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Clean Sweep of Pandora - Complete Sector Challenge Walkthrough


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Clean Sweep of Pandora (G)

Complete every Sector Challenge in the game.


Welcome to my guide for Clean Sweep of Pandora, a trophy awarded for completing every single Sector Challenge in Campaign Mode. Sector Challenges are side quests within each sector of Pandora which consist of fairly straight forward objectives which you can view and track by pressing :select: and hitting :square:. Many of the challenges are a recurring theme in each sector so the same strategy applies to most of the ones you have done before in a previous sector. Each faction (RDA and Na'vi) have their own set of challenges and so the criteria is to complete ALL sector challenges on EACH side to unlock this trophy, though it does not matter in which order you do this. Below is a list of all challenge types you will come across and a brief description of the nature of it.


Lift the Fog:


Each sector has a map, a mini version of which is in the bottom left corner of the screen whilst playing. Hit :select: to bring up a bigger version which shows the entire area and you will notice that your location is a light tone that indicates you have uncovered the shroud in your immediate vicinity, and the surrounding area which is overcast with a dark shade over it. All you need to do is explore the area to uncover the shroud and make the dark parts light. Note that as an Avatar you can cover ground on foot way faster than a human so this will take much less time but the Buggy and Gator boats are a perfect alternative if your a human. On a few missions you also get to pilot a Banshee/Scorpion Chopper so make full use of these. One thing about these challenges also is that it says to uncover the map 100% but if you push yourself right into the farthest reaches before actually uncovering the main areas with the white trails highlighted, you seem to get to 100% beforehand so is more like a good 75-80%. I can only suppose that it's to do with uncovering all of the mainland area but it doesn't specify that at all. All the same, just explore the map until you complete the challenge


Activating GMI's/Trees of Wisdom:


GMI's and Trees of Wisdom are teleportation modules which transport you instantly to any other GMI/ToW you have activated. They are all highlighted on your map even before the fog has been lifted above them so bring up the map to see where they are. To activate them you simply need to approach them and a message will pop up on screen to notify you that it is now active and the white circle on the mini map will turn orange. You don't have to use them for the challenge or find them in any specific order, you just need to activate them.


Enemy Kills:


This is simply clocking up a specific number of kills, normally on one specific kind of beast. How you kill them doesn't matter so long as you lay waste to enough of them to pass the challenge. Enemies tend to spawn in the same areas repeatedly so feel free to farm them if you wish but with the Lift the Fog challenge taking you through most of the map anyway, the chances are you wont need to farm anything.


Cell Sample Collection:


Quite often when you kill an enemy whilst on the RDA path, they will leave behind a cell sample which will be identified by a spinning token above where the body fell which you can obtain by approaching it and pressing :triangle:. There is no time limit to retrieve the sample but if you leave the area before picking it up it will have disappeared so make sure you don't forget to pick it up. The drops are random but are pretty frequent in ratios so you wont need to farm this one for too long. As Na'vi however, things go along way faster as many of the plants shine with a green glow and give a cell sample if you interact with it making this challenge for that faction a breeze.



Experience Points:


This one is a staple to all sectors and is the culmination of the total experience points you have earned in a sector. Experience points are earned for kills, tasks completed, other Sector Challenges completed and also completion of the actual Campaign Missions themselves. You should leave this until last as you will score a big chunk of the XP by doing every other Sector Challenge in the area and there's no real risk of coming up short before you head into the final mission of the sector but refer to each description for more info.


Installing/Destroying A-PODs:


An A-POD is an ammo recharge station, indicated by a green circular icon on your map. On all maps except Blue Lagoon they are not present to begin with until you first find them and press :triangle: to have them appear. In each case there are way more A-PODs that exist than what actually needs to be found so you don't need to find every single one and they are quite easy to spot in the scenery but you'll find a map for each sector that has this requirement showing every uncovered A-POD to help you with those. As Na'vi, your job is to destroy these A-PODs anywhere you find them. You can do so at close range or with a bow and arrow from far away if you wish and once destroyed they will stay that way so no farming them.


