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Dating Guide - How to match up the Perfect Pair


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This is just a matchmaking/dating guide to hopefully help to create A+ couples. It is meant to supplement my existing trophy guide for this game.


This guide will cover everything from types, to horoscopes, to meals so you can make sure you are choosing the correct items for any date. A+ couples are the only couples that will have babies so you will need to get quite a few of these in order to get Go forth and Prosper.


These are the topics that are covered, in the order they will appear:


Matching a Client to a Date (in order of importance):


  • Affluence
  • Personality Traits
  • Horoscope



  • Hair
  • Clothing
  • Gifts


The Date

  • Restaurant
  • Meal
  • Dating Dilemmas
  • Conversation Topics/Lies


It is much easier to perfectly match a lower affluence level. VIPs are hard to create relationships with!

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Matching a Client to a Date


In order to get an A+ pairing, there are a few things that need to be exact matches between your client and their date.


  • They must be the same type (chic, hippy, sporty, etc)
  • They can be no more than 1 Affluence star difference (a 1 star client cannot be matched with a 3 star date)
  • They must have at least 4 matching personality traits (activity, tradition, social, etc)
  • Matching horoscopes is not necessary, but being a perfect match or a close match is beneficial
  • Having preferred Eye or Hair color is also not necessary, but can be beneficial




There are 10 different types in the game with hundreds of things to like/love between them. Some types enjoy similar things whereas others are complete opposites. Their likes will be listed on the second tab in the lobby (total of 3 listed for each client). If you do not know the type your potential suitor is, you can check this tab and match them up with the traits below to try and narrow down what their type is. If you cannot do this, you can spend 75 coins to unlock the information.


Here is a list of the 10 types with the confirmed things they enjoy (more to be added when they are confirmed):


  • Arty http://i.imgur.com/UAO29nh.png
    • Abstract Art
    • Acid Jazz
    • Art Auctions
    • Black and White Movies
    • Canapes
    • Classical Art
    • Dark Comedy
    • Drawing
    • Existentialism
    • Fine Wine
    • Haiku Poems
    • High-End Design
    • Minimalist Art
    • Old Master’s Paintings
    • Performance Art
    • Pet Snakes
    • Theatre Shows
    • Writing Poetry
    • Yoga

    [*]Chic http://i.imgur.com/bAAzZ17.png

    • Aerobics
    • Ballroom Dancing
    • Body Augmentation
    • Business Deals
    • Clothes Shopping
    • Crisis Management
    • Eating Truffles
    • Expensive Supercars
    • Figurative Sculpture
    • Going to Casinos
    • High-End Design
    • Interior Design
    • Luxurious Mansions
    • Movie Premiers
    • Overpriced Artwork
    • Pep Talks
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Red Carpet Events
    • Skin Products
    • Smart Phones
    • Teeth Whitening

    [*]Edgy http://i.imgur.com/todd0eH.png

    • Action Movies
    • Being in Charge
    • Bling Jewelry
    • Collecting Skulls
    • Dark Comedy
    • Death Metal Music
    • DVD Movie Extras
    • Extreme Sports
    • Fire Juggling
    • Ghost Hunting
    • Goth Music
    • Horror Movies
    • Music Festivals
    • Spooky Old Houses
    • Tattoos
    • Vampire Romance Movies

    [*]Geeky http://i.imgur.com/OXyQwH8.png

    • Animated Gifs
    • Beaded Jewelry
    • Beta Software
    • Brain Storming
    • Casual Video Games
    • CGI Effects
    • Chemistry Sets
    • Computer Game Characters
    • Computer Hacking
    • Cosplay
    • Cuddly Toys
    • Designer Electronics
    • Dragons
    • Dwarven Kingdoms
    • Focus Groups
    • FPS Games
    • Game Consoles
    • Indie Games
    • Indie Software Development
    • Inventing Wacky Machines?
    • Laptops
    • Online Comedy Videos
    • Open World Video Games
    • Playing the Mandolin
    • Playing the Violin
    • Safety Goggles
    • Scantily Clad Heroes/Heroines
    • Tabletop War Games
    • The Interweb
    • UFO Chasing

    [*]Glam http://i.imgur.com/z85GVOx.png

    • Ballroom Dancing
    • Bling Jewelry
    • Boutique Businesses
    • Boy Bands
    • Buying Lottery Tickets
    • Celebrity Gossip
    • Celebrity Socialites
    • Colorful Skinny Jeans
    • Days at the Races
    • Daytime TV
    • Designer Labels
    • Diamante Accessories
    • Diamon Jewelry
    • Drag Queens
    • Drinking Champagne
    • Eating Tiny Portions
    • Expensive Perfume
    • Expensive Shoes
    • Fancy Cocktails
    • Feng Shui
    • Glitter on Everything
    • Going on Luxury Cruises
    • Haute Couture
    • Hollywood Exposes
    • Leg Warmers
    • Limousines
    • Mass Media
    • Millionaire Lifestyles
    • Pancake Make-Up
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Photobombing
    • Private Jets
    • Private Members Clubs
    • Smart Phones
    • Teeny Tiny Bikinis
    • Tiny Handbag Dogs

    [*]Hippy http://i.imgur.com/EeHSlCJ.png

    • Aliens/Watching Aliens
    • Artisan Beers
    • Basket Weaving
    • Beaded Curtains
    • Body Painting
    • Body Piercings
    • Cabinet Making
    • Charity Shops
    • Climbing Trees
    • Cloud Watching
    • Countryside Walks
    • Environmental Issues
    • Face Painting
    • Fairies
    • Growing Flowers
    • Henna Tattoos
    • Herb Gardens
    • Paganism
    • Playing the Bongos
    • Playing the Didgeridoo
    • Reading Tarot Cards
    • Talking to Plants
    • Tree Hugging

    [*]Hipster http://i.imgur.com/TkRAx6B.png

    • Animal Rights
    • Art Installations
    • Avant-Garde Art/Fashion
    • Beer Festivals
    • Beta Software
    • Black and White Movies
    • Board Games
    • Cloud Watching
    • Crowd Funding
    • Eating Tofu
    • Funky Home Furnishings
    • Handmade Knick-Knacks
    • Home Brewing
    • Internet Memes
    • Knitting
    • Making Campfires?
    • Micro Breweries
    • Mixtapes
    • Modern Art
    • Music Festivals
    • New School Thinking
    • Post Modern Humor
    • Post Modernism
    • Retro Fashion
    • Skateboarding
    • Social Networking
    • Sudoku
    • Watching Fail Videos

