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PS4 Co-op Partners Thread (Read First Post!)

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Co-op Boosting Thread



  • Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap


What your post should at least include (but not limited to):


  1. Your PSN ID
  2. Online trophies you're wanting to boost
  3. Your time zone


Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner.





Use this thread to find PS4 co-op partners, boosting, and for DLC.

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Want a good partner for Mercs.. This was my favorite game mode and I was really good, rusty now since its PS4... add me if you need somebody to play with. Trying to unlock all characters and costumes again. Not really needing to boost trophies, maybe some of the MP ones.


PST Time zone (Washington State)



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Hey, we are looking to boost all trophies in Survivor DLC which require at least three players. We are two atm. and planning to boost these trophies at 7 p.m. today (30th March, GMT+2, central European time)

If you are interested, please send me a friend request a.s.a.p.

Don't forget to type "RE6 Survivor" when send the friend request, thank you ^^


PSN: ferryjan


UPDATE: boost team is full



Edited by ferryjan
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Looking for some partners to boost all online trophies


PSN: hasegawa2010



  • Weekday (excluding Friday): 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
  • Weekend (including Friday): Anytime if necessary


Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)


Please put "RE6" in the message when you send a friend request.


Thanks :)


UPDATE: I'm done with online trophies.

Edited by LD2013
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I'm looking to boost all 4 DLC packs and their respective trophies.


I'm on most weekdays from 2pm-6pm GMT and then after from 10pm-12am GMT. I'm U.K based. I'll be on these times till April 18th and then it goes back to 7pm-11pm GMT.


My PSN username is - Dark_Stephiroth.


Please put RESI6 Boosting in the friend request or I'll probably end up ignoring it.



Edited by Dragonsoul
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I never got to finish this on PS3 due to my ex getting to scared... So I'm looking for someone I can just enjoy the game with, and boost the online trophies for DLC as well.


GMT -5, US Eastern Time


Available most week nights, and all week ends.


PSN: CorpusDelecti

Adding is set to private, so please send a message about RE6, and I will gladly send a request ^.^

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Looking for a Boosting partner or team for Onslaught, Predator, Survivors and Siege DLC.


Available on weekdays from 12pm -6pm GMT till 18th April. AFTER this date then I'm back to 7pm-11pm due to being back at work. I'm UK based so partners from EU are preferred due to time difference but I will boost with anyone as long as the time is right.


I have a mic.


PSN - Dark_Stephiroth. Please put in what you what game and times with friend invites as blank ones will be ignored.


Help will be most appreciated.

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