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GX-7 destroyer prototype glitch


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ok, so this one sucked sooo hard, i basically did it until i found a glitch. it was the only way i could get through. and this worked on any difficulty. it's a little funky, but i'll explain the best i can. it's a bit finicky but it works semi-reliably. i haven't been able to figure out exactly how to get it to work 100% of the time, maybe it just won't. anyway, here goes...


1. Right when the battle starts, turn left and move toward that little console behind you (you'll rotate about 130 degrees from your initial position). don't stop moving till you hit the wall. what you want to do is get yourself between the console and the flange that sticks out of the wall (console to your left, flange to your right [if you are facing the wall]). as you approach the wall, he'll smash you and the screen will turn grey and you'll go "oof". THIS is how you know it worked.


2. turn around and gaze in wonderment upon a frozen giganto-droid. he'll just sit there and you can move yourself into a good position to take him down. you can shoot him, too. he only starts to attack AFTER you destroy one of his shoulder rocket pods. so, essentially, you get to start the battle with full health and half of his weapons taken out.


3. now, the best way to take him down is this. make sure you have all four of your "lasers" charged (you should see four yellow arcs on the bottom right of your screen.) if you are down a couple for some reason, just fire it off in the air or something till it is empty, and it will fully recharge all arcs. save your laser till you start working on his chest. get right in front of him and back up as far as possible. now take turns peppering his left and right shoulders. just a little bit at a time and alternate sides. he won't start moving till you destroy one, so you want to do equal damage to both sides, until you destroy one. (i found it best to destroy the one on his left shoulder first because the one on the right is at a better angle to take out when he starts jerking around.) once you destroy one, immediately lay into the other side until it goes. just hold L1 and don't let off till it goes. it should go quickly. now go for the chest. guns and lasers. you probably won't overheat your gun, so, unless your aim is way off, just lay into him, in conjunction with lasers, until that sucker dies.


this guy was a true pain in the ass. plus you had to listen to the cheesy joke about penis size over and over and over again. so i hope this helps someone. feel free to ask questions if there was something i didn't explain very well, or if you can't get it to work. i probably got it ~20% of the time. and if you have an improvement just add it here. or if someone can do a capture that would be great as well.


ok guys, good luck, and keep circulating the tapes...

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Since no one had replied to your post, I thought you were BSing us man! LOL/JK! This absolutely works and yeah it does make this mini-boss battle easy peasy. What I didn't understand at first is when you say "stand in-between the console and the flange"... I almost had a Pheobe Buffet moment there with the phalange! I get it, it's the exposed structural column as it's the only one thing sticking out next to the console.


it's a bit finicky but it works semi-reliably. i haven't been able to figure out exactly how to get it to work 100% of the time


Your steps are all correct, it's how I got to make mine work maybe 85-90% of the time. It's because the prototype has a random way on striking you when you walk towards the area. NOTE to others is to NEVER go too close to the wall. You must time it right when walking towards the spot where the robot would strike you from above. You sort of must be below its gigantic hands when it hits you and when you turn around - just like you said "gaze in wonderment upon a frozen giganto-droid". You were right, it was amazing to see that happen, kinda having the belief that you have outsmarted the proto-mech.


Good tip on suggesting to strike the shoulder missile batteries one at a time (alternately) as it's the only way for you to survive his awakening. Basically people have just got to follow your instructions to the T.


When I first read this I thought it was about the final boss! But nonetheless it's still a great discovery. If you are the first one to have discovered this, dude hats off to you! It's a great find!




EDIT: Damn this really made the Brutal-run part a tad trivial... what a time saver! Thanks again! Didn't have to do more than 5 restarts on both runs. You'd be nuts not to take advantage of this "bug" on hard difficulty. Remember this is the only mini-boss where you won't be able to use the mega-pistol, which makes it an important but most underappreciated/underrated (cheesing-it-out) method in the game.

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