    [*]Practical http://i.imgur.com/eGNHdJk.png

    • Army Surplus Shop
    • Battle Re-Enactments
    • Bird Watching
    • Broadsheet Newspapers
    • Budgeting
    • Building Flat Pack Furniture
    • Building Treehouses
    • Bus Spotting
    • Cabinet Making
    • DIY
    • Evening Classes
    • Flying Light Aircraft
    • Gas Masks
    • Gastronomy
    • Hunting
    • Learning Languages
    • Military Uniforms
    • Military Vehicles
    • Orienteering
    • Rearranging the Furniture
    • Studying Medicine
    • Tanks
    • Time Management

    [*]Sporty http://i.imgur.com/LNmsVK2.png

    • Ab Crunches
    • Body Building
    • Circuit Training
    • Dancercise
    • Five-a-Side Football
    • Going Camping
    • Going to the Gym
    • Isotonic Drinks
    • Paintballing
    • Parkour
    • Playing Rugby
    • Playing Table Tennis
    • Rollerskating
    • Snorkeling
    • Sports Massage
    • Tomb Raiding
    • Vintage Trainers
    • Vitamin Supplements
    • Watching Rugby

    [*]Vintage http://i.imgur.com/CtBTFDK.png

    • Coin Collecting
    • Family Trees
    • Going on Safaris
    • Going to the Aquarium
    • Grocery Coupons
    • Health and Safety? (I believe that is what it said…)
    • Keeping Tropical Fish
    • Playing Chess
    • Reading Science Papers
    • Scheduling
    • Shakespeare Plays
    • Watching Paint Dry




The Affluence level is determined by the number of stars a client/date has. It will either be 1, 2, 3 or VIP. 1 is the easiest to set up, and VIP is the most difficult. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:


  • 1 Star
    • Easiest to setup on dates
    • A+ dates will need to be 1 Star or 2 Stars
    • Will go to any restaurant, no matter the difficulty level
    • When lying, only 4 red spots will show up on the Wheel of Misfortune

    [*]2 Stars

    • A+ dates will need to be 1, 2 or 3 Stars
    • Will go to any restaurant, no matter the difficulty level
    • Not recommended you lie unless it is required to pass a dating dilemma
    • When lying, 5 red spots will show up on the Wheel of Misfortune

    [*]3 Stars

    • A+ dates will need to be 2-3 Stars or a VIP
    • Will not go to any restaurant below Hard Difficulty
    • Do not lie unless it is required to pass a dating dilemma
    • When lying, 7 red spots will show up on the Wheel of Misfortune


    • The hardest to setup relationships for – one wrong conversation topic can ruin the entire night. Very, very particular – their dates MUST have matching personality traits!
    • A+ dates will need to be 3 Stars or VIP
    • Will not go to any restaurant below Hard Difficulty
    • Do not lie unless it is required to pass a dating dilemma
    • When lying, 8 red spots will show up on the Wheel of Misfortune

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Personality Traits


There are 5 different personality trait categories, each with two completely opposite sides. For an A+ match, you need to make sure at least four of these are perfect matches.


Four of these are tied to dating dilemma minigames:

  • Organization = Spider
  • Social = Bowel Movements
  • Tradition = Splitting the Tip
  • Romance = The Ex


The different traits are as follows:


  • Activity
    • Active http://i.imgur.com/0oQS2Gt.png: Enjoys sports, going out, parties, etc.
    • Relaxed http://i.imgur.com/xk2pCgz.png: Enjoys staying home, leisure, relaxing, etc


    • Methodical http://i.imgur.com/6clqCFR.png: Enjoys schedules, rules, planning, hates spiders
    • Carefree http://i.imgur.com/53HAbVS.png: Spontaneous, open, loves spiders


    • Extrovert http://i.imgur.com/MuA17yW.png: Enjoys parties, people, groups, non-solo activities, farts
    • Introvert http://i.imgur.com/NNLz52S.png: Enjoys being by ones self, staying home, independent, solo activities, hate farts


    • Traditional http://i.imgur.com/fqybIO5.png: Old fashioned, Vintage Things/Old Ways, Not a fan of modern technology, Believes YOU (the client) should pay the bill
    • Experimental http://i.imgur.com/5n2OPin.png: Enjoys new things, technology, modern ways, they (as the date) will pay the bill in full


    • Romantic http://i.imgur.com/OWviDJs.png: No PDA, private, not very “wild”, will not like your Ex coming by
    • Spicy http://i.imgur.com/ARIhKSC.png: “Wild”, loves PDA, open to new things, okay with your Ex coming by





While not absolutely necessary, having a perfectly matching (or close to perfect) horoscope will increase your chances of pairing up an A+ couple. A perfect match will have their horoscopes matching in color (red with red, blue with blue, etc).


Here are the matches:


  • Aquarius http://i.imgur.com/WqEkBR2.png
    • Perfect Match: Gemini, Libra
    • Close Match: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

    [*]Aries http://i.imgur.com/GuNi4mn.png

    • Perfect Match: Sagittarius, Aries
    • Close Match: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

    [*]Cancer http://i.imgur.com/idcMK25.png

    • Perfect Match: Scorpio, Pisces
    • Close Match: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    [*]Capricorn http://i.imgur.com/EkLf17C.png

    • Perfect Match: Taurus, Virgo
    • Close Match: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

    [*]Gemini http://i.imgur.com/jp9obGi.png

    • Perfect Match: Aquarius, Libra
    • Close Match: Sagittarius, Leo , Aries

    [*]Leo http://i.imgur.com/039DsbS.png

    • Perfect Match: Sagittarius, Aries
    • Close Match: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

    [*]Libra http://i.imgur.com/hZC1jIS.png

    • Perfect Match: Aquarius, Gemini
    • Close Match: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

    [*]Pisces http://i.imgur.com/BlaOXFN.png

    • Perfect Match: Cancer, Scorpio
    • Close Match: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    [*]Sagittarius http://i.imgur.com/e0OXnya.png

    • Perfect match: Leo, Aries
    • Close Match: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

    [*]Scorpio http://i.imgur.com/zbE1xQw.png

    • Perfect Match: Cancer, Pisces
    • Close Match: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

    [*]Taurus http://i.imgur.com/Y0Dd8Ld.png

    • Perfect Match: Virgo, Capricorn
    • Close Match: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

    [*]Virgo http://i.imgur.com/1p0lEgO.png

    • Perfect Match: Taurus, Capricorn
    • Close Match: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


What to wear/bring on your date


In the Salon stage of the date setup, you will have the opportunity to change your appearance and buy/select a gift to bring on the date. You can change your hair color to match the preference of your date as well as your clothing (though if you are matching types, you will most likely not need to change your clothes).


