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Any good?

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3 years later, but for those interested, it's part of PS NOW and I enjoy it. It's a bit like Diablo but with repeating maps which is less cool but the hunts and resources you need to update the village makes up for it. Its entertaining as part of ps Now or for 10$/€/£ I count a good game is worth 1 euro and hour and this will take you a good 20 hours for 1 play though, which you'll need 2 of to get (P)

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In the end it disappointed me. The game is a bit bland and you are going to need a guide for the collectables because too many of them can be confused with the environment, that's a PITA for a diablo clone. Many regular enemies have too much HP even if you improve your weapons, something you should do every 2-3 levels at least, somehow making the game not epic but tedious.


Cannot even recommend it, there are way funnier diablolikes out there for ps4.

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