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Anima: Gate of Memories Trophy Guide & Roadmap


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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 26 (10(B), 9(S), 6(G), 1(P))
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 16-20 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 full playthrough (3 if you don't load an earlier save for endings) + 2 very quick playthroughs (both should take less then an hour) + 1 partial playthrough
  • Number of missable trophies: Blood Reward (S), Ending: Everything you ever wanted (S), Ending: The Ultimate Monster (S), Memory of Legends (G), The Real Monster (G), Ultimate Collector (G)
  • Glitched trophies: Midnight Chitchat! (B) - Can glitch and be attained earlier then it should be, so a positive glitch you could say.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No.
  • Do trophies stack?: No trophies stack with each other.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: There are none.




Anima: Gate of Memories is a budget game based in the setting of a tabletop role-playing game (Anima) I had not heard of until I got this game. While its deficiencies are readily apparent, I feel it's a charming game that is of a good length and holds enough interest to keep you playing till the end. The game has puzzles and is considered by some to be quite difficult, however you soon get the hang of it.


Step 1:


Play through the game making sure to not kill any NPCs and collecting the items in each stage (the item list I've provided is in the order I'd recommend you take things), though be mindful some will take returning to. For the endings, make sure to save before doing them so you can load up your save and not have to do an entire new playthrough (Early and Joke endings are exceptions). Be mindful of the worst ending which gets locked out if you defeat Nameless for the third time after defeating the five area bosses (Nameless himself is one of them). The bad and true endings are one or the other also so save before making your choice to Romeo (after defeating Nameless for the third time) and go for the bad ending first (it ends quickly while true goes on for some time).


If you do this, you will get the large majority of trophies in the following order which is also followed in the trophy guide itself outside Ultimate Collector which is put at the end due to the nature of it.


(B) First Down!

(B) A Mysterious Place

(B) Master of Puppets

(B) Bully

(B) The Nameless Messenger

(B) Up and Beyond!

(B) The Dark Child

(S) Blood Reward

(B) The Fallen One

(S) Ending: Everything you ever wanted

(G) Good Memory

(B) Inner Nightmare

(B) Midnight Chitchat!

(S) Breaker of Chains

(S) Hand of Death

(S) Ending: The Ultimate Monster

(S) Unholy Rebellion

(G) Memory of Legends

(G) The Real Monster

(G) Ultimate Collector

(G) True Ending


Step 2:


You'll have 4 trophies left at this stage. Two endings which are very quick, and a partial playthrough that will undoubtedly put you at level 20. As you'll know where everything, can skip scenes, and crush enemies with no trouble this partial playthrough will go by quick.


(S) Ending: A Pemature Conclusion

(S) True Power

(S) Ending: Just Too Competent!

(G) A Recurrent Memory

(P) All Trophies

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/475.jpg All Trophies (P)

Obtain the other trophies.


As ever earn all other trophies to get this one.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/3f9.jpg First Down! (B)

Defeat a Memory Knight.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.


In the Mountain Pass, as you follow the path past the four red orbs, you'll be forced into an encounter with the first of many of this enemy. Defeat it for the trophy.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/8a0.jpg A Mysterious Place (B)

Reach Arcane.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.

After the boss fight at the Old Ruins, you'll be transported to Arcane and receive this trophy.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/b03.jpg Master of Puppets (B)

Defeat Nascal the Puppetmaster.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.


Location: First Wing, Mansion of Puppets


Perhaps this being early in the game I was set up wrong, but this guy took a good while. He has 3 body parts which are his head, left arm, and right arm. I believe at 50 and 10% health, he will summon puppet minions (first wave being basic puppets, second flame puppets) which is good as you can use them to regain health. At the start, he only only really has a basic smash first with his right hand (so left to you) followed up with a smash from his left. He later as his health goes down seems to add in this order; A move where his spikes at the back start stabbing the space in front of him which isn't much of a threat unless you're standing still, a second smash attack where instead of slamming with his second arm he instead does a sweep, a upgraded smash where after hitting the second time he hits a third time with his right arm again, and finally a large energy blast (you can see the radius on the ground) which you have to dodge to avoid.


Ultimately, his attacks aren't too hard to dodge if you keep running to the right (his left) as his most common attack starts on the other side of him and you can see his left arm to double jump out of the way with ease. As moves are added, you got to be more and more careful naturally. You can just shoot the head with magic though if you damage the arms enough, he'll fall over and give you a opening to melee his head a good deal.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/1df.jpg Bully (B)

Steal from the rich, give to myself!


Free the Demon Bird Mask from the Mansion of Puppets with a Prison Key. Any will do but clearly the one from Velez is the intended one. Talk to him to the left of the base of the stairs going by the map in the Arcane Core and he will reward you with 20000 cash. Reduce him to 30% health and he'll give you 3000 more and this trophy.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/1a2.jpg The Nameless Messenger (B)

Defeat The Nameless Messenger for first time.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.


Location: Second Wing, Cathedral of Erynnes


Note: The description says "first time" but this is the second fight with him.