For the gifts, not every type likes every gift so you need to choose wisely if you do decide to bring one.


Here are the types and the gifts they enjoy:


  • Arty http://i.imgur.com/UAO29nh.png
    • Japanese Twig
    • Ethnic Beaded Necklace (Female)
    • Haiku Poetry

    [*]Chic http://i.imgur.com/bAAzZ17.png

    • Orchid (Female)
    • Japanese Twig
    • Platinum Necklace (Female)
    • Titanium Wristwatch (Male)
    • Executive Desk Toy

    [*]Edgy http://i.imgur.com/todd0eH.png

    • Black Rose (Female)
    • Orchid (Female)
    • Skull Ring

    [*]Geek http://i.imgur.com/OXyQwH8.png

    • Skull Ring
    • Unicorn Toy
    • Action Figure
    • Nerd Humor Mug

    [*]Glam http://i.imgur.com/z85GVOx.png

    • Red Rose (Female)
    • Orchid (Female)
    • Titanium Wristwatch (Male)
    • Green Mankini (Male)
    • Cowgirl Hat (Female)
    • Mini Disco Ball

    [*]Hippy http://i.imgur.com/EeHSlCJ.png

    • Japanese Twig
    • Ethnic Beaded Necklace (Female)
    • Haiku Poetry

    [*]Hipster http://i.imgur.com/TkRAx6B.png

    • Japanese Twig
    • Ethnic Beaded Necklace (Female)
    • Titanium Wristwatch (Male)
    • Executive Desk Toy
    • Sarcastic Mug
    • Wood Phone Case

    [*]Practical http://i.imgur.com/eGNHdJk.png

    • Titanium Wristwatch (Male)
    • LED Keyfob

    [*]Sporty http://i.imgur.com/LNmsVK2.png

    • Titanium Wristwatch (Male)
    • Jump Rope
    • Pedometer
    • Bike Pump

    [*]Vintage http://i.imgur.com/CtBTFDK.png

    • Red Rose (Female)
    • Orchid (Female)
    • Jar of Humbugs

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Restaurant Options and Menus



There are 15 restaurants total. 3 are open from the start (British, American and Jamaican) and the other 12 will need to be unlocked by leveling up, then purchased in the store with coins. Each restaurant has 20 dishes available (you’ll need to ask about all 300 dishes for Gastronomical). When you get to the restaurant, you waiter will ask you what you would like and your date will describe what they are in the mood for (Hot red meat, Cold no meat, cold vegetarian, etc).


Small tip: When your date asks for a hot dish, they may mean spicy (unless otherwise stated). There will be times where multiple dishes will fit a temperature hot with only one being spicy hot. Rare occurrence, but it happens.


Here is a list of all the restaurants with all their meals. It is noted if the dishes are red meat, white meat or fish.



American http://i.imgur.com/Lfd0kgW.png: Open from the Start – Easy Difficulty

  • Alligator Steak: Fried alligator filet. (White Meat)
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger: A hamburger with cheese and bacon. (Red Meat)
  • Baloney Sandwich: Sliced bologna sausage in a sandwich served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Buffalo Mushroom Meatloaf: Ground buffalo beef baked with mushrooms. (Red Meat)
  • Buffalo Wings: Deep-fried spicy chicken wings. (White Meat)
  • Chili Dog: A hotdog in a bun with chili sauce. (Red Meat)
  • Clam Chowder: Creamy clam chowder. (Fish)
  • Corn Dog: Battered hotdog sausage on a stick. (Red Meat)
  • Corn on the Cob: Boiled corn cob on a skewer. (V)
  • French Fries: Thin cut fried potato chips. (V)
  • Jambalaya: Spicy seafood and rice. (Fish)
  • Lobster Rolls: tender pieces of lobster in a hotdog bun. (Fish)
  • Macaroni and Cheese: Macaroni in creamy cheese sauce. (V)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich: Peanut Butter and Jam in a sandwich served COLD. (V)
  • Philly Cheesesteak: Beef onions and cheese in a small loaf of bread. (Red Meat)
  • Seafood Gumbo: Spicy seafood stew. (Fish)
  • Sesame Chicken Salad: Chicken salad with tomatoes, onions in sesame oil served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Southern Fried Chicken: Chicken and herbs fried in bread crumbs. (White Meat)
  • Succotash: Bean and vegetable stew. (V)
  • Waldorf Salad: Walnut, celery and apple salad with mayonnaise dressing served COLD. (V)


Australian http://i.imgur.com/iGaqFg2.png: Unlocks at Level 3, Costs 200 Coins – Easy Difficulty

