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Platinum Difficulty?

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I'd give it a 2/10, but like Gho-Zti mentioned, it is skill dependent. I was going to have it completed in about 8 hours, but a crash caused my savegame to corrupt (should be fixed with the 1.01 patch now though).


The most trouble I had was in the Midnight events, particularly the "2x perfect drifts" - you can just chip away at each of the requirements for an event and then restart it aiming for another requirement.


You don't need to complete all five requirements in one run to pass the event, thankfully.

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I personally gave this a 4/10, most of the trophies are easy but there are a couple of event challenges in the midnight tracks that took me lots of attempts to get (20x multiplier and 2 perfect drift lines), aside from those it would probably be a 2/10.


Once I got used to the game it definitely became easier with manual transmission and a harder difficulty setting, this allows you to drift faster/longer and manipulate your speed using the gears.


This was quite a fun little game, I'd recommend if the price is right.

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