Might appear imposing at first but not that difficult once you see that his moves leave him so open to you. Do an Assault to him followed by a combo with Ergo being best for this as the Bearers combo is 3 to his 4 and her combo often whiffs a hit or two. His most dangerous action is his teleports which can allow him to quickly get in a slash before you can react especially if the camera acts up. He has a move where he shoots double magic sword beams however he'll only use that at long range so stay close and he won't do it. His basic combo is a slice followed by a smash that causes an explosion, easily dodged and leaves him open to an assault. Another move is one where he teleports (different animation thankfully so you can tell it's this) above you and does a falling cut on you which he'll often do after you've landed a combo on you, but can also chain off his other moves if given the chance. Twice he'll teleport up to an area you can't reach and shoot magic beams at you which is when you should use the Bearer's Energy Cutter to cut through his beams and hit him. Finally when around 15% he'll add a new move where he stuns you from range (can't see how to stop it), requiring you to shake your stick to avoid his incoming uppercut which is followed by a falling cut.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/3a7.jpg Up and Beyond! (B)

Open the way to the upper floors.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.


After killing two Messengers you'll be able to access the second floor after a short visit to "Nowhere".


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/536.jpg The Dark Child (B)

Defeat Jonathan Kappel.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.


Location: Third Wing, Folklore


In this area, white enemies can only be hurt by The Bearer and black enemies by Ergo, the same of which applies here except the boss can switch between them and does so often either on his own or after you get a combo off on him. Attack wise you got to be alert but not that big a deal and also something to note is unlike other bosses you can stun him out of his attacks so keep that in mind. He has a motion where he clasps his hands and shoots out several fast lasers which while possible to dodge (got to twice) is very difficult. Best to either simply run to the side (won't work if too close to him) or if close enough to use an Assault which will stun him out of it. He has a attack where he covers himself in a ball of energy and charges forward, notably you can't stun him out of this but can still do damage. If close and especially if you whiff a combo due to the camera he has a move where he slashes you with two orbs. As he moves around, he can also shoot out lighting bolts towards you and can also do a circle of them to all sides. At certain points, he'll cover himself in a shield only magic can damage and start emitting black shockwaves on the ground and now and then some slow lasers above him will shoot out. Around 75% health he'll start using a seal explosion like move like the one Nascal had, but it's got quite the start up (he raises his hand) and you can stun him out of it. At 50% health, he'll spawn minions that don't respawn so feel free to kill them. At 10% health, he'll reset the field and you'll have to run through his barrage of lightning bolts to make it to him and hit him, whereupon he resets the field again and you have to do it again. All in all after 4 such hits, he'll finally go down.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/2a8.jpg Blood Reward (S)

Give the Blood Stone to its owner.


Missable: Killing either Helmut or Cat Mask will lock this out.

Regards Helmut Mask who gives you the Red Jewel sidequest (go out of Arcane Core and return after talking to him the first time, however requires you to free Cat Mask also). To find it, go to Winter in the Fifth Wing and from the central area follow the right path all the way to the end. Rewards you with 3000 EP and the Kusanagi No Kiba weapon. Location: Right of the base of the stairs going by the map in Arcane Core.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/7d0.jpg The Fallen One (B)

Defeat Druaga.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.


Location: Fifth Wing, Shrine of the Seasons


Attacks include swipes which end in a jackhammer that causes an explosion, usually seen as a counter to you abusing his stomps, but he can use it on its on own and at 30% health he seems to do more swipes before the Jackhammer. Stomps that cause explosions though your dodge will bypass it; can do both a standing one when you're near and a jumping one when you're not (well he uses his fist on that one but the move is the same). A shoulder charge usually used to get near you but if it connects with you will cause damage. Long range claw beams when you're far from him. A tracking fire attack on the ground of which he can put up 2 at a time to follow you. At 50% health, he also gets an attack where he spawns 3 lightning bolts to hit you (you can see where they'll appear).

Like all the bosses he has tons of health and worse... he has two health bars because both the Bearer and Ergo face different versions of him with their own health bar when you swap between them. Ergo version seems weaker to magic and Bearer version to physical. Pillars exist on the map which will give you health if the boss destroyed them.


All in all you want to mostly stick at range and pepper him with magic beams to be on the safe side. Bearer takes longer that way so do her first, getting the boss down to a tiny amount of health, then kill it with Ergo, and then with the Bearer.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/62b.jpg Ending: Everything you ever wanted (S)

Finish the game obtaining the Worst Ending.


Missable: Defeating Nameless after the 5 Messengers will lock this out. Save in a separate slot for this.


Once you've defeated at least 4 Messengers (you can defeat all 5 if you wish, just don't defeat Nameless who comes after them), head to the third floor and enter The Void. You'll have to run towards a pillar while dodging lasers which is a bit tricky but not too difficult.


Eleinai will then appear and pull you out which will unlock a Report on Ergo Mundus for you. If you enter back in, then you'll then be in a room with the seals which when you unlock will throw you into a fight.