  • Aussie Chicken: Chicken breast topped with mushroom, tomato and cheese. (White Meat)
  • Bacon Salad: Delicious fruit and green lead salad with bacon bits. (Red Meat)
  • Balmain Bug: A type of pincerless lobster… served with a tomato salad. (Fish)
  • Barbequed Shrimp: Delicious giant shrimps straight from the barbie. (Fish)
  • Barramundi Kakadu: Fillet of fish in lime, ginger and bush herbs. (Fish)
  • Beer Can Chicken: Baked chicken with a lager flavor. (White Meat)
  • Bush Salad: Warrigal greens, native violet, sea celery and scrambling lily served COLD. (V)
  • Chook and Vegetable Pie: Aussie style chunky chicken and vegetable pie. (White Meat)
  • Chook Salad: Aussie style chicken salad with lettuce, tomato and avocado. (White Meat)
  • Crab Sticks: Served COLD with dips. (Fish)
  • Emu Omelet: Emu egg omelet with bush herbs and tomatoes. (V)
  • Grilled Kangaroo: Kangaroo fillets grilled to perfection served with grilled tomatoes. (Red Meat)
  • Pie Floater: Steak pie in a bowl of thick pea soup. (Red Meat)
  • Snag Salad: Chopped sausage served with lettuce, tomato and avocado. (Red Meat)
  • Sunshine Salad: Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, orange and banana pieces served COLD. (V)
  • Wallaby Shanks: Braised wallaby shanks served with mash and vegetables. (Red Meat)
  • Warrigal Greens Soup: Delicious soup made with Australian spinach. (V)
  • Witchetty Surprise: Big, fat, Juicy wichetty grubs… nutty flavor. (White Meat)
  • Yabby Salad: Shelled yabbies with lettuce, tomato and herbs served COLD. (Fish)
  • Yeast Extract Spread on Toast: A veggie might like this!



British http://i.imgur.com/FjynjCO.png: Open from the start – Easy Difficulty

  • Bubble and Squeak: Potato and cabbage hash deep fried.
  • Cauliflower Cheese: Cauliflower and cheese sauce bake. (V)
  • Chicken and Mushroom Pie: Hot chicken and mushrooms in a pastry pie. (White Meat)
  • Chicken Salad: Chicken pieces with green salad served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Cod in Mushroom Sauce: Grilled white fish in creamy mushroom sauce. (Fish)
  • Coronation Chicken: Chicken in spicy cream sauce served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Cured Ham Salad: Sliced of cured ham and salad items served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Haggis: Scottish dish – Intestines and offal served HOT. (Red Meat)
  • Homity Pie: Rustic potato, leek and cheese pie served HOT.
  • Jellied Eels: Pieces of eel set in savory jelly served COLD. (Fish)
  • Lancashire Hotpot: Lamb, vegetable and potato hot pot. (Red Meat)
  • Plaice and Chips: Delicious breaded plaice and deep fried potato chips.
  • Plough Man’s Lunch: Cheese, chutney and crusty bread (V)
  • Pork Pie: Jellied pork in a pastry pie served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Prawn Cocktail: Shelled shrimp in a creamy mayonnaise sauce. (Fish)
  • Roast Chicken and Potatoes: Chicken and potatoes roasted to perfection. (White Meat)
  • Stilton & Onion Tart: Traditional cheese and onion tart served COLD with a green leaf salad. (V)
  • Toad in the Hole: Sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter. (Red Meat)
  • Welsh Rarebit: Savory cheese sauce on toast served HOT. (V)
  • Winter Salad: Apple, celery, beetroot, eggs and cress with cream dressing. (V)


Chinese http://i.imgur.com/ogqcAFe.png: Open at level 12, costs 300 – Hard Difficulty

  • Beijing Kaoya: Peking duck. (White Meat)
  • Choudoufu: Stinky tofu… it really does stink! Avoid if you’ve got a dicky tummy… (V)
  • Chuan Bei Liang Fen: Noodles in chili sauce served COLD. (V)
  • Fuqi Feipian: Thinly sliced beef and beef offal served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Gongbao Jiding: Kung Pao Chicken (White Meat)
  • Gou Rou Guo: It’s a lovely meaty stew! Made from… well, it’s dog meat actually… (Red Meat)
  • Guotie: Fried vegetable dumplings. (V)
  • Hai Shen: Sea cucumber… it’s from the sea but definitely not a cucumber.
  • Huagu Tianji: Tender pieces of frog and shiitake mushroom… probably not for everyone
  • Jiang Muya: Spicy ginger duck (White Meat)
  • Liang Ban Bo Cai: Sesame spinach served COLD. (V)
  • Liang Ban Muer: Black fungus and garlic served cold… it’s pretty weird, I’ve got to be honest, served COLD. (V)
  • Pidan: 3-month preserved egg… you’ll need a strong stomach for this one… (V)
  • Qingtan Yuyuan: Fish ball soup. (Fish)
  • Shao Ruzhu: Roast suckling pig. (Red Meat)
  • Tangcu Liji: Sweet and sour spicy fried pork. (Red Meat)
  • Tangmian: Plain noodle soup. (V)
  • Wucai Yupian: Five-colors fish cakes. (Fish)
  • Yuntunmian: Beef wonton noodles. (Red Meat)
  • Yusheng: Raw fish salad served COLD… it’s not as bad as it sounds… honest! Served COLD. (Fish)



French http://i.imgur.com/Y3VWDsl.png: Unlocks at Level 3 – Costs 150 Coins - Easy Difficulty

  • Bisque: Seafood soup. (Fish)
  • Boeuf Bourguignon: Beef in red wine sauce with mushrooms. (Red Meat)
  • Boeuf Florentine: Tender slices of beef in mustard sauce served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Coq au Vin: Chicken in wine sauce with mushrooms. (White Meat)
  • Cuisses de Grenouille: Frogs legs… tastes like chicken! (White Meat)
  • Daube Provencal: Beef and vegetable stew. (Red Meat)
  • Escargots: Snails… try them, you might like them! (White Meat)
  • Flamiche Picardy: Leek and cream tart. (V)
  • Galantine: Chicken and vegetables in a spicy jelly served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Homard Thermidor: Lobster in a creamy thermidor sauce. (Fish)
  • Matelote: Fish stewed in cider. (Fish)
  • Pieds Paquets: Lambs feet and tripe in creamy sauce. (Red Meat)
  • Piperade: Tomato and bell pepper omelette. (V)
  • Quiche Lorraine: Cheese and bacon flan served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Ratatouille: Vegetable stew. (V)
  • Salade Aveyronaise: Salad with cheese and walnuts served COLD. (V)
  • Salade Betteraves: Beetroot, artichoke and green leaf salad served COLD. (V)
  • Salade Nicoise: Tuna, egg, tomato and bean salad served COLD. (Fish)
  • Soupe aux Champignons: Mushroom soup. (V)
  • Terrine de Saumon: Salmon terrine served COLD. (Fish)

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German http://i.imgur.com/UtDRy2G.png: Unlocks at level 6, costs 200 coins - Medium Difficulty

