choosing a difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: No stackable trophies
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes available
  • Additional peripherals required?: No



Hello animal and/or pinball lover! Momonga Pinball Adventures is a story about a little Japanese flying squirrel called Momo. Momo's mission? Saving his tribe from the evil owls that once destroyed the Momonga's village and abducted every single tribe member... well, except for Momo of course. Momo is the only hope - he survived the attack of the owls and was found by a panda. The panda took care of our little flying squirrel and helped him to become strong enough to defeat the owls. And now it's your turn! Play as Momo, kill the owls and save your friends.




Step 1: Play through the story


Momonga Pinball Adventures consists of 12 levels, 9 of them are story levels while the other 3 are being bonus levels. Our target in this step is to complete each level at least once. Don't bother with doing any challenges yet as the first challenge for every level is to simply complete it and you can't complete more than a single challenge each time you play a level. You can try to go for 3 stars but there's no need to worry if you don't get 3 stars at first try - it'll get easier later on.


At the end of this step you should have earned the following trophies:


(B) Skillshot 1

(B) To be continued...


Step 2: Play through the levels again and complete every challenge


As already mentioned above, you can't complete more than one challenge every time you're playing through a level. Once you've completed a challenge and made it to the end of the level, the challenge will be counted as completed and you'll get a new one for this level. Repeat this process until you've finished all of the 5 challenges in a level so you can go on to the next one. While you're doing this it is likely that you'll also earn 3 stars on every level due to the fact that you get a permanent point multiplier for every challenge you have completed.


At the end of this step you should have earned the following trophies:


(S) Collector

(S) Overtime

(S) Finisher

(S) Perfectionist


Step 3: Clean-up

While it's possible that you've already earned some of the trophies listed below(depending on how often you repeated some levels), you'll most likely need to repeat the first level a few times to get the trophy for playing 500 levels. Additionally, destroy some more targets and kill the last few owls if necessary.


(S) Warrior

(B) Hitman

(S) Enthusiast

(G) Professional

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/f26.jpg Skillshot 1 (B)

Make the first skillshot


You will most likely earn this while playing through the first level. When you need to shoot the flying squirrel for the first time, you'll see 3 targets in the very first area. Your goal is to continue by destroying all three targets. Do so by shooting the squirrel with the flippers at the bottom and you'll receive the trophy after destroying the first target.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/21e.jpg Hitman (B)

Hit 100 practice targets


In the earlier levels, you can find many practice targets you're able to destroy. Most of the time it is essential to destroy all of the targets in an area to be able to continue. While there are plenty of targets you need to hit, there aren't enough to get the trophy naturally by playing through the story. However, when you're going for completing all challenges in the game, then you get some more possibilities to destroy these targets. In the event you haven't destroyed 100 of these targets by the time you have completed all challenges, I recommend playing the last bonus level The Arena because it contains lots of targets back to back to each other.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/148.jpg Enthusiast (S)

Play 100 levels


See Professional for more information about this trophy.


001.jpg Professional (G)

Play 500 levels


This won't come naturally and you're going to grind many many levels after finishing everything else. You should already have played lots of levels while going for every other trophy but you will be nowhere near 500. Keep repeating the first level until the trophy pops.



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/711.jpg Warrior (S)

Slay 100 owls


You'll see your first owl in the level Freeing Fry. Normally, it is impossible to hurt an owl because they have a shield and can block every attack. That is why you're supposed to free Fry: Whenever there is an owl in an area there is also a red bell in the background. Hit the bell with the help of the flippers and ring it, then Fry will come to help you and distract the owl. The owl won't be able to block and will die the very moment you hit it. However, if it's taking you too long to hit the owl, you'll need to hit the bell again to call Fry for the second time. Should there be more than a single owl, then it's random which owl will become vulnerable. Your task is to check which one is fighting with Fry and hit that one in time. The best way to get this trophy is the second last level A Friendship. It has the highest amount of owls in the game, so keep repeating the level until you get it.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/298.jpg Collector (S)

Pick up 1000 stars


Stars can be picked up while playing through the game. They're either lying around throughout all the levels or appear after destroying objects or killing enemies. The trophy should come naturally while playing through the levels and trying to get a 3-Star-Rating for every single level as well as completing all challenges in the game.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/852.jpg To be continued... (B)

Play through the story


Related to the story. Can't be missed.


The game consists of 9 different story levels. You can recognize a story level by looking at its color. Blue levels are related to the story, green ones are bonus levels. You don't need to finish any green level for this trophy.


