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Am I Screwed? (Speedy Fast not unlocking)

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So I have looked up in several places that you need to beat 45 seconds to win the race and unlock the trophy. I have done this MULTIPLE times with many runs even coming in below 40 seconds and every time it says 'try again.' I also noticed that the "record" says 0.01. Am I screwed where I can't unlock this trophy? Furthermore, does that affect the rest of the trophies? Can I unlock everything else in the playthrough where I can get every trophy except for this one? Or does missing this power cell prevent me from getting 100% where no matter what, i'll need to start a new save file. This game is ridiculous. :(

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What description are you getting under that power cell? Is it saying that you still have to beat the target time? Did daxter comment that you should go collect the power cell after beating the time? I'm thinking that for some reason your time isn't registering so maybe watch videos to double check the start and finish lines.


I played this game on all consoles and never had any issues.

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Well, I'm really discouraged right now. I went and talked to the barrel guy again and his words were 'well, what are you waiting for. Go beat the best time...'


FML. I have to start a brand new save file now and that's assuming it doesn't glitch on me again. Needless to say I'm done playing this game for the time being.

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Same thing happened to me. It's a glich. Here's the remedy that worked for me: Start a New Game. Once reaching the barrel guy, speak to him only once, which will activate the race. Do not give him 90 orbs or speak to him again until you have completed his race. You will find the race will have a best time of 45 seconds and not 1 second like before.

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