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Is this a glitch fest?


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I see that you already completed the game but for those who haven't, the game isn't that bad. The only "glitchy" parts are the events. Some events won't appear but loading a previous save and trying again should work. I just completed mine in a few hours and had to use some older saves for the events. The rest of the game should be without problems.

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I couldn't stand this game. It's like, start to finish I had nothing but problems. It would freeze or glitch. One playthrough, neither door had unlocked and at that point I had been following a walkthrough and hadn't missed anything. Just neither door wanted to appear. It's not a bad game, but I feel like it certainly was a waste of time. Why can't we get good games anymore? I feel like more and more games nowadays are so glitchy and bland. :( And this one wasn't an exception.

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