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Not a Hero Video Trophy Guide All Objectives and Secrets


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To clarify following this will get you 100% of the trophies, the crit hit kills and executions should come naturally while beating the game, but can easily be grinded on any level (id recommend an early one as they are easier.


If you want to use my videos for a guide go ahead just credit me.


All videos are now up, if you follow my guide you'll have the characters unlocked up to who I have so you'll be able to use who's best suited to the mission.




I've forgotten how to do spoilers on this site oherwise I'd have embedded all the videos.

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Yes you should, you may need to grind out executions, but you most likely will get it naturally by the time you've finished.


Thanx for the video buu, I manage to 100% the game.

Especially for the time sensitive level :)

You should make the trophy guide for this one :)

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