The Boss fights as Ergo would so you know what he is capable of, additionally feel free to use items on him to make it easier as you'll be loading after anyway.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/b63.jpg Good Memory (G)

Obtain all Memories


Missable: Killing Bird Mask before getting the memory.


Refer to Ultimate Collector for the memory locations.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/af8.jpg Inner Nightmare (B)

Defeat Malekith, the Lord of Nightmares.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.


Location: Forth Wing, Graven


Has some slashes and can generate some tornadoes which home in whose range seem to grow as he goes down in health. At 50% he can do a massive long range beam which is best avoided by running to your side. He has a whole series of beam attacks which is his main form of attack. His other gimmick is he can generate clones which also attack you but go down in one hit, so if the one you hit doesn't then that's the real one (unlike a lot of games, ignore the real one and kill the clones to stop their attacks and get some health back). At times the clones will surround you and you won't be able to physically hit them as they move away as you try to run towards them.


Due to the type of fight, just stick to Energy Rays and charge them wherever you can for more damage.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/228.jpg Midnight Chitchat! (B)

Finish all possible conversations with Ergo.


On the first floor there is a lamp with a sleeping bag you can use to restore your health and save your game in a different slot if you so wish (important for the endings). You also get conversations with Ergo there which is what this trophy is about, simply take a kip after every boss to see the new dialogue, but it's not missable, so you could just save it till the end.


Considering this trophy is more common than either Druaga's and Malekith's trophies, there may be some weirdness going on as it may glitch and trigger earlier. I myself got it after killing all 5 messengers which seems right.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/a3c.jpg Breaker of Chains (S)

Free all Prisoners.


Refer to Ultimate Collector for the key locations.


The Prisoners are in the basement of First Wing, Mansion of Puppets. I've listed them below in the order I recommend and what they do.




Cat Mask: Gives Queen Azazel Artifact, however requires you to free Helmut Mask also. Location: Right of the base of the stairs going by the map in Arcane Core.


Helmut Mask: Gives you the Red Jewel sidequest (go out of Arcane Core and return after talking to him the first time, however requires you to free Cat Mask also. To find it go to Winter in the Fifth Wing and from the central area follow the right path all the way to the end. Rewards you with 3000 EP and the Kusanagi No Kiba weapon. Location: Right of the base of the stairs going by the map in Arcane Core.


Strange Mask: Gives you Angelus and the related trophy but you need to find him a couple of times. Location: Near Cat Mask.

1: I will be waiting in the darkest corridor of a holy place - In the Inner Chamber in the hidden room that has the Nine Lives artifact.

2: I will be waiting in the light, under a red tree - Right next to where the Barakiel Ring is in Great Plains.

3: I will be waiting in a white plain, where the ground and sky become one - Right next to where the Life Anima is in Winter.

4: I will be in a cave, near the place where we first met for the first time - In the Mansion Basement where the Holy Claymore weapon is.

5: If you are able to understand its meaning, we will meet again - Right at the start of the Sanctuary of Origin, gives the Angelus to you.


Demon Bird Mask: Gives 20000 EP (So don't worry about buying the key off Vekez). Reduce him to 30% HP and he'll give you 3000 more EP and the Bully Trophy. Left of the base of the stairs going by the map in Arcane Core.


Bird Mask: Gives you Nascal Mehirim Memory, A World of Puppets. Location: Near the entrance to the first wing in the Arcane Core.


Tribal Mask: Talk to him 3 times and he'll ask you to find his home. You'll then find him in the centre of the Temple Altar. Then in the Second Trial. Then in Autumn. Finally in the Third Trial. Location: Near the entrance to Laberyntos.


Ghost Mask: Gives some clues on items, true ending, and such. Location to the right of the portal to the Boundary of Worlds.


Monster Mask: Once all Five Messengers are defeated talk to him and he will open a portal to the secret boss. Location: Left of the base of the stairs going by the map in Arcane Core.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/5a2.jpg Hand of Death (S)(H)

Defeat for second time The Nameless Messenger.


This trophy is storyline-related and cannot be missed.


Note: This is the third fight with Nameless.


Has a new attack in a undodgeable shockwave that reduces your health to 1 which he does at the start and near the end of the fight. Outside that, it's essentially the same fight as before.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/a82.jpg Ending: The Ultimate Monster (S)

Finish the game obtaining the Bad Ending.


Missable: Opposing and defeating Romeo after defeating Nameless in the third fight will lock this out. Save in a separate slot before doing this choice.


Similar to the worst ending but for this one you need to do a little extra, namely you must have killed all 5 Messengers and then Nameless who comes after them. Then talk to Romeo and choose to obey him by going up to The Void on the third floor of the Arcane Core.


Like with the worst ending, you have to fight the same boss fight.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/749.jpg Unholy Rebellion (S)(H)

Defeat Romeo Exxet.


After defeating all 5 Messengers and then Nameless for the final time, you'll have to talk to Romeo. Choosing to oppose him will trigger the fight with him and put you on route to the True Ending. Make sure you have saved and then the other two endings before doing this however.


