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Oh, it's you again... It looks like you've been busy since we last met.


That's right. The April Fool's "announcement" was no hoax. We've kept our mouths shut for a good while on this, so we figured a single day to hum and haw over our video wouldn't kill anybody. THL is back, and it's returning with some style.


This thread shall serve as an overview of the competition, including the rules, regulations, frequently asked questions, and other pertinent information. In addition, this is the main discussion thread, so keep all of your wheeling, dealing, and poking fun at each other in here. Keep it civil though, or else. *shakes fist*


For those of you not in the know, THL stands for Trophy Hunters League, and is a competition wherein you are tasked with earning as many trophies as possible throughout the duration of the event. If earning lots of trophies sounds like your kinda thing, read on, and join up!





Oh, you don't know who you are..? Maybe we should leave it that way?


THL 8 ends at 00:00:00 July 1st, 2016. Click here to see a countdown.


THL 8 will have a similar base to previous runs of the competition, which some key changes. The following is a quick overview of the competition:

  • Each team will consist of 6 players.
  • You must be a member of a team in order to participate.
  • The competition will run for 1 month, from June 1st to June 30th (Countdown to event start).
  • There will be no playoffs.
  • Given the above, this is a straight race to the most trophies by the end of one month.
  • Each trophy is worth 1 point regardless if it is platinum, gold, silver, or bronze.
  • All participants must keep their PSNP (PSNProfiles - PS4 Trophies, PS3 Trophies, PS Vita Trophies & Trophy Cards) trophy cards up to date regularly. Trophy counts will be tracked via PSNP, and the leaderboard will be updated on a regular basis. Participants MUST update their cards at LEAST once per week, or risk disqualification.
  • Further to the above, you absolutely MUST update your PSNP trophy card just before the event begins, so we will have an accurate tally of your trophy count.
  • There will be three awards. Check the post below this one (or click here) for more information on the awards.
  • All trophies count. Autopops, Japanese trophies, Visual Novels, hard trophies, easy trophies, Shareplay, everything. As long as you're following Sony and PST Terms of Service, you're doing it right.
  • Further to the above, physical game sharing is allowed. If you have a buddy living next door to you with a pile of easy games, good job, you're in the running for luckiest participant.
  • While sharing your physical games is allowed, the organization of such is NOT to be done on this site for liability reasons. Convene over Skype or something else, not here.
  • Further further to that, as stated regarding the ToS, digital game sharing is not allowed under any circumstances, as it breaks the Terms.
  • Hidden trophies are permitted, and will be tracked. You MUST have the EXACT SAME amount of hidden trophies at the first and last trophy check, or risk disqualification.
  • Refer to the Rules & Regulations for more nitty-gritty details.

As I'm sure many past participants will attest to (myself included), two months is a long grind, and it sort of becomes all-encompassing. It doesn't feel so much like a race as a grind. We've shortened the competition to one month which should help it to feel like everyone can accomplish something without having to win the lottery in order to buy enough games to play for two months nonstop.


We've also removed the playoffs as they can tend to complicate things. I'll admit that I've had fun with the playoffs personally in the past, but this time we're looking to simplify things a bit. Your only real goal here is to get many trophies. With past THL competitions, many users held back trophies so they could have a better chance at winning the playoffs; this time, you will want to go total ham and earn many trophies as quickly as you can, simple as that.


In keeping with simplicity as a theme, we're coming out up front and making one thing in particular clear: all trophies count. Do you have 6 copies of Sound Shapes you haven't touched yet? Hot damn Moneybags, you're well on your way (also perhaps a tad wasteful with your money!). Do you have a pile of JP VNs with half hour plats? Let me know when you're done with them. A point of contention in the past has been "what is fair?" in regard to this competition, and it needs to be said, if you have a ton of money and want to throw it at a bunch of easy trophies, that's totally fair, how else do you get trophies if not by buying games? Anyone who can buy Fallout 4 can afford to import a visual novel, it's all about priorities. Do you wanna win this competition or do you want to have fun playing what you play? That's up to you as an individual.


Lastly, as with any competition on PST, you need to adhere to the Sony and PST Terms of Service. There's not been much issue with this in the past, but it bears saying regardless - account sharing is not allowed, and is a bannable offense. Whether you're participating in the competition or not, conduct yourself in the same manner as you would any other day on the site; a competition isn't an excuse to spam, harass, name and shame, etc.. Keep it clean. Realistically you should all be too busy earning trophies to bother hating on each other anyway!





I'm not going anywhere, as you can see...


Refer to the list below for links to the threads related to this THL:

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A picture is starting to take form here... I wonder if it's accurate.


What would THL be without awards to earn? Crappy, that's what. We've stuck with the typical amount, keeping it to 3 awards total, but with some slight adjustments. Read on, fair... reader...



MVT - Most Valuable Team




This award will be given to the absolute top performing team.


This THL will NOT have playoffs, so it is a straight race to the finish line; you have one month to earn as many trophies as you possibly can. The team with the most trophies earned at 11:59:59pm on June 30th will win the award for each member of the team.



MVP - Team MVP


http://i.imgur.com/Ta5YvEC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/cy9AD0i.jpg


This award will be given to the top performer of each team.


