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How am I supposed to finish this game?


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I got to the very end of the game trying to get back to the Queen's quarters. I find one of those shortcut sewers in Buckingham Palace and decide to take it to Palace Underground, hoping that would save me time. Instead, my route is cut in Palace Underground, so I try to use the sewer to go back and I'm getting no prompt to use it. I kill myself hoping that would somehow solve things, but the game makes me go back and get my stuff so I end up stuck in the same situation. Still can't use the sewer or progress. I tried closing the game and reloading. No luck. I'm convinced that I'm completely stuck at this point but I'm probably overlooking something. If it's that I have to run from my home base all the way to where I need to go I'd still be fucked since there's no other way to reach my stuff besides using the sewers.


Edit: I backtracked all the way to the other side of the door that is locked in that room and I can't access it. Even though it's only barred from the side I was on of it. I'm almost sure that I can't beat the game now.

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So I guess the issue is that I wasn't supposed to be able to travel through the sewers since they all become "locked" after a certain point in the story. And then killing myself in the area I was stuck sealed my fate as I have to recover a certain item to further progress in the story. For whatever goddamn reason it lets me use the sewer to the room I'm stuck in but it won't let me out.


I guess that's it, then. I'll just toss this game aside and hopefully forget about it. Not messing with this broken ass piece of shit again.

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