Note: You have to face another boss before him though you only need to take a big chunk of that boss's hp for the fight to end. That boss will then during the fight with Romeo warp in at times to cast healing or make Romeo invincible so when you see an aura around Romeo, look for the other boss who will be floating in the air.


Be mindful of Romeo's words during the battle as it'll telegraph some of his attacks. Him saying "Futile" tells you he is about to counter so dodge back. Him saying "Begone" means he will be jumping up and doing an explosion around him. Him saying "Disappear with the light" means he is warping to the centre (can't be hit so don't try) and shooting rays around him that you can easily run/jump to avoid. He can also shoot swords at you (noise will tip you off), swords shooting up from the ground (noise will tip you off), and a sword combo which you may not see as he only does it while you're close but not attacking him.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/fcc.jpg Memory of Legends (G)

Obtain the Angelus.


Missable: Killing Ghost Mask will lock this out.


Refer to Breaker of Chains for where to find Ghost Mask after releasing him.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/6c7.jpg The Real Monster (G)

Defeat the Secret Boss.


Missable: You need to talk to Monster Mask and meet the conditions (All memories attained and the pillars before the boss rooms raised) to get the Secret Boss fight unlocked. If you kill him before that though, you can lock yourself out.


By the time I got the Angelus, I was level 15 and felt that was sufficient which it was. Basically it's the boss from from the worst and bad ending but with new moves and a massive pool of health (even for bosses of this game). Make sure you have items on you because you'll be using them. Equip the Bearer with the Pertho Staff and Angelus for maximum magic damage and then just use Energy Cutter, then dodge to the side to get a damage buff and to launch your next cutter quicker and that's it for offense really though you can throw in some Ergo physicals if you wish. Things you'll have to watch out for mostly is an attack that surrounds you with energy balls that after a while fly at you one after another, which can be easily dodged as they make a sound when they're going to move and that's when to dodge. The other is a barrage of laser that the most surefire way to dodge is to run to the side... the problem is as the fight goes on he starts combing the two moves together and that is likely going to be what does the most damage to you.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/592.jpg True Ending (G)

Finish the game obtaining the True Ending.


Requires you to defeat the 5 Messengers, Nameless in the third encounter, oppose Romeo and defeat him, and then beat the final boss.


The Final Bosses first form involves you destroying chains while he lobs easily dodged attacks at you. Eventually you have to wait for him to use the chains in attacks against you so you can damage them until he retracts them and then throws them back at you again. Can take a while but easy enough.


The second form is smaller and can put up a decent fight. He has his own moves but the majority of the fight will be him channelling previous bosses (you'll know which quick enough though the symbol on the pillar will also tell you). Him channelling Nascal was the most annoying for me as the ghost arms appear quickly and you're often right next to him as it happens.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/651.jpg Ending: A Premature Conclusion (S)

Finish the game obtaining the Early Ending.


In New Game+, in the first fight with Nameless, make sure to defeat him this time. Be aggressive as the time you have is quite limited so make sure to use the cutter to hit him when he jumps up to where you can't reach him. Beating him within the invisible time limit (ends soon after he has jumped out of reach twice) will get this ending.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/c79.jpg True Power (S)

Reach Level 20.


You'll get close doing everything on your first playthrough, more so if you use the XP booster weapons/equipment you'll find if you follow the item guide. Keep in mind the XP boosters do stack with each other but only apply for the character that kills the enemy, so if Ergo has all the XP boosters, then you should make sure to only kill enemies with him if possible. The two needed short new game +s and the partial one will certainly level you to 20.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/d29.jpg Ending: Just Too Competent! (S)

Obtain the Joke Ending.


Similar to the Early Ending, but this time let Nameless get away in the first fight. When you go to Nowhere for the first time and you're told to leave, instead keep going and it'll throw you into the third encounter with Nameless. Once you beat him, it'll put you into a fight with he Final Boss's second form. Beat that for this ending.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/6f2.jpg A Recurrent Memory (G)

Finish the game in New Game+.


The Early and Joke endings do not count for completing the game in New Game +, however the worst ending which requires the defeat of just four Messengers to become available does so do that one to save time.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/4624/c5d.jpg Ultimate Collector (G)

Find all items, weapons and artifacts.


Missable: Be mindful that killing Cat, Helmut, Strange Masks before they give their items will lock this out so never kill NPCs. In addition to this, while the item in Nowhere the first time you go there (Life Soul) you can get later, the item you get on the second trip there (Chronos Sand) seems to be missable.


Missing the items in Town of Iria, Forsaken Road, Mountain Pass at the beginning can be missed as can the weapon in the Core (Dark Omen) after the third Nameless encounter, the Dark Angelus from the secret boss, and any items Romeo provides you after the boss fights and still allow you to get this trophy... but grab them anyway because why not. Shop items are not required for the trophy either.


Items, Weapons, Artifacts, Keys, and Memories List.


TOWN OF IRIA (None of these items are required)

Life Fragment - After the jumping tutorial turn right and follow the small path.

Ensis - After your first battle, to the left is a area with the weapon.