  • Bierwurst: Pork and beef sausage, slow smoked then served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Bratwurst: Finest German sausage. (Red Meat)
  • Fischbrotchen: Raw, pickled herring in a bun with onions served COLD. (Fish)
  • Gansebraten: Roast goose. (White Meat)
  • Hendl: Spicy grilled chicken. (White Meat)
  • Hering in Sahnesosse: Herring in cream apple sauce. (Fish)
  • Huhn Schnitzel: Chicken in bread crumbs, mushrooms and noodles. (White Meat)
  • Huhner Salat: Chicken and green leaf salad served COLD. (V) (White Meat)
  • Jaeger schnitzel: Pork chops in bread crumbs and mushrooms sauce served with mashed potatoes. (Red Meat)
  • Karpfen: Fried carp. (Fish)
  • Kartoffel Puffer: Spiced egg and potato fritters. (V)
  • Kartoffel Salat: Potato salad served COLD. (V)
  • Kohlroulade: Cabbage rolls. (V)
  • Pichelsteiner: Meat and vegetable stew. (Red Meat)
  • Raucherall: Smoked eels. (Fish)
  • Sauerfleisch: Jellied pork, onion and green served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Sauerkraut: Fermented shredded cabbage served COLD. (V)
  • Schweinshaxe: Pork hock with shredded cabbage. (Red Meat)
  • Spargel: Asparagus in hollandaise sauce. (V)
  • Zwiebelkuchen: Onion cake. (V)


Greek http://i.imgur.com/iagJUN2.png: Unlocks at Level 9, Costs 200 Coins - Medium Difficulty

  • Avgolemono: Egg-lemon soup with chicken served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Bakaliaros Skordalia: Fried salt cod with garlic dip. (Fish)
  • Gemista: Beef stuffed tomatoes and peppers. (Red Meat)
  • Gigantes Plaki: Giant baked beans with tomato served COLD. (V)
  • Horiatiki: Greek tomato salad served COLD. (V)
  • Ittapodaki Lemonato: Octopus with lemon served COLD. (Fish)
  • Kolokythoanthoi: Stuffed courgette and tomato flowers. (V)
  • Kotopoulo Kokkinisto: Chicken and tomato stew. (White Meat)
  • Kotopoulo me Rizi: Chicken and rice. (White Meat)
  • Kotopoulo Mehilopites: Chicken with egg noodles and tomatoes. (White Meat)
  • Lahanon Tolmades: Minced beef stuffed cabbage leaves served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Midia Sahanaki: Mussels and tomatoes served COLD. (Fish)
  • Moussakas: Mince, aubergine and tomato bake. (Red Meat)
  • Pantza ro salata: Beetroot salad served COLD. (V)
  • Psarosoupa: Red snapper and tomato soup. (Fish)
  • Souvlakia: Grilled pork skewers. (Red Meat)
  • Taramosalata: Fish egg dip served COLD. (Fish)
  • Trahanas: Pasta soup with milk. (V)
  • Tsipoura: Baked sea bream. (Fish)
  • Tyropita: Cheese pit with Filo. (V)




Indian http://i.imgur.com/4gnYAtU.png: Unlocks at Level 9, Costs 250 Coins - Hard Difficulty

  • Bhindi Bhaji: Fried okra. (V)
  • Bhindi Masala: Spicy okra curry. (V)
  • Dhansak: Spicy lamb and lentil stew. (Red Meat)
  • Gosht Biryani: Spicy lamb curry and rice. (Red Meat)
  • Gosht Vindaloo: Very spicy pork curry. (Red Meat)
  • Husaini Kabob: Grilled lamb skewers. (Red Meat)
  • Jhinga Kari: Spicy shrimp curry. (V)
  • Kachumber: Tomato and cucumber salad served cold. (V)
  • Kedgeree: Fish and rice dish served COLD. (Fish)
  • Mulligatawny: Spicy lamb curry soup. (Red Meat)
  • Murgh Jal Frezi: Spicy chicken curry. (White Meat)
  • Murgh Makhani: Butter Chicken. (White Meat)
  • Murgh Tikka Masala: Grilled chicken in spicy sauce. (White Meat)
  • Pakki hui Machli: Fish basked in coriander paste. (Fish)
  • Pyaz Bhaji: Onion fritters. (V)
  • Rajma Chana: Kidney bean and chickpea salad served cold. (V)
  • Rogan Josh: Lamb in spicy cream sauce. (Red Meat)
  • Sag Aloo: Spinach and potato. (V)
  • Tandoori Murgh: Spicy yogurt marinated chicken. (White Meat)
  • Tarka Daal: Spicy lentil and cumin stew. (V)


Italian http://i.imgur.com/8gDqUHB.png: Unlocks at level 3, Costs 150 Coins - Easy Difficulty

  • Calamari Fritti: Fried quid in marinade sauce. (Fish)
  • Cozza alla Provinciale: Mussels in tomato and herb sauce. (Fish)
  • Insalata Caesar: Lettuce, croutons and parmesan cheese served COLD. (V)
  • Insalata Caprese: Tomato, mozzarella and basil salad served COLD. (V)
  • Insalata Tortellini: Pepperoni, mozzarella and pasta salad sever COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Minestroni: Homemade vegetable and noodle soup.
  • Pizza ai Funghi: Mushroom pizza. (V)
  • Pizza Marinara: Tomato, onion and garlic pizza. (V)
  • Pizza Siciliana: Tomato, Olive and Anchovy pizza. (Fish)
  • Polipo alla Siciliana: Octopus salad with aubergine and tomato served COLD. (Fish)
  • Pollo alla Messinese: Chicken, mayonnaise, onion, carrots and herbs served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Pollo e Funghi: Chicken and mushroom in cream sauce. (White Meat)
  • Pollo Marsala: Chicken and mushrooms in white wine sauce. (White Meat)
  • Pollo Portafoglio: Chicken breast with bell pepper and cheese. (White Meat)
  • Ravioli di Manzo: Beef filled pasta parcels. (Red Meat)
  • Risotto Asparagi: Asparagus and rice with parmesan cheese. (V)
  • Risotto Pesce con Funghi: Seafood rizotto with porcini mushrooms. (Fish)
  • Sartu di Riso: Rice with beef, mushrooms, cheese and onions. (Red Meat)
  • Spaghetti alla Bolognese: Pasta with meat and tomato sauce. (Red Meat)
  • Tagliatelle Carbonara: Pasta with egg, cheese and bacon. (Red Meat)


