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New update makes time to plat significantly less


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As of today, the open beta is over and the game is fully launched. The game now tends to run a lot smoother and they've added in some new content like new music, changes to the comments, and celebrations.


The biggest part of the update is that there is a daily incentive for winning x amount of games between now and 21 march. The clock starts at midnight, and if you win 40 3on3 matches in a day you get a master book.


Previously, this was only doable by hitting every 10th experience level, requiring level 30 to get a character to prestige level 5. Now, hypothetically, you can platinum the game at level 20 taking a ridiculous amount of time off what was previously expected during the beta. Slight changes to the trophy guide coming soon.


Happy hunting...

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When you buy max up what does it do? I got o e the other day and couldn't figure out what it did. It's the ball with the big arrow going upwards.


That's a skill token. It upgrades your characters' individual skills. You can use it by going into management, choosing a character, going into the skills section and choosing which skill you want to upgrade.

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This is not easier to platinum. To many ball hogs and ppl who think they are gods gift to basketball. You can get 10 win streak. Cant get mvps. It's fun to play at times but if your just stating this game it's going to be tough.


That's the biggest problem, the damn ball hogs. I was lucky to get MVP once. ONCE!

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Recent update adds unwanted bs. They need to fix getting out rebounded by smaller characters. Missing in your face blocks. If you play with Lee you can't block lay ups as they still just go right throw your hand. Players constantly dunk on you and you can't block them. It's stupid to give us over powered characters that you have to buy, and not balanced the characters better. This game is becoming more non platinum able.

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