Those are the generic ones, there's a few unique ones which are all covered in the Guide below but the above pretty much sums up the bulk of challenges. The Guide sets out each area and then the challenges in that area starting with the RDA path of challenges, then Na'vi.


Hope the guide helps and good luck with the trophy :).

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Blue Lagoon


Lift the Fog (100%)


As stated in the introduction above, just explore the map as much as you can until you unlock the 100% requirement. I recommend playing through the campaign until you are made to be your Avatar on Kendra's instruction towards the end of the level, because you can get around much quicker and do this in half the time it takes to do as a human.


GMI Locations (6/6)


  • Landing Zone – This one is right next to you as you exit the chopper, simply go over to it and activate it.
  • Irrigation Bypass – The Western most GMI on the map, pass by it when you are on your way to Harper for the final part of the mission
  • Avatar Station – This one is in a camp you need to visit as part of the story so tag it before leaving.
  • Second Forward Camp – This one is slightly West from the first forward camp so just go directly left on the map from the first one to interact with this.
  • First Forward Camp – This one is directly south from the Landing Zone. Hop on a Gator and head down the river until you reach it and activate it.
  • Vacant Facility – This is the Southern most GMI, go down from the Avatar Station GMI to tag it


Viperwolf Culling (110/110)


There's not much in the way of a description here, the aim is to simply kill 110 Viperwolves which will accumulate fairly quickly the more you explore. One tip I would recommend though is to arm yourself with the Dual Wasps as soon as you begin this sector and kill ONLY with them. By doing so you will unlock the Weapon of Choice trophy which is unrelated to sector challenges but is a good trophy to grind out early instead of later on when you need to be packing something with a bit more of a punch.


Cell Samples Collection (20/20)


This will come naturally as you take out Viperwolves for the other sector challenge in this area. When you kill a Viperwolf, it will occasionally leave a spinning RDA token above its remains so run over and interact with it using :triangle: to pick up the cell sample. Simply repeat 15 times to satisfy the criteria of this challenge.


Experience Points (37,000/37,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.


RDA Path


Needle Hills


Lift the Fog (100%)


This is much easier than the last area as right after you pick up your first objective you are given command to pilot the Scorpion chopper on the helipad in the Ignazu Mining Complex. Hop in and simply sweep the whole map at your leisure until you uncover enough to satisfy the 100% quota. If you get shot down before you reach your goal, then it will respawn on the ground pretty much right where you crashed. If this happens, then locate the nearest GMI unit and make a dash for it. Once there, you can activate it and teleport back to the Mining Complex where a brand new chopper will be waiting.


Activating GMIs (5/5)


  • Mountain Camp - This one is in the North-West of the map and is in a crash site next to a downed Scorpion. It's easy to reach with the Scorpion but beware of the Viperwolves that prowl this area as you exit the chopper to activate it.
  • Ignazu Mining Complex - You will uncover this one on your way to the first waypoint on this level, it's inside the compound by the door to which you enter to trigger the first mission.
  • Rocky Plateau - This one is in the East, just slightly South of where you began this level. You will need the Scorpion to get to it easily but watch for Bloated Stems that surround it, they will rain down on your Scorpion as you come in to land and take off.
  • Upper River Bank - This is the one to the South-West of the map. The Scorpion can be brought down right next to the GMI unit so just hop out to activate it and jump back in to find the next one.
  • Abandoned Mine - This the South-Eastern most GMI unit. Use the Scorpion to pilot your way over there and bring her down to land before popping out and activating the unit.


Installing A-PODs (20/20)


A-PODs are the small docking stations which replenish your ammo. In Blue Lagoon they were all already uncovered and marked on the map but here they are all shrouded and must by found. They look like a pure light image of the station from the last level and you need to fix them by pressing :triangle: when near them to make them materialise and count as installed. See below for a list of all locations of A-PODs indicated by the green circles:




Bloated Stem Clearing (30/30)


Bloated Stem Cells are huge flora that grow on the sides of mountains and rocks which spit enormous explosive balls at you whilst piloting the Scorpion. There are literally everywhere on the map and shooting 30 down will take no time at all. The best tactic is to carefully edge closer to them keeping the aiming reticule centred on it until you see the green health bar appear then fire away with the cannon :r1:. You will be out of range and the cannon will chew them up real fast, just continue to pick them off in safety from afar and you'll clean up fast. Just for reference, I got mine taking out an entire cluster of them in the South-East area amongst the canopy by the GMI on the mini map but really you can find them everywhere you go.