Life Fragment - Instead of turning left to the exit, keep going to the dead end to encounter some enemies. The item is then on the right side requiring you to jump on a platform to reach it.


FORSAKEN ROAD (None of these items are required)

Life Fragment - After entering the area, turn left and it'll be in the first dead end you come across.

Uriel Ring - Following the above keep following the edge of the map until you reach the third dead end (which the little pool of water goes to).

Life Fragment - Following the last item you should spot this next item on top a rock you can jump onto the top of.

Magic soul - From the rock with the last item look around and you should spot this item on another rock to the west.


MOUNTAIN PASS (None of these items are required)

Life Fragment - After beating the 4 red orb like enemies at the start of the area, you should see two items right in front of you. One on top of a rock and another on an elevated area to the left of it. This one being the one on the left of the rock.

Erebus Ring - Keep going and defeat the Memory Knight. Afterwards, you'll see some small pillars you can jump on to make it to the item you saw on top of the rock.

Life Fragment - Keep following the path until you reach the double jump tutorial. The item is in plain view where they want you to double jump to.



Queen Azazel - Free Cat & Helmut Masks from the Mansion of Puppets, then talk to Cat Mask.

Nascal Mehirim Memory, A World of Puppets - Free Bird Mask and speak to him near the First Wing entrance in the Arcane Core.

Kusanagi No Kiba - Free Cat & Helmut Masks from the Mansion of Puppets, then talk to Helmut Mask to recieve the Red Jewel Sidequest, which you can find in Winter in the Fifth Wing at the end of the right path from the central area.


NOTE: I recommend checking all three Wings areas (don't advance in the 3rd Wing to Lia's Road, can't anyway on the 2nd, and then to go into the Mansion in the 1st wing). Reason for this is you can pick up some weapons in those areas which may prove useful for the Mansion.



Armor Core - After entering and descending some stairs there are another set in front. Run through the gap on the left of the stairs to the item, or alternatively just jump from the stairs to it.

Silver - After returning from "Nowhere", you'll talk with Elienai a bit. After that's done, the item is behind you.

Life Soul - At the moving blocks, stop when you jump on the third one. You should be able to see the item up where a dead end block goes up to, jump on it, let it lift, and then jump to reach it.

Meseguis Brooch - When you obtain the ability to use Magic Switches in the Inner Chamber, return here and shoot the switch from the block closest to the Outer Wall exit to spawn some platforms for you to get across. Then travel along another block, shooting each enemy as they appear to reach the item.


NOWHERE (First Time)

Life Soul - Hard to direct due to no map but basically ignore the warnings and keep going. Unless it's based on a timer when you get Ergo telling you he won't say to turn back again you're close. Look for the dead end where the item is... then exit as the threat is real.



Life Fragment - Keep going forward till you hit the wide area on the map. The right is the item.

Gae Bolg - You'll have noticed the Bomber enemy that spawns in the area who you've liked killed/he killed himself with no issue. If you follow the path making sure to keep an eye on the left, you'll see a flaming pillar. Exit the area to respawn the enemy and then run by him (can be a little tricky) so he doesn't explode and then get him to do so at the flaming pillar. Item is then right past the new path.

Jian - Back on the main path go to the end of it and with the exit to your left, go right.



War Core - The path towards the Hidden Wing will be blocked by a barrier. To the left of the stairs leading you to the barrier is this item.

Kurotsuki - There will be a block you have to move. Do so but only a bit as there is a hidden alcove you can double jump to from the block.

Gladius - Move the block to the end and then jump up to reach this item.



Life Fragment - When you reach the main room here and the Bearer notes the puppets, go up the stairs on the right from where you came from. Once at the top look up to see some planks. Jump up and get the item on them.

Spatha - From the planks you should be able to see an item next to a wall. You can simply jump from the planks to it.

Prison Key 1- Put in correct password in the painting in the Mansion Paintings Corridor (GRIMOIRE) to open the closest below the left staircase that has this.

Prison Key 2- From the Mansion Basement open up the shortcut leading back to the Mansion Main Body where Zero Mask will now be waiting. Talk to him and he'll give you a key

Ifrid - Enter the Password in the painting in the Attic (BOURLAGE)



Edamiel brooch - In the middle of the third room down with the painting in it.

Nascal Mehirim Memory, The Birth of the Artist - In the first room that's locked, requiring a switch press in the south of the Mansion Workshop to open.

Nascal Mehirim Memory, The Ultimate Work - Room 2 behind Lock 3.



Dark Schimitar - Instead of going south for the switch, go north and then take the right path to a dead end with the item.

Life Fragment - In the most northern room on a table.

Nascal Mehirim Memory, Night of the Council - In the same room as the Life Fragment.

Ki Soul - Same room as the fragment also, hidden behind a shelf near a wall.



Gabriel Ring - As you head south past the traps you'll grab it along the way.

Life Fragment - In the southern room with the switch.

Holy Claymore - On the right side you can take a path that leads back to the Mansion Main Body and a scene with zero mask. Do that and then come back and go up to the dead end where this item is.

Chronos - West of the southern room with the switch, behind lock 5.