The last story level is Kuton in which you'll face the final boss of the game: Kuton himself. He is a giant owl with a few sets of attacks. Like every other owl in the game, Kuton can't be wounded until you have rung the giant red bell in the background so he gets distracted by your friend Fry. Be careful as you lose one of your hearts every time he hits you with one of his attacks. When he is ascending into the sky you'll see a reticle on the ground. Try to use the flippers to escape as fast as possible so he can't hit you. His throwing knives will be directed at the positions you're standing on, so try to escape them quickly as well. There's another attack that Kuton will use when he is pulling out his sword. You should use the flippers to get to the outer sides of the area and stay there.


Your main goal should always be the bell in the background, though. As soon as Kuton summons owls to assist him, use the bell and Fry to kill them. Afterwards, you can take care of him again. Ring the bell and attack him until he has lost all of his health points.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/8d4.jpg Perfectionist (S)

Get 3 stars on all levels


You receive a rating after finishing a level, depending on how many stars you collected, how many lives you lost and how long it took you to complete it. While it's likely you've already earned a few 3-Star-Ratings during your first playthrough or while doing challenges, getting 3 stars becomes easier after completing every challenge of a level. For every completed challenge you get a permanent point multiplier for the level you've completed the challenge on. So if you're missing the 3 stars on a level, just try to repeat the level after completing all challenges and try to collect every star during that playthrough. That should give you enough points to receive 3 stars on a level.

The bonus levels are also needed for this trophy, though. Luckily, they aren't hard at all, so keep playing them until you've received 3 stars on every bonus level as well. However, I suggest keeping Panda's Dream for last because there have been reports of it glitching, and you sometimes get the trophy for all 3-Star-Ratings although you've never reached 3 stars on Panda's Dream.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/068.jpg Overtime (S)

Complete 20 challenges


See Finisher for more information about this trophy.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/5380/609.jpg Finisher (S)

Complete 45 challenges


There are 12 levels of which 9 contain 5 challenges each. You need to complete every challenge in the game to receive this trophy. Every time you play a level you can complete a single challenge before you're going to be able to do another one. Whenever you have completed a challenge and the game congratulates you on beating it, make sure you finish the level before doing anything else - otherwise, the challenge won't count and you'd need to do it again.


While most of the challenges are pretty self-explanatory or depending on luck, there are also a few that require finding some hidden things. I included a few tips for the challenges as well as videos for hidden rooms or items. Some challenges may take a few tries because the flying squirrel lands on the wrong spots sometimes, so you can't complete a challenge in the current try. I recommend finishing the level even after failing a challenge as this will count towards the 500 levels you need to play anyway.


Level 1 (First Steps):

[spoiler=level1firststeps]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Destroy all blocks in the level


The blocks you need to destroy are the rocks in the second area. Destroy them all.


Challenge 3: Pick up all the stars that drop from the crate


After destroying the crate in the second area, pick up all the stars that dropped before continuing any further.


Challenge 4: Hit the targets in the first area with only one shot each


There are 3 targets in the first area, so you have 3 shots to destroy them all.


Challenge 5: Finish the level without destroying the crate


The crate is in the second area, standing in front of the target you need to destroy. It's not hard at all but it can take a few tries to understand how you need to shoot Momo in a way you hit the target but not the crate. You can destroy the rocks if you want to but try to avoid the crate when you decide to do that. It's easier to aim at the target when there are no rocks surrounding it.



Level 2 (Fly Momo Fly!):

[spoiler=level2flymomo]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Pick up all the stars while flying

Self-explanatory, just pick up all the stars during the flying passage.

Challenge 3: Finish the level in 16 shots or less


Self-explanatory, you aren't allowed to shoot Momo more than 16 times.


Challenge 4: Fly between the stars without picking them up


This challenge can be a little tricky and you may need a few more tries. You need to fly in zigzags between the stars during the flying passage. I found it helpful to start the slalom by flying to the left first but there's no best way to complete this challenge. Try to stay near the stars and don't fly too far outside because it becomes way more difficult that way.


Challenge 5: Hit all targets with the LEFT Flipper

You are allowed to use the right flipper as long as you don't shoot Momo at the targets with it. Whenever you hit a target in this level, make sure you've been using the LEFT flipper before.



Level 3 (A Challenge):

[spoiler=level3achallenge]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Complete the level within 120 Seconds


Self-explanatory, be fast and don't care about stars and stuff. Defeat Panda as quickly as possible.


Challenge 3: Pick up all the stars in a room before you defeat Panda


You'll fight panda several times during this level. Pick up every star in an area before you actually start attacking Panda. Repeat this in every room you fight him.


Challenge 4: Only hit Panda's stick when he has it in his left hand


You might have noticed that Panda is holding his stick either in his left hand or in his right hand. He changes the hand he's holding the stick in from time to time so pay attention to his hands. Attack him whenever it's in his left hand. Luckily, he always holds the stick in his left hand during the last phase.


Challenge 5: Pick up all the stars that drop from Panda


Panda loses a star every time you successfully hit him. Pick up every star he drops before you continue to the next area.