This is a fun new twist on the traditional MVP award. It's always been kind of deflating to see a few people jump into the obvious lead early on, and knowing that you'd have to basically quit your job to compete with some of the crazy trophy hunters around here. Now, your primary competition is your own team! Even if your team isn't going for the MVT award, you can compete within your own ranks for this award. It's a fun new dynamic that I'm really excited about, and you should be too. Or else.



Do you like hurting other people? - Mystery Third Award


http://i.imgur.com/XqXLU9b.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ehANo1x.jpg


The third award this THL will shine a light on the completionists of the site!


The top 30% of participants with the most completions will be awarded handsomely (with a 32x32 icon on a trophy forum (this forum)). So if we have 100 participants, the top 30 participants in regards to completions will earn the award; the more participants, the more people will earn the award. Expect some fierce competition out there!


Check here for more info: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/trophy-hunters-league/285741-thl-8-3rd-award-announcement-signup.html

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I'll spare you the pleasure!

  • You must have 250 posts when signed up, and have been a member since at the latest March 1st, 2016.
  • If you are a subscriber, the post count requirement is waived.
  • New PSN accounts are not allowed to be used in the competition. Only PSN accounts older than this thread are eligible to enter. You must use your main account; accounts created for other regions, etc., are not allowed.
  • Any concerns at all regarding THL are to be directed to an ED.
  • Any concerns regarding an ED are to be directed to Mendel, or any of the Super Mods.
  • Any member caught cheating will be removed from the competition immediately, and banned from site events. For full rules, see the announcement thread here: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/events-directors/285607-thl-8-announcement-thread.html
  • PST site rules remain in effect throughout the competition, and Mods will be on alert for spam, irresponsible and disrespectful behaviour, etc.. Should a site rule be broken, punishments will be doled out in the usual manner; no points will be deducted, but any temporary or permanent bannable offenses will result in being removed fully from the competition.
  • No player substitutions allowed. Once THL has begun, your team is set in stone, and if a player decides to quit the competition, that players team will have to live with the handicap and carry on as a 5 member team.





You look a bit distracted, something got you worried?



Where's the MVP award?


Let's take care of the elephant in the room first and foremost. THL is a competitive, tournament-style event; it is designed to bring out the fighters in us all. But let's be real here, the MVP award has always been something of a point of contention. We believe we've come up with some awards that are simply more fun, and that will boost participation and enjoyment for everyone.


Is it gone forever? I can't say one way or the other, let's see how this THL goes. Behave yourselves god damn it.



When's the next THL?


God damn guys, we can't even finish this one before you're asking when the next one is? What's that? It's been two years since the last one?


Yeah, ok... fair question I guess.


In the interest of continued transparency, here's the truth: This was hard to pull off. Just getting some of the staff on board with another THL is like pulling teeth. It's not that it's hard to run, per se, especially now that it's only going on for a single month, it's that you lot go freakin' crazy when THL is happening. I think it's something in the water...


Do you want more of these? Follow the rules, don't be a jerk, show us that you can be civil and friendly (this applies to everyone) and what the hell are you doing in here talking about THL anyway, when you should be really damn busy earning trophies!


Will there be another THL after this one? I'd like to see one once a year. It will wholly depend on how this one goes.



For the third award, how does "Game X" count?




For the third award (top 30% of users with the most list completions started and finished during THL 8), you get one point per "Base Game". I've gotten this question a lot, and there are some popular games that people have asked about. Thus, I will provide some examples here.


You can click the name of the examples below to see their respective lists on PSNP (as that is where we will be tracking from).


The Walking Dead Season 1

The Walking Dead Season 1 features a platinum trophy. You must obtain the platinum for it to be considered "complete" for the third award.


SBCG4AP Episodes (1-5)

Strong Bad has 5 episodes, each having their own separate lists (the above link being for the first). Similar to Sam & Max games, and the digital version of Back to the Future and Jurassic Park (Goddamn it Telltale), these each count as one "completion". So yes, if you do all episodes of one of these or a similar list, you will get that many points.


The Walking Dead Season 2

TWDS2 has a single list, but 4 of the 5 lists are DLC. Since you need only complete the "Base Game", all you have to do for this to count as "complete" is to finish episode 1. Yes, it's that simple.


Best of Arcade Games

Who the hell moderates these trophy lists? Nobody it seems. This game (and a few others) are ONLY DLC lists. One game with NO base list, and 4 DLC lists. Sorry, but you'll need to complete all of the DLC to count this as "complete". Probably best to avoid this.

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Seems like all fair things. I like the no play-offs. That means we don't have to try and plan, what to hold back, and all that such. One month is fine, makes you work even harder and quicker. I got 4/6 of my original team coming back in action, with one new one already nabbed and need one more! I can't wait!


Please everyone be civil! Or no more THLs!

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:rofl: So it's actually happening?


Oh look, Kird's favourite genre counts :dull: Does this mean he'll be able to borrow them from Hakoom again?


If you had the means, you know that you would do the exact same thing that he did and may do again. Trophies are trophies, doesn't matter which genre they come from. Why would there be any banned genres or only specific ones allowed? Although, a THL where only music games counted would be amazing.

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