Cell Samples Collection (20/20)


Same as before in Blue Lagoon. Random enemy types will sometimes drop a cell sample after dying so just pick them up as you go. There are also a good few patches of terrain which have small purple bushes about the size of a football which can be shot and often leave cell samples behind. Just gun down anything you find with a yellow diamond 'target' reticule over them and will often find a cell sample left behind. Pick up 20 and you're done.


Experience Points Earning (40,000/40,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.




Lift the Fog (100%)


You should get the idea by now. There are multiple ways to get around on this level with all routes accessible by a number of ways. There's a buggy by the GMI in the landing zone but I found it too cumbersome and preferred to run through the jungle to uncover the shroud which also gave me time to kill 80 Na'vi. Again the map need not be obsessively revealed, providing the white central lines to all passages are uncovered then you won't be needing much more.


Activating GMIs (6/6)


  • Abandoned Shack – This GMI is the central one of the cluster of 3 in the North. You can swing past on your way to activate the Harmonic towards the end of the level.
  • Boscage – This one is the North Western GMI located just outside of a Na'vi stronghold. Activate it whilst you uncover the fog for the other challenge.
  • Camp Anvil – This is the North Eastern GMI in the fortified base that you must go to to complete the level and also where you land when transporting here after completion. Tag it before boarding the scorpion.
  • Upper Wilds – This GMI is the one to the West located centrally on the map. You need to come here as part of the story so tag it when you get here before moving on.
  • Landing Zone - This one is located where you begin this level, just to the right of the dropzone. Activate it before moving on.
  • Stalker's Valley - This is the one in the South-East of the map, right at the bottom. You will likely come across this during your main mission progress to help out the RDI faction in this area.


Installing A-PODs (25/25)


Below is a map showing the locations of all A-PODs, indicated by the green circles. Press :triangle: when you see the prompt when stood close to them to activate them:




Na'vis Killed (80/80)


Now this will come naturally as FEBA is literally crawling with Na'vi warriors, the main story missions involve running battles with them and they exists between every waypoint so don't even worry about this one. Just remember to dodge the spear wielding fighters as they can overrun you if you're not careful, the best tactic is to shoot whilst retreating.


Cell Samples Collection (15/15)


Another super easy challenge and one that takes care of itself if you slay the 80 Na'vi needed for the other challenge in this area as most will leave a cell sample behind, not to mention the Viperwolves and various fauna you will no doubt kill whilst going between waypoints. Same as always, just approach them and press :triangle: to pick them up.


Experience Points Earnings (48,000/48,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.

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Grave's Bog


Lift the Fog (100%)


Thanks to the mission 'Stampede' during the main story you will uncover a good 20-25% of this map just by being on the back of the Swan vehicle. The rest is as normal and must be uncovered by foot so do as normal and uncover the rest of the map, though this is also a map which seems to satisfy itself as complete when it seems only 75% done.


Activating GMIs (5/5)


  • Windwash – This one is the one to the North. You will arrive here after your transportation via the Swan vehicle as part of the story mission 'Stampede'. Activate it when you regain control.
  • The Thicket – This one is the Northern-Western most GMI and is passed a couple of times going to and from waypoints relating to the shards. Tag it as you pass it.
  • Abandoned RDA Camp - This one is right next to the derelict bunker where you find the shard directly south from GMI #2. Activate it after clearing out the place of Sturmbeest and Na'vi.
  • Mowlaki Village – This one is in the landing zone at the beginning of the mission. Activate it before going any further.
  • Camp Zulu – This is the outpost in the South, central on the map and the waypoint after you collect the shard at the beginning of the level.


Installing A-PODs (30/30)


Same thing as before. Map below highlights all A-POD locations:




Sturmbeest Culling (40/40)


Sturmbeest are the dinosaur looking beasts that charge you and attack Camp Zulu early on in the level. After the attack you are told to lure them away by manning the turret on a Swan vehicle, this is a good chance to bag 10+ kills as you make your way North. The rest you will encounter on your travels whilst lifting the fog with a fair gathering in the Abandoned Camp where you must track the shard as part of the main story.


