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Unreal (Gold) is currently free on Steam.

Everyone, do yourselves a favor and add this to your Steam profile. It's free so you've got nothing to lose. I'm getting all of my buddies to add it too - if anyone is ever looking to link up for some private matches of visceral old-school twitch shooting, hit me up on here or Steam.


Happy 20th birthday Unreal!


Also, if you link your Steam account to Fanatical, you can obtain Distraint: Deluxe Edition for free!

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Insurgency is currently free on Steam for 48 hours.


^ Thank you! I grabbed it! :)


I highly urge everyone to play this game!


It's one of my favorite FPS titles of all time, and it's incredible what it achieved on the Source engine. The graphics, while a bit dated, still look beautiful for an indie title on the Source engine, the sound is fantastic, and the gameplay itself is some of the most incredible military FPS combat I've ever experienced. It blends simulation style shooters and titles like Counter-Strike into one seamlessly visceral experience.


I used to play this title competitively during the first season that DLG was started, but didn't continue outside of that. Life got a little too real outside of gaming, but it was an awesome experience.


The second standalone game is on its way, Insurgency: Sandstorm. It's currently in a pre-order exclusive beta, and once that ends in a week or so, another one will be up until the launch of the game. Unfortunately, at the moment, the beta is fairly unplayable due to server issues and some technical issues. I've played about two hours total and I don't really have any urge to go back until its released - it literally just makes me want to play the original, haha.


Due to the hype of the new title and the title going free, this game saw over 100,000 concurrent players over this past weekend, which was a new record for it, whereas it never broke 16k in the past.


If you're a fan of FPS games, you're doing yourself a major disservice by not playing this game. You've been warned! :p

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For Honor (Starter Edition) is currently free on Steam.

Well this is interesting.


While I hate the starter editions, and find them to be a waste, at least for the multiplayer aspects of Ubisoft games, I'm not going to pass this guy up, haha... While I don't really have any interest in the title, at least from a multiplayer standpoint, I'll definitely give the single player a shot.


I hear KB+M is atrocious and the multiplayer, across the board (regardless of console) is pretty lackluster and unbalanced. I guess I'll finally get to see for myself!

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