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How many missions?


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Thank you.

What were you saying about beginning a level again from where you last reached?i couldn't see option for that?

I finally beat it solo after 4 attempts yday-this game was tough for me lol.

Someone in another post said you can't unlock trophies for beating game with certain characters by using the continue last level option-all I see is when I die I can press continue there and then?

Anyway thanks I'm getting too old for button bashers but it was a nice trip down memory lane for me

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What they meant is this:


On the main "home" screen, where you can select Story Mode, 2P Versus Mode, etc. press the OPTIONS button and you will see in the bottom right corner that it gives you the option to start at a certain stage. For example stage 5 instead of 1.


You can select every stage you already finished so if you died in Stage 9, then Stage 8 would be the highest you can select.


For the character trophies, like "Clear all stages with XY" you need to finish the game from the beginning to the end in ONE sitting. You can use your 5 continues, sure, but you can not select to start at Stage 12 and then finish the game for example. That won't give you the trophy.




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