Jamaican http://i.imgur.com/ApgBiHz.png: Open from the start – Easy Difficulty


  • Ackee and Salt Fish: Ackee fruit and salted cod dish. (Fish)
  • Akkra: Black-eyed pea fritters. (V)
  • Beef Okra: Beef and okra stew. (Red Meat)
  • Blaff: Fish poached in lime. (Fish)
  • Callaloo Soup: Green leaf soup. (V)
  • Chicken and Rice: Traditional chicken and rice dish. (White Meat)
  • Chicken Foot Soup: Chicken foot and vegetable broth. (White Meat)
  • Coleslaw: Raw shredded cabbage in a vinegar dressing served COLD. (V)
  • Curry Goat: Curried goat and potato stew… it’s spicy hot! (Red Meat)
  • Escovitch: Pickled fried mackerel served COLD. (Fish)
  • Garden Salad: Shredded cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, tomato and cucumber salad severed COLD. (V)
  • Jerk Chicken: Spicy grilled chicken. (White Meat)
  • Jerked Chicken Salad: Jerk seasoned chicken with mango and mixed greens served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Mannish Water: Spicy goat and vegetable stew. (Red Meat)
  • Oxtail: Oxtail and bean soup. (Red Meat)
  • Pepperpot: Spicy beef stew. (Red Meat)
  • Rice and Peas: Rice with beans in coconut milk. (V)
  • Run Down: Spicy mackerel, tomato and coconut stew. (Fish)
  • Stamp and Go: Fish Fritter. (Fish)
  • Vegetable Pattie: Spicy vegetable pie. (V)



Japanese http://i.imgur.com/lIOeVb8.png: Unlocks at level 12, costs 250 - Hard Difficulty


  • Bifu Tataki: Beef and ginger salad served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Fugu: Raw, sliced puffer fish… all the poison bits have been removed! Served cold. (Fish)
  • Gyudon: Rice topped with seasoned beef. (Red Meat)
  • Hiyashi Chuka: Yellow noodles and vegetables served COLD. (V)
  • Inari Zushi: Tofu sushi served COLD. (V)
  • Maki Zushi: Roll sushi served COLD. (V)
  • Miso Supu: Vegetable and tofu broth. (V)
  • Mushi dori no Gomadare: Chicken salad with sesame sauce served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Oyako Donburi: Fried chicken, egg and shiitake mushrooms. (White Meat)
  • Oyakadon: Rice topped with chicken and eggs. (White Meat)
  • Rei-Shabu: Pork, vegetable and tofu salad served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Sumashijiru: Seafood soup. (Fish)
  • Tekkadon: Rice topped with raw sliced tuna. (Fish)
  • Tempura: Deep-fried vegetables. (V)
  • Tempura Shifudo: Deep fried seafood. (Fish)
  • Teriyaki: Grilled chicken in soy sauce. (White Meat)
  • Tonjiru: Pork miso soup. (Red Meat)
  • Tonkatsu: Deep fried breaded pork. (Red Meat)
  • Tori Karaage: Deep fried chicken pieces. (White Meat)
  • Yaki Udon: Fried pork with udon noodles. (Red Meat)

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South American http://i.imgur.com/F8M5ild.png: Unlocks at Level 6 – Costs 250 Coins - Medium Difficulty

  • Biltong: Strips of dried, cured beef served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Bobotie: Spiced ground beef with egg topping. (Red Meat)
  • Boerewors and Pap: Traditional sausage served with maize meal porridge. (Red Meat)
  • Bunny Chow: Hollowed out load of bread filled with beef curry. (Red Meat)
  • Calamari Gatsby: Bread roll stuffed with tender octopus pieces served COLD. (Fish)
  • Cape Malay Fish Curry: Spicy fish curry. (Fish)
  • Chakalaka: Spicy vegetable and bean dish. (V)
  • Droewors: Thin, dry snack sausage served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Germoorde Vis: Salted cod with potatoes and tomato sauce. (Fish)
  • Hoender Slaai: Chicken, pasta, pepper and tomato salad served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Hoenderpastei: Chicken pie. (White Meat)
  • Isidudu: Pumpkin porridge. (V)
  • Kaapse Kerrievis: Spicy pickled fish served COLD. (Fish)
  • Mashonzha: Dried mopane caterpillar served COLD (Bug… Meat…)
  • Piri-Piri Hoender: Chicken in a spicy lemon and onion sauce. (White Meat)
  • Smoored Snoek: Fish, potato and tomato stew. (Fish)
  • Umngqusho: Maize and sugar bean dish. (V)
  • Umphokoqo: Maize meal and sour mill porridge served COLD. (V)
  • Walkie-Talkies: Deep-fried chicken heads and feet. (White Meat)
  • Wortelslaai: Carrot salad served COLD. (V)



Spanish http://i.imgur.com/C8uWZvN.png: Unlocks at Level 6, Costs 150 - Medium Difficulty


  • Ajoblanco: Almond and garlic soup served COLD. (V)
  • Arroz a la Cubana: Rice, egg and tomato. (V)
  • Arroz Vegetariano: Vegetable paella. (V)
  • Calamari: Fried squid rings served on a bed of onions and tomatoes. (Fish)
  • Championes Rellenos de Pollo: Mushrooms stuffed with chicken. (White Meat)
  • Chorizo: Spicy sausage served COLD with a side order of your choice served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Cuchifritos: Fried lamb with herbs. (Red Meat)
  • Ensalada de Pollo: Chicken salad with lettuce and tomato served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Ensalada de Pulpo: Octopus salad with tomato, onion and herbs served COLD. (Fish)
  • Escudella: Spicy lamb and pepper stew. (Red Meat)
  • Gambas con Setas: Shrimp with garlic and mushrooms. (Fish)
  • Gazpacho: Tomato soup served COLD. (V)
  • Marmitako: Potato, onion and tomato stew. (V)
  • Ollada: Meat and tomato casserole. (Red Meat)
  • Pinchitos: Grilled pork on skewers. (Red Meat)
  • Pollo Escabeche: Marinated chicken, onion and almond served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Pollo a la Parrilla: Grilled chicken. (White Meat)
  • Ropa Vieja: Shredded steak in tomato. (Red Meat)
  • Sal Picon de Marisco: Seafood salad including octopus, shrimp and crabmeat served COLD. (Fish)
  • Tortilla Espanola: Spanish omelette. (V)


