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Record score ??help!

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Hi the score has been posted to the online rankings I did this but no trophy anyone know the actual requirement?


I just got to hole 15 and (was -13) then forfeited hole 16 and let the game end. So would have been -10 given the forfeited hole. Are you sure you hit O and not X to post the score given the controls are different in Japanese games? I know I've done that a few times on these games myself.

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Hi it deffo gave me the option to post my score and I'm sure I hit the right button-no trophy.i then played the entire game again but had made a save halfway through-still no trophy-so is it the original mode you got trophy on and not the high score mode?theres an option to reset scores I may just try that and delete my save

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I tried a few times in difrerent modes, and got all trophies except this.


Do you have to play all 18 holes?


You normally have to meet a minimum score for it, most often times it's the high score requirement shown in game to get on the local leaderboard. I don't know how that would work in this game though, I've not played it yet.

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I've tried normal mode but there is no score there, only Caravan Mode and High Score Mode keep track of it.


Sadly I haven't been able to confirm if Caravan Mode works as you need a -5 under 5 minuets which is pretty hard considering you need 1-2 eagles, 1 hole in one or 6 birdies in that time and as the gameplay is slow it takes roughly 25 seconds to do one shot.


This trophy seems a bit tough if Caravan mode is the way to go.

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In the AA games the "Record Score" trophy is done in normal mode, not high score mode.



He's right. Just play ORIGINAL MODE, get any score you want, and when you run out of holes don't continue. It will ask if you want to upload your score. Select YES. Trophy will pop.

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