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Pulled From PSN Already


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Exactly. I have the plat on Mayo, but even if it has humor, it's not really a game. You just press a single button 1000-10000 times IIRC? It's funny they seem they justify Mayo with that, but if that would be the case, then we need more Mayo-clones to be on the store. After all, some of userbase seem to justify pretty good just because it has humor on it. Being good is not important :think:


I wasn't really trying to defend Mayo as being a 'game' or 'good'; just that the question was asked what makes Mayo different from 100TR, and thus the answer about polish and humor.


So how much would a PS4 go for that has P.T. and 1000 Top Rated installed on it?

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A penny for 1000 Top Rated and possibly at least several hundred for PT. :D


FWIW, there is actually a tool you can run on your PC and download/install/play PT on your PS4 legit in less than 5 minutes today still ;) Once installed, you get rid of tool.


Ready for this to come back haha

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From June 30th, 2017:




I want to defend Sony, even though they temporarily pulled my game, because Sony loves indie developers and is 100% committed to supporting our gameplay visions (and trophy sets) - even if the vision is quirky and appeals to a small group of passionate players.




Hi everyone,


Sony doesn't know I'm doing this, but given some of the press around my game, I'd like to take a moment to publicly defend Sony for a dozen-or-so paragraphs if you'll let me. Sure, Sony doesn't actually need any defending because their record speaks for itself, but I'd like to point out a few things.


First, why am I defending Sony and not my game? It doesn't bother me when people dislike my casual game with trophies. It's not everyone's cup of tea. I get it. I could fake outrage at negative reviews, but being outraged by other people's outrage is not my cup of tea. :)


(Plus, players gave it 4 out of 5 stars on the PSN. Player reviews should count for something, right?)


But when people criticize Sony's quality process - they don't realize it, but they're actually, to some extent, criticizing Sony's commitment to letting indies build unconventional games. And criticizing Sony's commitment to indies - I don't know why - but that actually kind of hurts for some reason.


See, my experience with Sony as an indie developer does not feel like working with a large company that doesn't care.


Sony cares. A lot. From the product managers to the QA team and everyone in between. They care about players. They care about game quality. They care about developers.


When it comes to bringing my game into the world, Sony feels like family.


I absolutely know this sounds like nonsense, but that's my experience. If your game is your child, Sony is the awesome grandpa who can teach your game how to swing a hammer like a boss, or whistle with two fingers, or ride a bike with no hands. (I had a real grandpa like that and he gave me my first sliding tile game.) Sony helps you raise your game to maturity even if it's an oddball they squint sideways at.


Sony knew my game was a casual sliding tile game with a quirky name and trophies and a (humorous-to-me) self-aware trailer. For months and months they diligently, carefully, professionally, questioned me, requestioned, asked for changes, asked for submissions and resubmissions until the game met every standard, and in the end they proved they love indie developers enough to give it their blessing...even if they still squinted at it sideways.


Thousands of people have messaged me telling me how much they love the game. (I can't keep up with the messages - sorry.) Some share stories of tile games they had as children, or getting trophies, but others complain about Sony for pulling it, and I don't think they should.


Consider this: How much of the *gameplay* or *trophy* set is Sony asking me to change before they republish it?


Zip, zero, zilch, nada


They just want a name change and marketing assets to remove mention of trophies. This proves Sony's love for indie games.


Sony's support for re-releasing every aspect of this game’s core mechanic & trophy set demonstrates a dependable & unwavering commitment to championing everyone’s love for games – including players who love quirky games.


That should make indie developers very proud and stir people to make great games with Sony - whether fringe or mainstream.


On behalf of all indies - thank you, Sony. You fight for us all.




PS I'm still trying to figure out what name to use. Needs to be descriptive, although I'm not sure how descriptive. These are my ideas so far:


  1. Top Rated Sliders
  2. Super Tile Slider
  3. Top Rated Tiletopia
  4. Sliding Tile Videogame


If you have a good name idea, let me know in the comments! :)



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All these guys do is release themes. I have to admit. This theme is pretty bad ass. :o


Aiko the Samurai Warlord - Dynamic Theme


Call me dumb, but can you search these themes by the creator? I did a quick search but no luck. Their name being Top Rated did not help much haha


Will try later when not in rush.

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