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Trophy discussion thread

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Since there is no Guide for this game, feel free to discuss the trophies here and ask for advice on how to get them.


Note: If after a period of time, someone wants to use this collated info to make a Guide - then feel to do so but please Credit the relevant people for their help and see the links below for more details on how to actually write a Guide:


Road Maps: The Complete Walkthrough - PlaystationTrophies.org

Trophy Guides: The Complete Walkthrough - PlaystationTrophies.org

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9 hours ago, Jocaju said:

Is the Platinum still obtainable? I'm asking because I read the trophy list and there's one about sending 10 messages, didn't Sony shutdown the messages on Vita?

The main messaging service was shutdown but 99% of games weren't affected, because they use their own internal messaging system for invites. I only know of 2 games that might have been affected by the shutdown but this isn't one of them :).

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