Cell Samples Collection (15/15)


You get the idea by now, shoot and kill enemies and pick up any cell samples they leave behind. The map on this sector isn't as free to negotiate as previous ones and you will need to travel great distances to get from point to point, thus enemy encounters are very frequent.


Experience Points Earnings (72,000/72,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.


Hanging Gardens


Lift the Fog (100%)


Again this map gives a very generous view of what constitutes 100%. This time I would advocate using the Buggy to get around as they are plentiful in supply and really cut down on travel time, just remember to keep an eye out for A-PODs on your travels and activate them as you swing by.


Activating GMIs (6/6)


  • Six Deep – This is the Northern most GMI, you will pass by it quite a few times on your journey across Hanging Gardens so touch it whenever you get the chance.
  • Thistle Hills – This one is in the North-East and accessible from The Drop by crossing over a tree branch bridge, there's a buggy after you cross over to get there faster.
  • Paradise Lost – This is the Central GMI in the destroyed compound. You will visit here early on in the level to talk to Batista so tag it before you proceed with that part of the story.
  • The Drop – This is where you start the level so as usual, head to the GMI and touch it to activate it before you go any further.
  • The Tangle – This one is in the South-West on the map on the winding trail. If you have a buggy you can steam past all the enemies and jump out to tag it before moving on.
  • Pitcher's Mound – There's a shard here related to the story so you will be coming this way regardless. Make sure you tag the GMI before leaving.


Installing A-PODs (25/25)


Also showing on the map below in Red is the location of the AMP suit which you can farm for the AMP Suit Scavenging challenge:




Hammerhead Culling (3/3)


These guys are massive and take a huge amount of fire power to bring down. They are located in the wide open areas of the map and most have an A-POD within their vicinity which is handy. To kill them, go head on. I tried the distanced approach but their heads can withstand much more damage than their bodies so break out the shotgun and just circle it, using the Berserk booster to multiply the damage dealt. Chances are you will get knocked down during the fight but you should come away victorious before you bleed out as long as you continue blasting away with that shotgun.


AMP Suit Scavenging (10/10)


AMP Suits are the weaponised mechs you can pilot in the game, across Hanging Gardens there are 10 busted up AMP suits in the overgrowth you must approach and press :triangle: to count as scavenged. However, there is a good glitch that allows quick and easy collection of the suit parts which basically consists of collecting the same suit part over and over. To do this simply collect one from any of the AMP suits, then quit the game and reload your save. Now go to the same suit and collect the part again, the game does not seem to record it as collected the first time or the fact it's from the same suit.


The easiest location to farm this is directly North-West of The Drop so use a GMI to get there first then head West and past the first gigantic bulldozer, then past a second one. There will be a fair amount of enemy units here but you'll notice an AMP suit propped up in the grassy area just behind the dozer just a tiny bit to the North of the upper-most A-POD. Collect it then quit out and repeat x10. See the map of Hanging Gardens in the 'Installing A-PODs' description above for an exact location of the suit.


Experience Points Earnings (109,000/109,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.


Plains of Goliath


Lift the Fog (100%)


Last one for the RDA and an easily achievable thanks to the Scorpion chopper you get mid way through. It spawns in the Central and Southern base and is required to get to the second part of the island but once you jump in you can of course chart a path around the whole map and be done with this one.


Activating GMIs (6/6)


  • RDA Mountain Base - This is in the North East, accessible later in the level. You need to stop here to rendezvous with your superior in order to get a mission that has you heading to the East so tag it before you head out.
  • RDA Outpost - You wont get to this until you get the Scorpion to get to this part of the map in the North, and as you go from East to West on this part it will likely be the last GMI you get to.
  • Central Command - This is the most central GMI on the map and is a key area in this level so you will come here quite a bit, tag it at any point before leaving to go to the North island.
  • Gamma Line - This is in the Southern part of the map to the West, just up from Beta Line. A story objective will take you past here so tag it on your way past.
  • Beta Line - This one is the South-Western most GMI and will be the second one you tag as your first objective on this level is to attack a Na'vi tribe in this area. Tag it before you move out.
  • Battlefield HQ - This one is the South-East GMI and is where you begin this level so touch it before you head out.


