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Save/reload in same room as events or save/reload in previous room?

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So is it possible to see an event in a room with 3 events, save and reload and then get more events or must the save be in the previous room?


Let me try to get this right. So are you talking about "farming events" in one room to get all the required "numbers"?


I don't think this works that way. We are going for specific "Events" and we have to witness ALL of them in one save. In case you are wondering if we get to see one event... reload and see another different one... reload for the third one - and they will all count as being seen, NO it's not like that. When you reload, you're left with what you had BEFORE seeing any of those events. It's not like witnessing the endings where they get saved and stack even after a reload.


These events are indeed annoying. Currently I am in chapter 3.2 and I keep dying. I'm hoping to witness an event then save, and rinse repeat after every reload. I think this one will work for me.

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