Swedish http://i.imgur.com/xy5cuig.png: Unlocks at level 12, costs 400 - Hard Difficulty


  • Artsoppa: Yellow pea soup. (V)
  • Blodkorv: Blood sausage… not for everyone (Red Meat)
  • Fiskbullar: Fish Balls. (Fish)
  • Flygande Jakob: Chicken, banana, and peanut casserole. (White Meat)
  • Gravlax: Cured salmon served cold. (Fish)
  • Grisfotter: Pigs trotters… it’s an acquired taste. (Red Meat)
  • Inkokt Lax: Salmon, onions and carrots served COLD. (Fish)
  • Inlagd Sill: Pickled herring served COLD. (Fish)
  • Isterband: Pork and barely sausage. (Red Meat)
  • Janssons Frestelse: Potato and anchovy casserole. (Fish)
  • Kottbullar I Svampsas: Meatballs in mushroom sauce. (Red Meat)
  • Lut Fisk: This traditional fish dish has an intensely offensive odor. (Fish)
  • Raggmunk: Potato pancakes. (V)
  • Renkottbullar: Reindeer meatballs. (Red Meat)
  • Renskav: Sautéed reindeer with potatoes. (Red Meat)
  • Rodbetsallad: Beetroot, apple and horseradish salad served COLD. (V)
  • Smorgastarta: Creamy layered cake of liver pate, mayonnaise and egg served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Stekt Stromming: Fried herring with mash potatoes. (Fish)
  • Surstromming: Rancid, fermeneted herring… not for the faint-hearted! Served COLD. (Fish)
  • Vasterbotten Paj: Cheese and mushroom pie served COLD.



Thai http://i.imgur.com/FQ0AWDb.png: Unlocks at Level 9, Costs 300 Coins - Hard Difficulty


  • Bed Pad Ped: Spicy fried duck. (White Meat)
  • Blaa Sam Rot: Three flavors fish. (Fish)
  • Dagedan: Plate of crunchy, deep-fried grasshoppers served COLD.
  • Dtom Yum Goong: Spicy shrimp and tomato soup. (Fish)
  • Dtom Yum Hed: Spicy mushroom soup. (V)
  • Gwid Dior Moo: Noodle soup with pork. (Red Meat)
  • Kaeng Khae Gob: Mild frog curry.
  • Kaeng Kior Wan Gai: Mild green chicken curry. (White Meat)
  • Khao Pad: Vegetarian fried rice. (V)
  • Koi Blaa: Minced raw fish in spicy salad served COLD. (Fish)
  • Larb Neua: Spicy minced beef. (Red Meat)
  • Ma Kur Yang: Roasted aubgerine and sesame. (V)
  • Moo Daed Dior: Hung dry pork strips. (Red Meat)
  • Som Tam: Spicy papaya salad served COLD. (V)
  • Tam Mukhuea: Mashed aubergine and egg in a banana leaf served COLD. (V)
  • Tod Mun Blaa: Deep-fried fish cakes. (Fish)
  • Yum Blaa Muek: Squid tossed in a salad served COLD. (Fish)
  • Yum Gai: Spicy chicken salad served COLD. (White Meat)
  • Yum Neua: Spicy beef salad served COLD. (Red Meat)
  • Yum Woon Sen: Glass noodles with crispy pork served COLD. (Red Meat)

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Dating Dilemmas


There are 18 Dating Dilemmas that will be randomly chosen while you are out on your date(s). Up to three will appear each date. These open up as you buy the restaurants and you will need all restaurants for the (P) so you will open all of these on your way to earning that.


Some of the Dilemmas require you to know your date’s personality traits, others require you to memorize details about your date/waiter, and a handful are luck based. You can spend 20 coins to cheat on some of these to make it easier, but keep in mind you’ll need to fail all 18 at least once for Schadenfreude. Passing the dilemma successfully will increase your chances of an A+ date while failing will decrease it (1 stars are affected much less by this whereas VIPs are affected greatly).


The dilemmas are as follows:


  • Dilemmas requiring memorization
    • Spot the Difference
      • Your date will leave to use the bathroom, but while they’re in there, they will change something about their appearance. You’ll have to determine if they changed their Hair Accessory (Hat, bow, etc), Hair Style, Hair Color, Facial Hair, Glasses/Earrings or the Clothing. 1 Star dates make obvious changes (going from black hair to blonde, for example) whereas VIPs make very subtle changes (going from a black shirt to a black with gray stripes shirt). Choose correctly to pass the dilemma. A wrong answer will result in an X.

      [*]Know Your Waiter

      • At the end of the night, you’ll be so caught up in conversation with your date that before you know it, it’s time to leave. You’ll need to call your waiter over for the bill, but first you’ll need to point them out. Three servers will be shown on the screen and you need to select which one yours to pass the dilemma. With 1 Star, the servers will all be drastically different. With VIP status, the differences will be much more subtle so you really need to pay attention if you’re pairing up a higher affluence couple. A wrong answer will results in an X.

      [*]Tell a Story from Memory

      • Your date will want to hear a story from your past and you’ll need to play a little game of memory to really draw it out of your memory banks. A group of clouds will appear and you’ll need to select two at a time until you get a matching pair of topics (dog, hiking, planes, etc). You only get 3 chances to find a match. 1 Star couples will only have 8 clouds to choose from whereas VIPs will have 16. The higher the affluence, the harder it will be. Once you find a match, the dilemma will be over. If you do not find a match, you will not get an X, but your date will be disappointed.

      [*]Dessert Trolley/Cart

      • After dinner, the waiter will bring by the dessert cart and you need to memorize the order in which they pass by. Your date will then tell you which one they would like (the 2nd, 3rd, first, last, etc). If you guess right, you will pass the dilemma.