Pertho Staff - Free all 8 prisoners to break the seal in the bottom right holding this weapon.


BOUNDARY OF WORLDS (None of these items are required)

Life Soul: Defeat Nascal the Puppetmaster and then talk to Romeo.

Angelus Shard: Defeat Nameless and then talk to Romeo.

War Core: Defeat Jonathan Kappel and then talk to Romeo.

War Anima: Defeat Druaga and then talk to Romeo.



Eight Stept - Your double jump can get on the big bookshelves. From there, get onto the balcony where the item is.

Shop Items - None of them count though the Prison Key is obviously needed for the platinum and the Paper Scrap is notable for giving you the answer to a painting in the Mansion (though if you look up the answer you don't need to buy it no).



The Right Eye - As you enter it is right in front of you.

Nascal Mehirim Memory, The Line - Opposite the painting in an opening


Note: Next I went to Wing 2 which can now be opened and goes to the Outer Wall.



Life Fragment - Right before the first wall blade you see.

Eriol Brooch - Past the blades you will see a block on the ground, jump on it, then double jump up to the item above you.

Rametek Ul Del Lux Memory, The End of the World - When you obtain the ability to use Magic Switches in the Inner Chamber return here and shoot the magic switch to make some platforms you can use to reach the memory appear.



Bone Katana - Approch the first staircase but don't go up, instead go to the space to the left of it.

Prison Key 4 - Approch the first staircase but don't go up, instead go to the space to the right of it. A simple floor trap puzzle will guard the key.

Genma Dagger - Tricky one involving the 3 Spinning Orb Switches. You'll notice each has a symbol and if you go to where Elienai is (to the right of the entrance), opposite her you can see what is clearly a passcode. Enter it (top to bottom) and then go down the path which the 4 looking marked switch is and keep running until you see a broken pillar which is where you can jump from onto the first of 8 spawning platforms. On platform 4 you'll have to wait until it's nearly gone, double jump and then land on platform 5 that'll spawn in the same location (use magic beam in the air for more airtime). Then make your way to platform 8 and double jump up to reach this.

Rametek Ul Del Lux Memory, A Child's Fate - Same as above but you'll have to double jump forward instead.

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Hinotori - After killing the enemies blocking your path to a Spining Orb Switch, activate it and then use the jumping panels but don't go all the way, instead jump to the side when you see the item.

Rametek Ul Del Lux Memory, The Prisoner - Instead of jumping to the side, this time go all the way which leads up to this memory.



Life Fragment - As you're going through the disappearing platforms, you'll notice this item in the air. Eventually the platforms will work their way towards it.

Rametek Ul Del Lux Memory, The Attack - Follow the disappearing platforms to the end.



Rametek Ul Del Lux Memory, The Eyes of the End - Right in front of you as you enter.

Nine Lives - Half way up the corridor there will be a hard to make out doorway. Enter it and to the left is the item.


Second Floor of the Arcane Core is now available which is where I went.


NOWHERE (Second Time when you go to the second floor for the first time)

Chronos Sand - Appears to be Missable and needed for trophy. Follow the path and it's on the end of the final walkway you got to drop down from to the big area.



Velez Seal - On the left path going by the map in plain view.


I then went back down to the third wing.



Core of the Fantasy - Right in front of you when you enter.



Life Fragment - From the entrance take the left path until you reach a dead end with a skull to destroy, a Noth to kill, and this item.

Magic Soul - From the entrance, head forward until there is a fork. Take the left path and you'll find the item.

Nature Bell - From the Magic Soul turn around and you should see a way up on the right, follow that for this next item.



Life Fragment- Take the stairs you see and it'll be to your left.

Ancient Lance - Right ahead of the previous item.

War Core - Looking at the Skull seal you'll see a little area to the right of it that contains this item.

Prison Key 5 - There are some stairs leading to a door that is locked the first time you're here. To the left of that, you should spot a bush that hides a hidden room with this key.

Bahamuth Tooth - Entering from the Great Plains entrance look down to the right to see this weapon.

Life Fragment - Heading towards the locked door, you'll spot a little dead end to the left which contains this item.

Jonathan Kappel Memory, The Fairy King - On the right side of the map you enter from the Great Plains, you can talk to Zero Mask again who will activate the Puzzle here for you which when done will make the Memory appear for you. (Two on the left white, two on the right black)



Jonathan Kappel Memory, The Mansion Without Windows - with a path to the Zodiac Temple to the south, go north until you see some floating blocks you can use to get up to the Memory.

Ki Soul - from the block with the Memory look north and you should see it in the distance.

Barakiel Ring - From the Ki Soul, head west until you hit the dead end with the red grass and tree. Strange Mask will be there also if you freed him and talked to him in the Inner Chamber.

Sword Breaker - Now head south towards the circle array of rocks and before reaching it, you'll find this weapon which is guarded by quite a number of enemies.

Jonathan Kappel Memory, Folklore - In the centre of the circle array of rocks, use the item you picked up the Lost Tomb, the Core of the Fantasy to receive this Memory.