Installing A-PODs (30/30)


As always, ensure you install the requisite amount of A-PODs as you go around lifting the fog. The map below shows all the locations:




Cell Samples Collection (10/10)


As you've been doing consistently so far, continue to collect samples from fallen Na'vi and various fauna and wildlife until you reach this total which shouldn't take too long, certainly before leaving the first part of the island.


Na'vis Kills (100/100)


The enemy are plenty in numbers on this one as you might have expected. If somehow you reach the outer area where you are transported to another island to fight the Na'vi on a timer, just continue to kill the infinitely spawning hoards until the total is met.


Experience Points Earnings (58,000/58,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.

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Na'vi Path




Lift the Fog (100%)


This one will come real quick once you advance far enough in the story to learn to ride a Banshee. Once you do this you are free to go just about anywhere so don't worry about uncovering the map until then, and simply soar way above the ground to uncover the entire sector which should take all of 5 minutes.


Activating Trees of Vision (5/5)


There are 5 Trees of Vision around the map and just like for the RDA they are highlighted as white spots on your map and need only be approached to be activated and turn them from white spots to orange. As with lifting the fog, pay no attention until you get to ride the Banshee, then just swoop down and jump off to tag them before riding off again. Below are the locations just for reference:


1- Northern Edge

2- Vayaha Village

3- Ayawa Ikran

4- Eastern Edge

5 - Southern Edge


Destroy A-PODs (14/14)


There aren't too many A-PODs in this sector but still more than what you actually need. Once destroyed, they do not regenerate even after quitting and reloading thus new ones must be found to be destroyed. Below is a map which shows the location of all A-PODs in this sector indicated by green dots, just attack them with any weapon to destroy them (the yellow dot is where a fallen Ikran lies to worship for the other challenge).




Drones Destruction (15/15)


Drones are the flying objects that resemble tiny scorpion choppers that fly towards you if you get too close and explode on impact if you do not take it out first. Drones are everywhere you go practically, especially around combat zones so come in armed with a Bow from range and slowly advance until you can fix a lock on it indicated by the yellow marker and fire to take it down. They can also be melee attacked if you manage to time it right with an appropriate weapon but the bow and arrow is by far the better option.


Ikran Honoring (14/14)


Ikran are Banshee's that have met their end and lie dead across the region. To honour them you must approach them and hit :triangle: when you see the prompt. There are probably about 20 fallen Ikran around the sector and all are easily found due to them emitting a light glow but like the AMP suit parts for the RDA, the game doesn't seem to remember which you have honoured if you quit out and reload but keeps your tally intact. Because of this, there is ONE fallen Ikran marked in yellow on the map featured in the Destroying A-PODs challenge description, feel free to hunt for the others but you can just quit out and return to the same one 14 times over for a much faster way of doing this one.


Experience Points Earnings (43,000/43,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.




Lift the Fog (100%)


Swotulu is all on land so none of the climbing around like in Iknimaya but sadly there's no Banshee's to pilot to get the map uncovered faster. There are a few RDA compounds in the area too with perimeter fences around them, look for a slash in the mesh and attack it with any weapon to bust a hole in it to enter the area and uncover the shroud. The area is pretty hostile too so be on your guard and use the stealth skill to get past guards and soldiers to uncover the further reaches.


Activating Trees of Vision (6/6)


  • Cavern of Songs – This will be the last ToV that you will uncover as the location is blocked off until way later in the level.
  • The Clear-Cut – Go past this one to the East whilst you take out the diggers during the main story and pick up the Na'vi artefact behind it as well.
  • Hunter's Trail – This is the Central ToV on the map and you will activate it during the story mission when you break into the mining area.
  • The Clear-Cut – This one is also hard to miss as you keep on coming back this spot to get new missions, tag it on your first visit to get it over with.
  • Willowglade – This one is by the entrance to the barred area to the West. You can tag it once the path is open to you following events in the story.
  • Swotulu Village – This one is right beside you as you begin the level, tag it before moving on.


