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I gave this an 8 for one reason and that's the Ultra Nightmare trophy because the game is a major PITA on that difficulty but everything else is 3/10 easy.

It can be made easier if you watch the speedruns it's a trick that most of you all NEVER mention is speedrunners have a knack of finding hidden exploits in games to make things easier there is one such off map sort of exploit that let's you skip the last fight ... if you pic the chapter it's let's you skip the initial fight and start as soon as you reach outside and jump down the two fights after that are pie and then the off map glitch to the end of the stage simple.

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4/10 for me, i made sure nothing was ever made too easy, as in i did my first and only run solely on Ultra violence. Some tricky parts here and there that will get you retrying several times and you will often get bombarded by a load of strong enemies pelting you with attacks but the upgrades make life alot easier, as does the BFG weapon which wipes out big enemies in an instant. Overall a very good game the main campaign anyway but the one thing that does let it down is the super buggy collectible and challenge registry, constantly confusing the hell of you resetting and undoing themselves. But i never really had a trophy glitch on me regardless of that. One bad one for me was on the second last level where you have to glory kill imps in 5 different ways, the count got stuck once and couldnt get the challenge done at all until i re-did the level and then i could reload the level again and they all counted. Upgrading all runes and weapons and fetching any remaining collectibles youre missing can take a while and is a real grind. Quite a fun platinum nothing extremely hard just plagued by bugs which leads me to think they rushed to released this, but big Doom fans will love it. Can't say its anywhere near as hard as Doom 3 BFG Edition as that required 8 different playthroughs along with playthroughs of the classic games on the highest difficulty which considering the ages of the games could prove very difficult at times. Another letdown was the fact that Doom 3 BFG edition had a whopping 66 trophies whereas this had just 34, half that amount, shame.

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I think the difficulty of the Platinum really depends on which difficulty of the game you choose to play as well as whether or not you use the glitch for "A Toe Into Madness". Personally I don't like playing games on the easiest difficulty my first time through, so I played on Hurt Me Plenty and used the glitch for the previously mentioned trophy.


My experience lead me to vote 4. Nothing too bad here but I gotta say, I'm surprised not that many people have mentioned it but I found a few of those Rune Trials really damn tough.


Incredible game, definitely my favourite of 2016 so far. Some of those SnapMaps are really well done. :applause:

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Game is pretty damn easy. Because the trophies allow you to play on the easiest difficulty from the get-go there's no real difficulty here. Ultra-Nightmare on the first chapter can be annoying but it's only 10-15 minutes long at best so it shouldn't give you any troubles.

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Uh, I'm in the minority so I'm voting a 7. This was based on playing the game straight with no cheats or exploits.


It was all about (B)Toe into Madness. Ultra Nightmare is no joke where one charged shot will kill you (or two normal hits). The imps could land a fireball on your nose over walls and around corners. However, if you go slow and use the charged shot on the shotgun you'll get through. The rest of the campaign was easy and some of the collectibles will require you to consult a guide.


Multiplayer and snap maps were easy to do, but I think the 3 coming DLC MP packs will add a lot of time and difficulty to the 100%.


I had no trophies glitch. I completed a level and then replayed the same level through mission select to find the rest of the secrets etc.

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