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Co-Op Partners Thread (Read First Post!)


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Co-op Boosting Thread




What your post should at least include (but not limited to):


  1. Your PSN ID
  2. Online trophies you're wanting to boost
  3. Your time zone


Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner.



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Looking for an efficient people to farm end game materials, namely:


Ominous Crystal

Glowing Crystal

Large Ultra Hardened Crystal

Large Titan Armor Fragment


By efficient, I mean picking a strong character like Levi, having decent gear, and going for mats before the nape. Also not having so much ADD you can't wait for text to stop showing before killing the final boss before the dire spawns.


PSN: DPakAttack

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Just cleared up the normal mode with everything on S and all dire subjugations.

I guess i need help on TAM.


My ID is Karamutengo


Please when you send a friend request, inform that you are from here or at least mention A.o.T


Mostly available on weekend. During the week play a litle at night (europe time zone)

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