Destroying APOD-s (20/20)


Again there are a handful more APODs in this area that what is required to be destroyed for this challenge. Below is a map showing their locations as well as where to find all of the Na'vi Artefacts for the related sector challenge.



APOD-s = Green

Na'vi Artefacts = Yellow




Collect Na'vi Artefacts (20/20)


Na'vi Artefacts are the yellow glowing things suspended in some of the canopy trees. They are easily found due to the glow they emit and though most are ground level, some are on platforms you can access by running up the tree trunks that support them. See the map of Swotulu in the A-POD destruction challenge for this area for locations on where to find 20 artefacts.


Destroy AMP Suits (5/5)


Though you might think these would tear you to shreds, their gunfire is quite weak against you so don't worry about picking them off from afar as melee combat is definitely the way to go. There's one which always spawns in the South-West area if you leave and come back but during the story mission 'Wrench in the Gears' you invade an RDA mining complex. There are 2 AMP suits stood empty before going down the mining ramp, these count so destroy these for 2 easy kills. After heading down the ramp you are ambushed by 3 piloted AMP's, hit stealth and run to the nearest digger then lure them over with an arrow. When they give chase, play cat and mouse around the digger attacking them with melee weapons before retreating to safety using your health restore skill whenever it recharges. It takes about 2-3 minutes of this to see them off and that's 5 AMP suit kills for the challenge.


Experience Points Earnings (60,000/60,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.


Toruka Na'ring


Lift the Fog (100%)


Same as usual. It's quite a small map and there's none of the standard multiple ways to get somewhere so you'll uncover the map fully just by completing the story missions.


Activating Trees of Vision (6/6)


  • Willow Tree – This is the last ToV you will encounter, it's right beside the willow tree that you must place the shards around to approach it before ending the level.
  • Sanctuary – This area is subject to a story mission whereby you need to fight off 32 RDA attackers. Once done, approach the ToV to activate it.
  • Rehab Center – You need to pass through the Rehab Center to progress with the story, once out the other side talk to your allies then approach the ToV to activate it.
  • Owame – This is the one right beside you when you start the mission so touch it before going anywhere.
  • Animal Study – This will be the second ToV you encounter, just a short way from the beginning of the level. It's hard to miss as you need to pass it to continue.
  • Greenwalk – This ToV is located a little past the RDA base where you take down the Dragon. The first shard is close to this one so touch it when you come to get that.


Destroy A-PODs (30/30)


Unlike the last mission there's plenty to spare here and they are all pretty much in plain sight making this one of the easier challenges for destroying A-PODs. Below is a map of the area showing all available A-PODs.




RDA Soldiers Kills (80/80)


This one will rack up fast, the place is teaming with RDA, especially the last push from the Rehab Center to the Willow Tree so this one will come in no time. All kills count including AMP Suit guys so hack/fire away until this one is done.


Cell Samples Collection (20/20)


Weird one this, cell samples are literally everywhere as you will have noticed so this one is a bit of a giveaway. All you have to do is approach the green glowing flowers and fauna and pick up the cell samples from them, this might well be the first sector challenge you achieve on this level.


Experience Points Earnings (70,000/70,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.

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Va'erä Ramunong


Lift the Fog (100%)


Another map with multiple ways in and out of areas so this one will take quite a while. There's a couple of paths that run high above the scenery and stretch for ages but neither matter that much as you can pass below them.


Activating Trees of Vision (5/5)


  • Umkansa Village – North West of the map, you will visit this village as part of the story so just tag the ToV before you leave.
  • Camp Echo – This is the one in the North East and again you will come to this area to speak to Bend'dyamo just before you mount the assault for the last shard. Touch it before going in.
  • Tsmuke Village – Once again you need to come here as part of the story so don't worry about hunting for it, tag it before leaving.
  • Tilikaru Village - This is the one right beside where you begin this mission to swing past it to tag the ToV and start off your journey.
  • Koo Tsura Village – This is in the South East and again you'll need to come here as part of the story missions so tag this before leaving.


Destroy A-PODs


This one has a few more than required but it still makes good sense to destroy any that are close to you before you move along. Below is a map showing all A-POD locations in Green.