      [*]Compliments to the Chef

      • After you’re all done eating, the chef will come by and ask you for your opinion on the food you ate. Your date will give a dry answer and you’ll need to elaborate for them. 9 words will appear, and when you hit start, 1 word will be highlighted at a time. You need to memorize the order in which the words are highlighted and repeat the correct order back to the waiter. Do so without making a mistake and you’ll pass the dilemma.

      [*]Call a Taxi

      • Your date will need to use your phone to call a taxi at the end of the night and the waiter will give you the number. You need to memorize the number and dial it into the phone (it will disappear once you hit go). Dial correctly to pass the dilemma.

      [*]Silhouette of your Date

      • Your day will ask to be excused to make a phone call and while they’re gone, the power will go out. You’ll be shown 3 silhouettes of 3 different people and will need to select the silhouette that matches your date. Select correctly to pass the dilemma.

      [*]Your dates name

      • At the end of the night, the manager of the restaurant will come over and chat with you and your date. They will ask you what the name of your date is and then you’ll be given a list of names to choose from. Choose correctly to pass the dilemma.

    [*]Dilemmas that require Personality Traits

    • Flatulence Issues
      • After eating the main course, your dinner may not sit very well in your stomach and you’ll start having some gas issues. You’ll be shown a playing card and will need to guess if the next card is Higher or Lower. Aces are both high and low. If you get through the dilemma without missing any, you’ll pass. If you miss one, you will let out a rip of a fart that your date smell. If they are an Extrovert http://i.imgur.com/MuA17yW.png, you can man-up and claim it as yours with no effect. If they are an Introvert http://i.imgur.com/NNLz52S.png, you will need to lie and spin the Wheel of Misfortune. Land on green and you will pass the dilemma.


      • As the date goes along, you’ll get a visit from an 8 legged friend. Your date won’t be looking when they appear and you need to decide whether or not to let it live or squish it. If your date is more Methodical http://i.imgur.com/6clqCFR.png, you’ll need to squish it. If they are more carefree http://i.imgur.com/53HAbVS.png, you need to let it live. Choose correctly to pass the dilemma.

      [*]Here Comes the Ex!

      • You’ll get a visit from an old friend in the middle of the date. And by friend I mean your Ex! They will chat with you and then be on their way, but not without raising curiosity in your date. They’ll ask you who the person was and if they’re a Romantic http://i.imgur.com/OWviDJs.png, you’ll need to lie, spin the Wheel of Misfortune and land on a green spot to pass the dilemma. Landing on red will fail the dilemma and earn you an X. If they are Spicy http://i.imgur.com/ARIhKSC.png, you can tell them the truth without any consequence.

      [*]Split the Tip

      • When it comes to paying the bill, you can either pay for it all yourself, split it with your date, or have your date pay it all. This will all be determined by a game of Pachinko. If you date is Traditional http://i.imgur.com/fqybIO5.png, you want to try and get the most coins to land in your bucket so you pay. If they are Experimental http://i.imgur.com/5n2OPin.png, you want to try and get the most in your dates buckets. Doing these will pass the dilemma. If you make a Traditional date pay or if you pay for an Experimental's date, you will fail. If you end up splitting the bill, it will be counted as a draw and will have no negative effect on the relationship.

    [*]Dilemmas that require a little bit of luck

    • Rock, Paper, Flirt!
      • Your date will get something in their eye and you being the romantic one you are will mistake their winking eye as flirting. You will then initiate a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. You need to win at least 2 out of 3 rounds to pass the dilemma.

      [*]Box of Chocolates

      • Before the waiter brings the bill, they will offer you a box of delectable chocolates for you and your date to eat. Your date will tell you which chocolates are their favorite and which they find absolutely disgusting. When you choose a chocolate, there will be two numbers in the empty space. A red number and a green number. The red represents the number of hated chocolates in the adjacent squares. The green represents the favorite chocolates. You need to play a bit of minesweeper and determine which chocolates are good and which are bad. You need to find at least two non-hated chocolates to pass the dilemma.

    [*]Straight forward dilemmas

    • How much to tip?
      • When you get the bill, your date will give you a percentage to calculate as the tip (5%, 10%, 12%, etc). Correctly calculate and guess the right tip to pass the dilemma.

      [*]Find your Date in the picture

      • During the night, your date will tell you story about how they became famous at some event and show you a crowded picture as proof. You’ll need to search the picture for their avatar within the time limit given. Find them before time runs out to pass the dilemma.


      • In the middle of date, you will suddenly realize that you’re starting to… smell. You’ll excuse yourself for a few minutes and go to reapply some perfume/cologne. There will be a number on the left side (5 seconds, 8 seconds, etc) and you’ll need to apply the fragrance while counting to that number and get as close as you can. If you’re withing HOW MUCH TIME, you’ll pass the dilemma.


      • At the end of the night, your date will want to take a selfie with you so they have something to remember the fantastic evening. You’ll need to wait for both of you to be smiling and looking at the camera to take the picture (your faces will be constantly changing and your eyes will be going in every direction). If you take a picture with both of you looking at the camera, you will pass the dilemma.

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Conversation Topics


The topic of conversation and it’s success greatly depends on how well you know your date. You’ll need to get through three conversations during the date and these greatly impact your compatibility. Lying even once will drop your compatibility score down so you want to talk about the things you two have in common.


Here are some tips on what to talk about:

  • If you and your date have any Personality Traits in common (Organization, Social, etc), definitely talk about those! Since they are the same, there will be no reason to lie!
  • If you and your date are the same type (which they should be!), talk about your clothing.
  • If you have the same horoscope, talk about horoscopes. Matching types tend to feel the same way about horoscopes!
  • If you or your date have preferable hair, talk about that for a quick compliment.
  • If any of your interests or if you occupation is the same, talk about those. You can talk about interests up to three times, but they must be different each time!
  • If you’ve run out of topics, there’s always the weather! When you first pull up to the restaurant, make note of the weather (it’ll either be raining or clear). While it’s not the most exciting conversation, it’s one to use.



If you’ve matched the clients as perfectly as possible, you should be able to get at least an A in the feedback letter, if not an A+. It will take you some time to get enough A+ couples to produce 50 babies, but hopefully this guide helps you in creating those perfect matches!

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