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Unable to play Castlestorm (PS3)


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Hello. I purchased Castlestorm a year or so back to play on my Vita. Loved the game. I'm attempting to play it on my ps3 and have had more issues than any other game. When Imstart my game, I must install the update. When I go to install the update my ps3 shuts off instantly. You hear the Beep Beep and then Black. After 6 attempts i made it through the Update. However now the game either is stuck at the initial load after you press 'X' or it says "Failed to create save please retry. I have clicked retry 20 or so times and it fails and asks again, If i say no, it just makes me say yes.




I have NEVER had this issue with a game, there isnt even game data for me to delete. I deleted my Saved data utility and it has fixed nothing, in fact it seems worse. I have downloaded the game 3 times in hopes of it fixing itself. I have recently downloaded 5 or 6 digital psn games and have no issue playing them. I'm at a loss for what is happening here.


Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Do the following:


1: Delete everything off your system that has anything to do with the game.

2: Reinstall the game, minus the DLCs.

3: Load the game then when the patch notification appears, wait.

4: After either 1-2mins have passed or the Hard Drive light has stopped flashing so much, press :cross: to accept the patch and let it download.

5: Once the patch has installed and the game has loaded, quit out to the XMB and install the DLCs.

6: Load the game again, then let it save the changes you've just made by installing the DLCs.


If all of this fails, boot your PS3 into Safe Mode a couple of times and run the Database and File System restore functions as it could be your Hard Drive has some bad Sectors that are preventing the game from installing correctly :think:.

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