The Left Eye - Head west from the circle array and you spot this weapon, again guarded by enemies.

Life Fragment - Head along the wall from the Arcane Portal Chamber entrance to find this item.

Jonathan Kappel Memory, The Heart of the Fantasy - From the Hidden Meadow Entrance head east and enter the area with the 5 pillars to be locked in with a Noth Queen Seraphim. Defeat her and then enter the little area that has this Memory.

Prison Key 6 - Right next to the avove Memory.

Magic Soul - Hug the wall east from the Prison Key and you'll find this item.


Headed to the Zodiac Temple from the Great Plains to clean the items there up.



Life Soul - From the scene head to the right to the dead end with this item.

Jonathan Kappel Memory, The Eternal Child - Defeat the Heart of the Mountain enemy which is easily done to spawn this Memory.



Life Fragment - When you enter it's right in front of you.


With 3 Messengers destroyed the Missing Wing located in the First Wing is now available.



Soul Fragment - Right in front of you.

Raphael Ring - Requires you to jump from block to block, some moving, some with spikes. At the end, press the switch and then quickly use the appearing platforms to make it to where this item is.


Then back up to the second floor of the Arcane Core and to the 5th wing as a number of things relating to the Prisoners happen there.



Life Soul - On your left as you come in.



Life Fragment - From the entrance head left to find this item.

life fragment- Going back to the entrance, this time simply go forward towards the middle.

Life Soul - From the previous fragment you should be able to spot this one in the space to the bottom left of the map.

Winter Rune - Head back to the centre of the map to find this item on a pedestal.

War Core - Behind the Spring Portal.



Life Fragment - Climb up the only block on the ground to reach a switch. Heading towards the switch you should have spotted a way to the left, take that left and then a right for the item.

Prison Key 7 - Turn around and go to the end and fall off, then make it to the other end for the switch. Go back up and on the area with the red pillars a block is there now which allows you to get the key.



Life Fragment - Enter the central area with the 3 Noth enemies and it'll be to your left.

Life Fragment - From the central area take the left path, then a right, and then another to reach a dead end with the item.

Life Fragment - Exiting the dead end you should spot some rocks you can climb on, do so to reach this next item.

Life Anima - Don't advance yet from the third Life Fragment and instead go down and keep following the path to the left to a dead end which is where Strange Mask is also.

Druaga Memory, The Bystander - Go back to where the 3rd Life Fragment was and this time jump over the crevice to the other side. When you come to an open area, take a left to reach this Memory.

Spring Envy - From the Memory go south but don't drop off. If you look to your left, you'll see this weapon slightly above you which you can jump to.

Red Jewel - Dropping down this time, take the right path in the central area and go to the end of the path ignoring the opening to the left. This item is what Helmut Mask wants.

Armor Core - Make it past the area with the big enemy and on to the next one with a Healing Crystal to your right as you come in. The item is to the left opposite the Crystal.

Autumn Rune - Follow the path to the locked Summer Door which has this Rune right outside it.

War Core - Once you have the Spring Rune open the door here and jump up to the pillar and then to the outside. Take the dead end to the left to find this item.

Magic Soul - Returning from the dead end, you'll spot this right next to the thin path you need to take.

Gnome Mask - On the thin path when you come to a split take the left path.

Life Soul - On the thin path when you come to a split take the right path.



Life Soul - Simply go to the other side of the room to find this item.

Mikael Ring - Once you make it to the Autumn entrance instead keep going by not don't drop off. You should see some blocks you can land on to then jump to the rightmost opening in the south of the map.

Druaga Memory, A Hollow Life - From the rightmost opening with the Mikael Ring jump to the opening to the left.



Defense Anima - Follow the straight path and take the dead end to the left.

Eternal Sands - Go to where the metal plate is for the solution to the Pillar puzzle and beat the enemies there. Then take the dead end to the right which has some spikes you got to jump. This artifact is on the other side of the spikes.

Druaga Memory, The Shrine of the Four Seasons - solve pillar puzzle by looking at the metal plate to the north and matching it with the pillars placement (Top = 4 & 2, Middle = 2 & 5, Bottom = 5 & 4). A room will then open with this Memory inside.

Ki Soul - From the metal plate with the puzzle solution take the right path of the circle area which has this item along the way.

Igniting Glare - In the middle of the centre path in the circle area in the north.

Spring Rune - Right past the Igniting Glare.



Vitra - Once you make it to the central blocks you can spot this weapon in a corner which you can jump to.

Life Fragment - At the top near the Spring Entrance this will be on the top right corner of the map.

Noah Ring - This will be on the opposite side in the top left corner of the map, though you got to drop down for this one.

Druaga Memory, The Avatar of Chaos - You'll spot the memory to the top left of the map at the top also, with a block you can't jump up to. The switch below you that is active for a long time and when you came across it seemed to move nothing in fact moves this block, however it's on a timer. Going back down activate the switch and quickly make it to the Memory.

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Summer Rune - Right in front of you.

