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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

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I'm looking for players to boost the Overwatch trophies. Send me a message !


My missing trophies:


- Slice and Dice (Genji)

- Waste Not, Want Not (Reaper)

- It's High Noon (McCree)

- Roadkill (Junkrat)

- Raid Wipe (Torbjörn)

- Rapid Discord (Zenyatta)

- Enabler (Ana)

- Halt State (Orisa)


ID: Zero-Absoluty

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I just want one trophy really bad:


Junkrat's Roadkill!!!


Orisa trophies as well but not that badly.


Of course i would help in return just want some people so that its easy and fast while doing it


PSN-ID: o0OMarshallO0o

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Hey! I need HELP with these trophies.


Trophies I Need -


Orb of Discord (Zenyaya) (Main Priority)

Enabler (Ana)

Hack The Planet (Sombra)

Power Outage (Sombra)

Halt State (Orisa)

Overclocked (Orisa)


I can play after 1pm on weekdays. Eastern Time Zone.

PSN - Onigiri_Fiend

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Me and 2 friends are looking to boost both Orisa trophies, willing to help out with all others in the group too, down for a 3-4 hour long session to get it all done (one friend could also do with mccree 4kill / zen rapid discord if there's time) add me and let me know if you have a group with space for 3 people



PSN: HarlemThorne

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Looking to boost.


PSN: Pekanpai


Rapid Discord and Orisa are my main priority, but I need a lot.


Willing to boost most anything, I know how everything works.


Eastern Time Zone: 4:45 pm as I write this.

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I need a boosting friend or team for combo trophies and zenyetta trophies , i can play Zarya but i need a zarya as well for my 4 multikill ult kills.


Please add me if you have formed a tean or want to form one , im available almost everday.





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Looking to boost:

Rapid Discord

Rocket Man

The Path is Closed

Slice and Dice

Their Own Worst Enemy

It's High Noon


Simple Geometry

The Dragon is Sated

Mine Like a Steel Trap


I am your shield

Hog Wild

Mine Sweeper

The Floor is Lava

Hack the Planet

Power Outage

Halt State



PSN ID: mrturnoff


GMT +3


Reason: trophies bug me. I mean, trying out new characters is good, but getting some of the trophies is a chore.

P.S.: Sorry if the list is too long. Thanks.

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Hello. I'm looking to boost, and help boost, trophies with the game.

However I need all of them still.

I have read and understand the method for making a boosting lobby.


My PSN ID is the same as my name here: Bluewarwolf

Please message me in game if something is already set up or you are looking to set something up. I have the PS Messenging app so I can get messages anywhere.


Adding me for team play is also fine.

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Looking to boost the few remaining trophies. I've never boosted in this game before - so I am willing to join up with a group! Please send me a PSN message. My time is pretty limited right now; as my wife and I have a 2 month old baby.


PSN: TikiMan311


Trophies: Rapid Discord, Lucio's wall riding elims, both of Orisia 's, teleport 20 players as Sym, hack 6 enemies as Sombra, Hanzo's 4 kills with dragon, 4 kills self-destruct, zarya high charge for 60 seconds, genji 2 kills with reflect, solo clip kills reaper, 4 kills tank bastion, 5 armor packs Torb.


Time zone: EST

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PSN - JamesHowell91


Timezone - GMT (play everyday from 6.30 GMT to around midnight GMT so i'm always available)


Hi all,


I'm after one person who wants to boost the following trophies or some of the other trophies that can easily be done by meeting up with each other in a discreet location on the map:


The Path is Closed - Destroy 3 of Symmetra's teleporters in a game;

Waste Not, Want Not - Get 3 solo kills with a single clip of Reaper's shotguns;

Smooth as Silk - Kill an enemy with a scoped headshot while airborne;

Mine Sweeper - Destroy 10 traps or turrets using Winston's Tesla Cannon without dying;

The Floor is Lava - Get 3 Killing blows while wall riding as Lucio;

Hack the Planet - Hack 15 enemies withou dying as Sombra.


I would also be happy to play with somebody on the same team to try and get the following:


Huge Success - Teleport 20 players.


I'm also keen to get into a largee boosting group to get the following trophies:


Overclocked - Amplify 900 damage with a single use of Orisa's Supercharger;

Rapid Discord - Get 4 kills or assists with Zenyatta's Orb of Discord;

Halt State - Pull enemies into 1000 damage with Orisa's Halt!;

Power Outage - Hack 6 enemies at once as Sombra.


Using the 3 player method for Halt State and the 3v2 method for Rapid Discord might be easier than a full 12 player lobby.


Send me a message as I'd like to get some of the above ticked off as soon as possible.

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Looking for people to team up with and help each other get trophies.

Happy to join both smaller and larger groups to get whatever is possible.


Top of list: The Path is Closed, The Floor is Lava, Mine Sweeper, Waste Not Want Not & Power Overwhelming


Timezone is GMT. Mondays and Tuesdays I'm available all day. Every other day can play 9pm - 2/3am


PSN: S-imon

Send message/request

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