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PSN User - PlayStation Device limit


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I have a question regarding PSN+ Device limits.


Below is a table I got from the Sony PlayStation website


Device Number of local user accounts

PlayStation 4 (1 Register Device) 16

PlayStation 3 (2 Register Devices) 16

PlayStation Vita (2 Register Devices) 1

PlayStation TV (2 Register Devices) 1

PlayStation Portable N/A 1

Xperia mobile device N/A 1

PC (Media Go) N/A 2

HDTV/Sony Home Entertainment System/Sony Blu-ray Disc Player 15


So you can the following devices register with a single PSN account for the



Games Video PlayStation Music

PS4 1 (2) 1 (2) No limited

PS3 2 Any seven of these devices (Inc PS3, PSP & Vita)


PS Vita 2


Xperia mobile devices N/A


However my question is you can two PS3, PSP and Vita but you can't have two PS4's, but what does the bracketed 2 mean?


The reason I need to know is for two reasons trophies/purchases I use my PS3/PS4, and when the PS3 is finally disconnected from the PS Network I attend to replace it with a PS4. So my question is will I be able to swap between two PS4's using one PSN Account for trophies/digital content.


I hope I haven't repeated anyone's post, I did try to look on google and through the group to no avail!


Last question too if you have several accounts on a single PlayStation can you use digital content included games/dlc with them accounts is there a limited too?

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Last question too if you have several accounts on a single PlayStation can you use digital content included games/dlc with them accounts is there a limited too?

I can't answer your other questions but the answer to the above is, it depends on the content. This is because some content is account locked e.g. Season Passes, Micro Transactions, certain MMOs etc. but most content can be accessed by other accounts, providing each one is activated and set as a primary :).

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Thanks for the reply it just it will really annoy me if I can't use two PS4's as my plan once the PS3 is to be shutdown to purchase a second PS4, as depending on the situation I made use the PS4 upstairs or downstairs and for the safety and wellbeing of my PS4 I don't move it (it's just not practical)




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Yes you can have 2 PS4's linked to one account. I upgraded to a Pro recently but kept my original PS4 as I didn't want to redownload all my games. They are sat right next to each other and I frequently switch between the two using my main account with no problems whatsoever. Trophies sync fine, games libraries are shown on both and purchases are downloadable/usable on either machine.


Edit - The only thing is you cannot be logged into both PS4's at the same time on one account.

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Thank you very much Beer Monster for your anwser, that is exactly what I want. I just want the ability to use my single PSN account on both consoles. It's what I currently do now with my PS3/PS4 I never use them together except if one is downloading I might use the other. But assuming the effiencuality that the PS3 will be disconnected for them PSN at some point in the not so far future, I need a replacement. It would be nice to have one backed up on the other exactly what you do with your PS4/Pro.

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Also what you cannot do on the PS4 unlike on the PS3 is sharing your games. On the PS3 as long as the account holder downloaded the games in that system and the account had been activated in that console, any other account also logged in in that same console can play all your games in your library even if the main account holder of those games is also logged on in a different console - making game sharing (not sure if that's allowed by Sony) with TRUSTED relatives and friends possible. I've done this countless of times before when boosting trophies with folks who do not have the game. Hmmm I think this falls under account sharing which I think is not allowed to be openly discussed in this forum, so I'm ending that here...


Now on the PS4 this is no longer possible as sharing DIGITAL games (and subscriptions) can only be done on the "Primary PS4"... you won't be able to share your games with family members on your second PS4 console unless you let them play the primary and you use the second console. Clever move by Sony, surely this is meant to maximise profits.

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