Druaga Memory, The Time of a Life - Right in front of the Summer Rune there is a statue that hints to a puzzle solution for this Memory. (It tells you to invert the natural order of time. You'll see along the portal you came in there are 3 others that go nowhere, each marked with a symbol of the seasons. To invert the flow of time is to go from Winter to Autumn to Summer and finally to Spring. Doing that will spawn the Memory).



Velez Seal - In the centre of the floor.



Aegis - Predictably behind the throne itself.


FORSAKEN WING (unlock this by doing as you would for the worst ending until you get pulled out by Eleinai, then simply don't do the next step and continue with the game)

Apocrytus - Right in front of you.



Life Soul - Check the pots as you go up and this will be in one of them.

Naga Flute - After you jump down head up to find this artifact.



Life Soul - As you enter the area with the Shadow enemies look behind the wall on your left.

Dux - When you come to a split go to the right towards the dead end, and you'll see this on the way.

Armor Core - Taking the left path this time you'll see it to the left when the path widens out a little.

Malekith Memory, The First Meeting - You should see it on the path from the Armor Core.



Magic Soul - Right ahead of you.



Life Soul - Right ahead of where you start.

War Anima - When you get to the bit where the Bearer asks about the Sewer head left to this item in the dead end.

Lawgiver - A bit ahead you'll see a Dark Cloud come from the right and go left. Head to where the Cloud came from which has a simple wall spike puzzle. Beyond them will be this weapon.

Malekith Memory, The Last Battle - Together with the Lawgiver.

Slave Chain - Going back to the intersection don't go down where the Dark Cloud went and instead just go forward towards the dead end. This artifact is hidden in a box at the end.



Durandal - Its right to your right as you enter.

Malekith Memory, Endings and Beginnings - In the square area where you have to use the lights to avoid the Dark Cloud via the lights, go to the bottom of the square to find a passage that leads to this Memory.

Life Soul - The right side of the square is the way to proceed, however as you enter you'll see a little wooden platform on the right. Up there is a box you can destroy which has the item.

Life Soul - Ahead there is two archways. Stop after the first and look to the left to find this item.

War Core - Go past the second archway and look up to the left to see some boxes. Up there next to them is the item.

Life Fragment - Coming to a locked door you can go left or right, go right and then do so again and follow the path ignoring the opening on the right.

Blue Fire - Go back to that opening and carefully jump across to where the item is.

Malekith Memory, The Ultimate Nightmare - At the Life Fragment you'll have noticed a sealed door. To open it go back to the locked door (or where it was if you've unlocked it) and take the left path this time. Pressing the switch at the end will unlock the sealed door with the Memory.



Malekith Memory, Dark City - Right in front of you down the hallway.

Prison Key 8 - Take the left path to the end to find this key.

Dream Mirror - At the Key location there is a yellow mirror. You can walk through it to find this artifact.

Magic Soul - As you enter the hallway with the eyeballs on the wall, its to your right in the corner.

Ki Soul - In the middle of the hallway its behind a pillar on the right.


CORE (this is where you fight Nameless after beating the 5 messengers) (Not required)

Dark Omen - Near Nameless his sword will be on the ground, examine it to obtain it. Easily missable due to not being lighted like most items, but isn't required for the trophy.



Angelus - Given by Strange Mask in the south of the starting circle if you have followed his questline.

Life Soul - Same circle as the Angelus but in the east.

Magic Soul - In the north west of the bottom centre circle (the one above the starting circle).

war core - In the bottom right circle on a pillar near the door coming in from the middle bottom circle (got to go to the middle and jump on a pillar from there).

Ki Soul - West of the bottom left circle.

Hypnos - West of the middle left circle on a pillar. Due to the screen effect, the item is coloured white instead of purple as normal.

Abbaddon Ring - In the middle centre circle the way north is broken, the item is there.

Armor Core - West of the middle right circle in a pot.

Defense Anima - North of the top right circle.

War Anima - West of the top left circle.

Life Anima - On the water northwest of the top centre circle.

Old One - In the top centre circle, there is a staircase which has a pillar right at the start of it with this item. It's a little tricky but you got to go up it until you're above the pillar and then drop down.



Dark Angelus - Get it automatically when you defeat the boss.

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Not sure if anyone even checks here, but worth a shot. For Ultimate Collector, can you collect everything right before Baal? (Already have all quests done and the Chronos Sand) Or would I need to collect everything from the start in NG+? Also, I assume stuff carries over, so I don't have to collect everything in NG+ to get the remaining items?

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Not sure if anyone even checks here, but worth a shot. For Ultimate Collector, can you collect everything right before Baal? (Already have all quests done and the Chronos Sand) Or would I need to collect everything from the start in NG+? Also, I assume stuff carries over, so I don't have to collect everything in NG+ to get the remaining items?


You can get all the items outside the lone Chronos Sand while at the end of the game before the final boss.


Don't really have an answer to that. It is always safer to assume that you need to do it in one playthrough. As outside the one item that you have can all be gotten at any point at the end of the game I'd just go and find them on that save. In the process it'll get you a good amount of XP I'm sure for the level trophy.

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