Cell Samples Collection (20/20)


Once again it's an easy challenge here, just continue to pick up cells from fallen RDA and the fauna that have green glowing light shining from them. 20 should take no time at all if you make an effort to pick up every cell sample you come across.


RDA Soldier Kills (100/100)


You are sent on plenty of missions in this one to get you 100 kills easily, not to mention the small outposts scattered all over the map. Same as always, use your skills to your advantage when dealing with a small unit and pick off any from afar with your bow when you have sufficient arrows.


Experience Points Earnings (110,000/110,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.


Kxania Taw


Lift the Fog (100%)


This is another linear level so thankfully there's no coming back and forwards but the ravines are wide so ensure you scout enough of them before passing to the next areas.


Activating Trees of Vision (6/6)


  • Eywa's Walk – This will be the last ToV you pass on your way to the Willow Tree, tag it before you proceed.
  • Refuge – This will be the first ToV you pass, it's on a very narrow passing so is very hard to miss.
  • Excavation Site – This is the fifth one on your path, just after a group of RDA attack you. Tag it before moving on
  • Lakebed – This is the second ToV on your route, tag it very early on in the level after you clear the area of RDA soldiers.
  • Spearhead Camp – This one is at your starting position so gather your mission objective and tag the tree before you move out.
  • The Ribcage – This one is the fourth ToV on your route, toe Southern most one. Tag it before you progress with the story.


Destroy A-PODs (25/25)


With this being linear it helps hugely not to have to keep making a detour just for these and they are out in the open so easy to spot. Below is a map showing all A-POD locations in Green.




RDA Soldier Kills (110/110)


This one is fairly well numbered in that when you finish this one up, you should have just about slain enough RDA to meet this quota. The last shard is in an RDA base that keeps spawning soldiers it seems so farm any here you need but there shouldn't really be any need.


Cell Samples Collection (25/25)


As always, make sure you pick up each and every sample you come across both in the fauna and from fallen soldiers. 25 will take you no time at all if you are collecting every one you pass and will be your first completed challenge.


Experience Points Earnings (56,000/56,000)


See the introduction for a generic guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.


Plains of Goliath


Lift the Fog (100%)


Same thing as always. You will obtain a Banshee after killing Batista and Winslow to access the northern part of the map so use it to soar way above the canopy and uncover the entire map at rapid speed.


Activating Trees of Vision (6/6)


  • Din Da'alo – This one is in the North and you will come across this camp during the story as you advance on your last target, Savoy. Tag it before heading down to take him out.
  • Na'vi Lookout – This is the one in the North-East of the map, there's nothing here story wise so you'll have to purposefully come and find this one but you can use your Banshee to get here so it's not a great hardship.
  • Central Command – This one is the central one on the map, it's a little bit north from the RDA base where you take on Winslow.
  • Imswota – This is the Western ToV and the one next to where you begin so tag it before going off on your first mission.
  • Mei-Chu Span – This one is in the South-East and once again there's nothing story related to bring you to this region so you will need to make the trip over to tag it, feel free to wait until you get the Banshee.
  • Nen Na'ay Village – This one is in the South-West, you will come here to be given your second target to eliminate so tag it before you leave.


Destroy A-PODs (30/30)


30 A-PODs seems quite a lot but there's 40+ on this level so you can afford to overlook a good few. Below is a map with all A-POD locations indicated in Green:




Cell Samples Collection (10/10)


This is probably the easiest challenge to complete in the whole game. 10 samples should take you about 2 minutes searching your immediate vicinity and collecting the samples from the plants. You could stack this 10 times over by the time you complete this level.


RDA Soldier Kills (100/100)


With it being the final area, RDA are everywhere on this level and in the heavier conflict zones they seem to just respawn endlessly. You should have slain 100 by the time you make your way over to the second part of this level and battling the RDA against the timer before you reach the dormant Well of Souls but if not, just continue to kill grunts here until the challenge is complete.


Experience Points Earnings (110,000/110,000)


See the introduction for a generic Guide to this Sector Challenge as the same applies to all Experience Point challenges across all sectors.

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