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Blaze Naruto Shippuden

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For those that donated $30 you'll get a Backer Preview code of the game. This is the first time console versions get a "Beta" Build preview code from a campaign.


Backer Preview: Who Gets It, and On What Platforms?


First, everyone who backed the game at $30 or more will be getting a Backer Preview code!


Second, we’re happy to announce that the Backer Preview will be available on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam Windows. Steam Linux and Steam Mac releases will follow sometime in the future.


Allowing Backer “beta” builds on consoles is a first for both Sony and Microsoft, and we’re extremely grateful to both of them for giving us the chance to bring Indivisible’s Backer Preview and development feedback straight to your console.


We don’t have an exact release date for the Backer Preview yet, but will let you know as soon as we do. Assuming testing with Microsoft and Sony go well, we currently expect it to be released in early September.


read more here

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