Level 4 (City of Xio):

[spoiler=level4citiyofxio]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Find and enter the secret room





Challenge 3: Destroy all blocks in the level

This level contains lots of rocks you need to destroy and some are a little hidden on the left and right. Make sure to destroy every rock before going on to the next area.


Challenge 4: Pick up all the small stars while flying


Self-explanatory, pick up all stars on the way during the flying passage.


Challenge 5: Score at least 1 point every 5 seconds


This one takes a bit of practice because you need to know the level very well. Good thing it's the last challenge and you already know that level a little better. Aim for completing the level very fast and destroy as many rocks as possible on your way. It can still take a little of patience and luck.


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Level 5 (The Gate):

[spoiler=level5thegate]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Find and open the secret rooms





Challenge 3: Hit all targets before they disappear


The challenge isn't about the targets we usually destroy. Instead, you'll see circles with a countdown on the ground. Aim and shoot Momo at the circles before the countdown hits 0. You need to be fast, however, as soon as you hit every single circle in an area you can take your time. The circle countdowns start at the moment you reach a new area.


Challenge 4: Finish the level within 120 seconds


Self-explanatory, be quick and don't care about stars or destroying things.


Challenge 5: Pick up all the stars in the level


Pick up every star in the level including the ones in the secret rooms. Keep in mind, there is another "secret" passage you can only reach after flipping the switch in the bottom right of the second area. This will open a trap door in the upper left. Using this trap door leads to a few more stars.



Level 6 (Guaka):

[spoiler=level6guaka]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Destroy 50 blocks


Destroy every rock you see and you're good to go. When you've reached the highest point with Momo, the rocks you can find there are respawning after a while. So if you're still missing a few rock, stay there and destroy every respawning rock until you've destroyed 50 of them.


Challenge 3: Finish the level in 150 seconds


Self-explanatory, be fast and don't care about stars or destroying things except for the passages where you need to destroy rocks to go any further.


Challenge 4: Do not lose a life on both Momo and Guaka


Self-explanatory, play through the level without losing a single life on both Momo and Guaka.


Challenge 5: Pick up all the stars in the level


Self-explanatory, pick up every star in the level.



Level 7 (Freeing Fry):

[spoiler=level7freeingfry]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Find the gem that is hidden in the level





Challenge 3: Each flipper can only be used 6 times


Self-explanatory, don't use any of the flippers more than 6 times. It can take a few tries since it's highly luck-dependent.


Challenge 4: Hit every bell once

The description is a bit misleading, it should say: "Don't hit any bell more than once". This is a bit tricky because Momo can bounce off the owls and he sometimes hits the bell even though you didn't want to hit it. Try to time your shots right and be careful not to bounce off the owls. You may need some practice but it's not that hard once you've figured out how to shoot Momo properly.


Challenge 5: Get all the stars dropped by the owl bandits


Once you've defeated an owl they'll drop a few stars and your task is to collect them all before going to the next area. Be quick as the stars dropped by the owls usually disappear very fast.



Level 8 (A Friendship):

[spoiler=level8afriendship]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Find the secret stars





Challenge 3: In the third area, kill one owl before another has landed


Pretty self-explanatory but also luck-dependant. You can find a single owl in the third area that you need to kill before another owl comes down. However, there are situations in which a second owl lands 2 or 3 seconds after you've reached the third area. If that's the case it's better to restart the level and try again.

Challenge 4: Every time Fry attacks you must kill the owl


There are 6 owls in this level. Every owl must be killed after ringing the bell and the challenge fails as soon as you ring the bell a second time for a single owl. In other words: Kill every owl in this while ringing the bell not more than 6 times.


Challenge 5: Kill an owl every 20 seconds


It's pretty much required to beat the level at the speed of light. Kill every owl as fast as possible and also be quick to finish the level after killing the very last owl because the time keeps ticking after every single owl in this level is annihilated.



Level 9 (Kuton):

[spoiler=level9kuton]Challenge 1: Complete the level


Self-explanatory, just complete the level.


Challenge 2: Each flipper can only be used 20 times

You may need to practice a few times. Since it also requires a bit of luck it's also possible to complete the challenge very quickly. There isn't a proper tip for completing it, just try to aim for the bell so Kuton gets vulnerable and then hit him. Do this a few times and hope you won't need any flipper more than 20 times.


Challenge 3: Pick up all the stars in the level


Be sure to pick up every star in an area before entering the next one. Also, there are a few hidden at the sides of the boss area, so be sure to pick them up as well.


Challenge 4: Finish the level 180 seconds


Self-explanatory, be fast and kill Kuton as quick as possible.


Challenge 5: Defeat Kuton with enhanced abilites


Sounds thrilling... but nah. Kuton summons a few more owls than he does normally and also attacks more often but the pattern stays the same as it was before. Simply defeat him and the challenge is completed.


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